Liquid discharge opening of die and casting die

A technology for casting molds and molds, which is used in casting molding equipment, molds, mold components, etc., can solve problems such as poor product quality, unstable process, and short life expectancy, and achieve long service life and reduce the amount of hot water. Mold, casting smooth effect

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Problems solved by technology

[0008] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a mold soup mouth and a casting mold, ...
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Method used

The advantage that mold soup mouth 10 adopts ceramic material is that service life is long, is generally changed once in 30-60 days, and existing iron soup mouth will change in 1~2 days. Moreover, the ceramic soup mouth riser has a better soup breaking effect, and the phenomenon of broken core (riser) is not easy to occur, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of soup mo...
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The invention relates to a liquid discharge opening of a die, which comprises an internal clamping mouth sleeved to a ceramic pipe sleeve, and an arc-shaped opening towards to a filter screen, wherein the material of the liquid discharge opening is ceramic. The invention has the advantages that the usage life of the ceramic liquid discharge opening is long, the ceramic liquid discharge opening can be replaced every 30-60 days; the ceramic liquid discharge opening has good effects of riser and liquid discharge break, the core break (riser) phenomenon is not easy to generate; the phenomena of draft and aluminum viscidity generated during the casting process can be effectively reduced, the casting process is smooth; the castability is stable, the production cycle is reduced, the output is increased; the circumference of a central hole of a bottom die can be effectively protected from aluminum water corrosion, thereby the die preparation labor hour can be minimized.

Application Domain

Foundry mouldsFoundry cores +1

Technology Topic

CorrosionProduction cycle +2


  • Liquid discharge opening of die and casting die
  • Liquid discharge opening of die and casting die
  • Liquid discharge opening of die and casting die


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Example Embodiment

[0022] Next, in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, the specific embodiments of the mold mouth and the casting mold of the present invention will be described in detail.
[0023] attached figure 1 Shown is a three-dimensional view of the mold opening 10 according to this specific embodiment, the mold opening is in the shape of a ring, with the attached figure 2 is attached figure 1 Sectional view along any diameter. Reference attached figure 1 and attached figure 2 , the shown mold mouth 10 includes an inner bayonet 101 with a body 100 sleeved to a ceramic sleeve and an arc-shaped opening 102 facing the filter screen, and the material of the mold mouth 10 is ceramic, not metal.
[0024] The advantage of using ceramic material for the mold pot 10 is that it has a long service life, which is generally replaced once every 30-60 days, while the existing iron pot needs to be replaced every 1-2 days. In addition, the ceramic soup mouth riser has a better effect of breaking the soup, and it is not easy to break the core (riser), which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of soup mouth drafting and aluminum sticking during the casting process, and the casting is smooth. The castability of the ceramic pot is stable, the production time is reduced, and the output is increased. The ceramic soup mouth can effectively protect the periphery of the center hole of the bottom mold from being corroded by aluminum water and reduce the man-hours for mold preparation.
[0025] attached image 3 Shown is a schematic structural diagram of a casting mold using the above-mentioned mold opening 10 according to the present embodiment, including a pipe sleeve 20, a mold opening 10 and a filter screen 30, and the pipe sleeve 20 is connected to the filter screen 20 through the mold opening 10. . The inner bayonet 101 of the mold mouth 10 is clamped with the tube sleeve 20 , and the arc-shaped opening 102 faces the filter screen 30 .
[0026] The materials of the mold mouth 10 and the sleeve 20 are all ceramics. The material of the filter screen 30 is glass fiber.
[0027] The preferred embodiments of the present invention have been described above for the purpose of illustrating and describing the present invention. The present invention should not be limited to the disclosed contents, and it is also possible to obtain adjustments and changes to the present invention through the teachings from the above-described contents and the practice of the present invention. Therefore, the specific embodiments given in the present invention do not limit but explain the technical spirit of the present invention, and the protection scope of the present invention is not limited by the specific embodiments. The protection scope of the present invention should be determined by the claims, and equivalent replacements of the present invention should also be regarded as not exceeding the protection scope of the present invention.


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