Morphine quantitative and micro detection method

A detection method, morphine technology, applied in the field of quantitative and trace detection of morphine, to achieve the effect of less sample consumption, convenient detection and short time

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[0003] The Raman spectrum detection of morphine has not been reported, especially the det...
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The invention relates to a method for quantitatively detecting morphine concentration with surface enhancement raman spectrum (SERS for short), and belongs to the technical filed of medicine and narcotic drug detection. The method comprises the following steps: preparation of an active SERS substrate, dissolving AgNO3 in water to prepare AgNO3 solution, adding trisodium citrate after heating to 78-92 DEG C, and stirring for 60min to obtain green yellow silver colloid; centrifuging the silver colloid at a high speed to obtain high concentration silver colloid; and mixing aqueous morphine solution with part of the high concentration silver colloid for raman spectrum test to obtain a morphine-silver colloid SERS spectrogram; performing raman spectrum test on the rest high concentration silver colloid background to obtain a silver colloid background SERS spectrogram; correcting baseline of the spectrum peak of the two spectrograms by a computer to obtain a high quality morphine SERS spectrogram; contrasting with a standard morphine raman spectrum strength-concentration curve to obtain the concentration of the morphine. The method has the advantages of short measurement and analysis time, small amount of sample and convenient and accurate detection.

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Raman scattering

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Green yellowTrisodium citrate +10


  • Morphine quantitative and micro detection method
  • Morphine quantitative and micro detection method
  • Morphine quantitative and micro detection method


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 1
[0019] 1. Take 90mg of AgNO 3 Dissolved in 500mL water, formulated into AgNO with a mass percentage of 0.018% 3 Aqueous solution. When the aqueous solution is heated to 90° C., 10 mL of 1% by mass trisodium citrate aqueous solution is added dropwise, while stirring for 60 minutes, to obtain a green-yellow silver gel.
[0020] 2. Put an appropriate amount of silver glue into the centrifuge tube and centrifuge at high speed for 10 minutes, and remove the lower layer of high-concentration silver glue for use.
[0021] 3. Weigh 0.9 mg of morphine, add it to a 1000 mL volumetric flask, dilute to 1000 mL with ultrapure water, and prepare a 900 ng/mL morphine aqueous solution. Measure 5mL of the above-mentioned morphine solution and mix with 5mL of high-concentration silver gel. After standing for 70 seconds, perform Raman spectroscopy test. image 3 SERS spectrum of morphine-silver gel shown. After the morphine solution is mixed with the silver colloid, the obvious aggregation phenomenon of the colloid in the mixed system will make the mixed system black, and the mixed system will appear a broad new resonance absorption peak at about 990nm in the long-wave direction.
[0022] 4. Take the remaining 10mL high-concentration silver gel background to perform Raman spectroscopy test, and get attached figure 2 The SERS spectrum of the silver gel background shown.
[0023] 5. The morphine SERS-silver gel spectra and the silver gel background SERS spectra are used for baseline correction of the spectral peaks with a computer, and the Raman spectrum background in the silver gel background SERS spectra is subtracted. In this way, the attached Figure 4 The high-quality morphine SERS spectrum with the interference of the silver gel background signal removed is shown.
[0024] 6. Use the attached Figure 4 The SERS spectrum shown is compared with the standard morphine Raman spectrum intensity-concentration curve, and the area under each peak can be calculated by data processing software such as Origin, so that the concentration of morphine can be directly inferred.


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