Cooling and heating superconducting structure

A cooling, heating and superconducting technology, used in heating methods, lighting and heating equipment, household appliances, etc., can solve problems such as high energy consumption, slow heating and cooling effect, and inability to quickly repair, achieve convenient maintenance, convenient and fast installation, and save money. The effect of wasting energy

Pending Publication Date: 2022-01-28
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Problems solved by technology

However, during the use of heating and cooling products, there are problems such as large energy consumption, slow heating and cooling eff...
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The invention discloses a cooling and heating superconducting structure. The structure comprises a cooling and heating superconducting unit, a heating and refrigerating unit and a heat preservation superconducting unit, the heat preservation superconducting unit is formed by connecting a heat preservation plate and an aluminum sheet, the aluminum sheet is connected to the heat preservation plate, a heat conduction groove is formed in the upper surface of the heat preservation plate, the heat conduction groove is arranged in a downwards-arched arc shape, the aluminum sheet is attached to the heat conduction groove, the heating and refrigerating unit is arranged in the heat conduction groove, the cooling and heating superconducting unit is arranged above the heat preservation superconducting unit, and the cooling and heating superconducting unit is arranged above the heating and refrigerating unit. The invention belongs to the technical field of heating structures, and particularly provides the cooling and heating superconducting structure which can achieve the effects of rapid refrigeration and heating, energy consumption reduction and acceleration of temperature rise or refrigeration, and is safe, rapid, reliable, waterproof and convenient to overhaul.

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Lighting and heating apparatusAir conditioning systems

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Heat conservationEngineering +1


  • Cooling and heating superconducting structure
  • Cooling and heating superconducting structure


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Example Embodiment

[0019] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be described in the following examples in the embodiments of the present invention, and it is clearly, and it is merely the embodiments of the present invention, not all embodiments; Embodiments in the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the art are in the range of protection of the present invention without making creative labor.
[0020] like Figure 1-2 As shown, the present invention has a cold and warm superconducting structure, including
[0021] The technical solution taken in the present invention is as follows: The thermal superconducting structure of the present invention includes a cold and cooling superconducting unit, a heating refrigeration unit, and an insulating superconducting unit, which is connected to an aluminum skin, said Aluminum skin is attached to the insulation plate, and there is a heat conductive groove on the upper surface of the thermal plate, the heat transfer tank, which is disposed downward, the aluminum skin holding heat tank setting, the heating refrigeration The unit is disposed in the thermally conductive tank which is disposed above the insulation superconducting unit, and the heating superconducting unit is disposed above the heating refrigeration unit.
[0022] Among them, the insulation plate and the aluminum skin are fixed by hot pressing glue.
[0023] The heating refrigeration unit includes, but is not limited to, a heating cable, a carbon fiber cable, a hydrotheater, a water-free copper tube and other products, and customers can choose from itself as needed.
[0024] The cooling and cooling superconducting unit consists of an aluminum floor or an aluminum profile or a plated floor or an aluminum sheet material, and both sides of the cooling and cooling superconducting unit are respectively provided with a profile fixed end and profile connection end, adjacent heating and cooling superconducting units. The profile fixed end is connected to the fitting of the profile connection.
[0025] The surface of the heating superconducting unit is also provided with wood, PVC or stickers.
[0026] In particular, the thermal insulation plate is first performed to heat-press the heat-insulating cable, carbon fiber cable, hydraulic pipe, water heating copper tube, etc., and the heat-conducting cable can be applied in the middle. Carbon fiber cable, floor heating pipe, water-free bronze tube, tube, direct paving aluminum floor or aluminum profile or aluminum-plated floor or aluminum sheet, integrally combined into a cold and warm superconducting structure, can achieve rapid cooling, heating, It is a safe, fast, energy-saving product.
[0027] This product can be widely used in fever, carbon fiber cable, plumbing, no water, air energy, etc. Water heating and other applications.
[0028] It should be noted that in this article, a relationship term such as the first and second, etc. is only used to distinguish an entity or operation with another entity or an operational zone, without having to require or imply these entities or operations. There is any such practical relationship or order. Moreover, the term "comprising", "comprising" or any other variable is intended to cover non-exclusive contained, thereby enabling a process, method, article, or device including a series of elements, not only those elements, but also not expressly listed. Other elements, or elements that are also inherent to such processes, methods, items, or equipment.
[0029] Although the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those skilled in the art can be understood that these examples can be made, modified, and replaced without departing from the principles and spirit of the present invention. And variations, the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.
[0030] The present invention has been described above, and this description is not limited, and is only one of the embodiments of the present invention, and the actual structure is not limited thereto. In summary, if an unopened structural manner and examples of the present invention are not departed without departing from the present invention, it should belong to the scope of the present invention.


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