Heat insulation decoration integrated plate and method of manufacture

A manufacturing method and integrated panel technology, which is applied in the decorative panel of buildings and its manufacturing field, can solve the problems of manufacturing process dependence, high cost of aluminum panels, and limited selection of thermal insulation materials, etc., and achieve the effect of low cost

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-10-22
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Aluminum panels and aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls have always been the first choice for high-end decoration of building exterior walls, but the mandatory implementation of building energy-saving regulations requires building walls to be insulated and energy-saving. Curtain wall insulation is not only expensive, but also more complicated to install
One of the construction methods is to first conduct insulation construction and then paint or tile decoration outside the insulation layer, but these methods have several disadvantages: 1. The construction period is long, usually 3-8 months. 2. The construction quality depends on the weather. 3. 1...
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The invention provides a heat-preservation decorative integrated plate, which comprises a heat-preservation layer and a decorative face plate layer, wherein both layers are glued by a shaping bonding layer which takes a foaming elastic high molecular material as an adhesive carrier. The integrated plate has the characteristics of high gluing strength, good heat-preservation effect and low cost, and can be made into any shape according to the building feature of a client; therefore, the integrated plate reaches multiple functions of heat preservation, energy conservation and decoration, and is particularly suitable to be used as a top-grade, efficient and low-cost heat-preservation and decorative system of a building outer wall body. The invention also provides a method for making the integrated plate. The method comprises the following steps that: a porous type foaming elastic high molecular material layer is dipped in gluewater, and is extruded in advance to obtain a predetermined glue content; the upper surface and the lower surface of the high molecular material layer, respectively glued to the heat-preservation layer and the baseplate of the decorative face plate layer, are extruded to a predetermined thickness and then are dried. The method can make the heat-preservation decorative integrated plate of high quality at low cost.

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  • Heat insulation decoration integrated plate and method of manufacture


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Refer to the attached drawings. The decorative thermal insulation integrated board provided by the present invention includes a thermal insulation layer 1 and a decorative panel layer 2. The thermal insulation layer and the decorative panel layer are bonded by a foamed elastic polymer material layer 3 as a shaped adhesive layer of an adhesive carrier. .
The porous foamed elastic polymer material adopts sponge, especially the open-pore sponge has the best effect. Its initial thickness is 0.1cm-5cm. After the sponge is impregnated with the adhesive, it becomes the carrier of the adhesive. , It is compressed when bonding the thermal insulation layer 1 and the decorative panel layer 2. After the adhesive is cured, the foamed elastic polymer material layer 3 becomes a shaped bonding layer to bond the thermal insulation layer 1 and the decorative panel layer 2 to Because the junction layer is porous and air-permeable, it overcomes the phenomenon of direct bonding and air bubbles between the thermal insulation layer 1 and the decorative panel layer 2, ensuring dense and uniform multi-point upper and lower bonding, and is particularly suitable for bonding on rough or uneven surfaces. In addition, the bonding has certain flexibility and can improve the seismic and crack resistance of the thermal insulation and decorative integrated board.
In implementation, the thermal insulation layer 1 can be made of polystyrene foam board (XPS extruded polystyrene board) or polystyrene self-foamed board (EPS extruded polystyrene board), foamed polyurethane, or phenolic foamed board.
In the present invention, since the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer 3 is used as the carrier of glue for bonding, the decorative panel layer can be made of cement-based panels with a decorative surface 21, thereby greatly reducing the integration of thermal insulation and decoration. Board cost and simplify the production process. The cement-based board can be a panel made by pouring in the form of cement concrete, in which light reinforcement materials can be added, reinforcement fibers or grid cloth can be added, and various modified materials can be added to improve the bonding strength and crack resistance. It requires high surface flatness and is suitable for direct application of metal paint flat coating. It can be produced through assembly lines. The decorative surface can be paint, paint, such as imitation aluminum-plastic plate metal effect, real stone paint, elastic napping, or a decorative surface layer with a shape.
The thermal insulation and decoration integrated board of the present invention can be manufactured by the following method: it includes the following steps:
1) Provide thermal insulation laminates, substrates for decorative panel layers, porous foamed elastic polymer material layers; thermal insulation laminates can use XPS extruded polystyrene board, EPS extruded polystyrene board, foamed polyurethane, phenolic foam Any one of the boards; the substrate of the decorative panel layer can be a cement board, and the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer can be an open-cell sponge.
2) Soak the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer with glue.
3) Pre-extrude the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer and drain the excess glue to reach the predetermined glue content; this step can adopt the following method: pass the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer soaked with glue through Pre-extrusion is achieved by spaced guide rollers at a certain interval.
4) Bond the substrates of the thermal insulation layer and the decorative panel layer on the top and bottom of the porous foamed elastic polymer material layer, and squeeze the composite board to make the composite board reach the specified thickness, dry it, and solidify it. .
After step "4)", the thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is trimmed to the specified specifications, and the surface decoration construction is performed on the substrate of the decorative panel layer to become the finished decorative thermal insulation board.


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