Steel cylinder hand cart

A technology for carts and cylinders, applied in the direction of carts, multi-axle carts, motor vehicles, etc., can solve the problems of disasters, low transportation efficiency, limited number of transportation, etc., and achieve the effect of reducing danger

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[0003] In the semiconductor process, whether it is a vapor deposition process, an etching process or an ion implantation process, various gases are required to allow the reaction to proceed. These gases are usually stored in various steel cylinders, and the cylinders are placed in specific storage The location is preserved, and the steel cylinders containing the gas are transported to the silicon wafer factory for use in different processes when used. However, because these gases are usually highly toxic (such as PH3, EF3 and ASH3) or explosive (such as SiH4, H2 ), so it must be handled very car...
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The present invention provides a cylinder carriage, it has the gas-tight funtion and can be used for transferring cylinder in which the dangerous gas is held, when the cylinder gas is leaked, its gas-tight space can make the gas can not be diffused into air and do not produce harm to human body. Said cylinder carriage mainly comprises a carriage main body whose interior has a containing space with double-layer structure. On the carriage main body is set a gas monitoring system including gas detector, pressure gauge and sensor, etc.

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Hand carts with multiple axes

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CartPhase detector +6


  • Steel cylinder hand cart
  • Steel cylinder hand cart
  • Steel cylinder hand cart


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[0044] The structural features of the present invention and the beneficial effects achieved by it will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0045] The invention is a steel cylinder cart design, and its main function is to enhance the safety of transporting dangerous gas cylinders. Since most of the gases used in the semiconductor process are toxic, it is transported by traditional manual or ordinary carts. Transportation may be dangerous due to improper operation or human negligence. Therefore, the unique cart design of the present invention can provide air-tight protection to the cylinder. In case the toxic gas in the cylinder leaks, it will not spread into the air. Danger.
[0046] First, the three-dimensional structure diagram of the present invention is as figure 1 As shown, the cylinder cart mainly includes a cart body 10, which is provided with a cart handle 12, and several cart wheels 14 are connected below, which can facilitate the cart body 10 to move freely; the cart body 10 has An accommodating space 16, and at least one accommodating opening 18 is formed thereon, so that the steel cylinder 20 to be transported can be accommodated therein, and in order to enhance the air-tight function, the accommodating opening 18 of the present invention adopts a double-layer design, including An inner opening 180 and an outer opening 182 formed at a higher outer side thereof. The upper ends of the inner opening 180 and the outer opening 182 both form a flat surface; corresponding to the design of the accommodating opening 18, the present invention also has at least a cover The device 22 includes an inner cover 220 for covering the inner opening 180 and an outer cover 222 for covering the outer opening 182, which can form the accommodating space 18 airtight, and the inner cover 220 is arranged on the outer opening 182 by an elastic sheet 24 The outer cover 222 is connected and fixed to the cart body 10 by an elastic piece 240, so that the inner and outer covers 220, 222 can be covered with the inner and outer openings 180, 182, and can be set on the cover. A handle 26 is used to facilitate the opening and closing of the inner/outer cover 220, 222; in addition, a monitoring system is also provided on the cart body 10 to monitor the condition of the steel cylinder 18 placed in the cart 10 in real time. The monitoring system is mainly It includes a gas detector 28, a pressure gauge 30 and a gas sensor 32 for detecting the gas concentration and gas pressure in the accommodating space 16, and has a warning function, which can detect gas leakage in the cylinder 20 in real time And issue a warning; reuse the exhaust device provided in the cart body 10, including the exhaust pipe 34 and the control valve 36, which can connect the accommodating space 16 with the outside, and the gas can be exhausted through the operation of the control valve 36 The gas line 34 is released to a safe place.
[0047] The innovative design of the present invention makes the cart 10 itself a completely airtight space. When the steel cylinder 20 is accommodated in it, unfortunately, a leak occurs, and the airtight protection prevents the gas from being dispersed into the air to cause damage to the human body. In addition to the material characteristics of the cart body 10 itself, the present invention adopts a double-layer seal design and can draw out part of the air to make the accommodating space 16 in a negative pressure state, and its air-tight function is to form a better air Confidentiality, the following is passed figure 2 versus image 3 Explain the action of the present invention and its characteristics. figure 2 Shown is a schematic diagram of the opening of the capping device 22 of the present invention. When the capping device is opened, the steel cylinder 20 can be taken out or put in, and the number of steel cylinders 20 that can be put in depends on the size design, so that four cylinders can be put in 20 as an example, after the steel cylinders 20 are sequentially placed into the accommodating space 16 through the accommodating opening 18, the inner cover 220 included in the cover device 22 is first covered on the flat part of the inner opening 180, with a C-ring The buckle 38 is arranged around the periphery of the inner cover 220 and the inner opening 180, so that the two can be tightly fixed together, and then the outer cover 222 and the outer opening 182 are tightly closed with another C-shaped ring 380 in the same way. Fixed, i.e. complete as image 3 The shown schematic diagram of the cart seal is completed, and in order to enhance the air-tight effect, an air-tight pad can be provided on the inner opening 180 and the outer opening 182, so that the inner/outer cover 220, 222 can interact with the inner/outer opening 180, 182 is closer. After completing the sealing of the accommodating space, Figure 4 The front view of the cart after being sealed, Figure 5For the side view of the cart after being sealed, the exhaust line 34 is used to connect with the vacuum equipment of the workshop, which can draw out part of the air in the accommodating space 16 to form a negative pressure state inside, using the formation of external pressure and internal pressure The pressure difference caused by the sealing device 22 is more tightly covered on the receiving opening 18, forming a better sealing effect. Regardless of whether it is in the process of vacuuming to form negative pressure or in the process of sealing and transporting, the pressure gauge 30 included in the monitoring system can monitor the gas pressure in the accommodating space 16 at any time, and the gas detector 28 can analyze the volume. The concentration of various gases contained in the storage space 16, the gas sensor 32 can detect whether the storage space 16 contains the gas leaking from the steel cylinder 20, if it exceeds the preset standard value, it will immediately issue a warning, notify the operator for processing, and exhaust The pipeline 34 is connected with the exhaust equipment of the plant, and the control valve 36 is opened to allow the leaked gas to be discharged safely, so that the gas does not harm the human body. With this design, steel cylinders containing highly dangerous gases can be safely transported, and in case of gas leakage, the gas leakage treatment can be completed immediately without causing harm.
[0048] The invention designs a cart with airtight function for the transportation of steel cylinders. In addition to adopting double-layer seals to form good airtightness, the pressure gauge that can directly measure the pressure difference can see whether the steel cylinder is leaking. Form a double detection to strengthen the effectiveness of monitoring. In addition, the steel cylinder cart is simple to operate and comprehensive in protection. It can transport several steel cylinders at a time and has high transportation efficiency. For enterprises that often need to use dangerous gases, it is a very good equipment to enhance factory safety and increase transportation efficiency.
[0049] The above are only the preferred implementation manners of the present invention, and the scope of implementation of the present invention cannot be limited by this embodiment alone. Any equivalent changes or modifications of the shape, structure, characteristics and spirit described in the scope of the present invention still fall within the scope of the present invention.


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