Television control method and television

A control method and technology for televisions, which can be applied to televisions, color televisions, program control devices, etc., can solve the problem of high software complexity, and achieve the effects of extended operation and rich and scalable performance.

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The invention relates to a television control method comprising the following steps: integrating operation system software on the television; embedding a software management module into the operation system software; installing and managing the software by the software management module; and controlling functions of the television according to the installed software. The invention also provides an intelligentized television which can realize the interaction between a user and the television, the user can personally design, edit, install, manage and download various kinds of software through the television, thereby expanding the functions of the television.

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  • Television control method and television
  • Television control method and television


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Example Embodiment

[0020] The preferred embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, so as to make a clearer and clearer definition of the protection scope of the present invention.
[0021] Such as figure 1 As shown, the existing televisions generally include a control module, which integrates various ICs for processing audio and video decoding, program source reception, etc. After the control module completes various processing in the background, it transmits the video to the display module. The sound is transmitted to the speaker, so as to realize the reception and playback of TV programs. As TVs now have more and more functions, such as Internet access, interactive game functions, TV recording and playback functions, editing functions of pictures and text, etc., the amount of information that TVs need to process is increasing, and the integration of ICs is increasing. high.
[0022] Therefore, current televisions use embedded operating systems for operation, such as the open source Linux operating system, which is not completely consistent with traditional television operating methods.
[0023] In this embodiment, a TV with a Linux operating system is taken as an example, but it is not limited to this operating system, and the Windows Mobile operating system can also be used. The Linux operating system of the TV set runs simultaneously with the TV start-up program, and other control software installed in the TV set runs randomly as a system self-starting program. Therefore, in fact, the various control software of the TV are also used as independent applications on the Linux operating system. When configuring Linux, the software manager is directly introduced, and the software manager is used to install and manage the control software of the TV. And uninstall operation. Users can manage the installation and uninstallation of local programs through the software manager; they can also use the network function of the TV to search for target software from the Internet, and then download and install the target application software.
[0024] In the embodiment of the present invention, the user can also design various functional software according to the open source code of Linux and the user's needs, such as designing various software for games, wallpaper, clock management, calendar or notepad reminders, and then Use the software manager in the TV to manage the installation box. In this way, users can fully interact with the TV, and it is a platform for professional users to show off their skills.
[0025] In the embodiment of the present invention, the software manager includes three parts, which are user software packages, system software packages, and other tools. The user software package mainly stores the control software that comes with the TV when it leaves the factory, and the system software package mainly stores the system files of the operating system software. Other tools provide tools such as system upgrades and system interfaces. The user installs and manages the control software during the use of the TV, mainly through the user software package. In order to provide storage space for these software, a larger capacity storage space is configured on the TV.
[0026] If the user wants to check which control software has been installed automatically when the TV leaves the factory, he can check the system software package. The software in the system software package is very important to the operation of the TV system, and the user cannot uninstall them casually. Therefore, the present invention sets the attribute of the system software package to be viewable only, that is, read-only state, to prevent the user from operating at will and restricting the system operation . If the user wants to install or uninstall the control software, he can use the user software package, enter the list of installed control software, select a software, and click the "Uninstall Software Package" button to uninstall. The management operations of the control software are handled in the same way. .
[0027] Such as figure 2 Shown is a flowchart of a TV control method in an embodiment of the present invention. Step S1 is to integrate operating system software on the TV, for example, Linux software or Windowsmobile software is pre-installed when the TV leaves the factory; S2, software is embedded in the operating system The management module is usually pre-installed directly before the TV leaves the factory, and some commonly used control software is pre-installed, such as clock, program management software, Internet browsing software, recording and playback software, etc.; S3, using the software management module for target software Install and manage the target software according to the software management module, such as search from the Internet, install or uninstall the target software, or update the target software; S4, use the installed control software to control the TV Function control, according to the functions of the installed software, operate and control various extended functions of the TV, such as using relevant software for TV recording and playback, setting recording and playback time and recording and playback program content, editing or organizing recorded programs, etc. .
[0028] When the user finds the target control software and intends to install the control software, the control module of the TV first detects whether the software has been installed in the user software package, and if it detects that the software has been installed, it further detects whether the said target software It is the latest version, if it is, it will prompt that the software is the latest version; if otherwise, it will prompt whether it is necessary to install an updated version; if it is detected that the target software is not in the user software package, the installation of the target software will start.
[0029] Users can add and uninstall application software according to the software manager to meet the needs of different consumers. Professional users can also write software that can run on the TV according to their own needs or business requirements, and develop extended functions, so that the smart TV platform can become a platform for personal software development.
[0030] The above are only the specific embodiments of the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to this. Any person skilled in the art can make changes or changes without creative work within the technical scope disclosed in the present invention. All replacements shall be covered within the protection scope of the present invention. Therefore, the protection scope of the present invention should be subject to the protection scope defined by the claims.


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