Groove type solar medium-temperature selective absorption coating

A technology of trough solar energy and absorbing coatings, applied in solar thermal power generation, solar thermal devices, layered products, etc., can solve the problems of thermal efficiency decline, collector heat loss increase, infrared emissivity increase, etc., to achieve enhanced absorption Effect, reduction of work cost, effect of high absorption rate

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-10-10
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However, under medium temperature conditions, because the infrared emissivity increases significantly with the increase o...
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The invention relates to a groove type solar medium-temperature selective absorption coating, which sequentially comprises an infrared reflecting layer, a first absorption layer, a second absorption layer and an antireflection layer from the base to the surface. The raw materials of the coating are conventional materials, the groove type solar medium-temperature selective absorption coating is wide in application range, high in molding performance and low in price and can be processed into columnar targets, the target utilization rate is obviously improved, and the operating cost can be reduced further; and moreover, the groove type solar high-temperature selective absorption coating is suitable for solar thermal collector tubes with medium operating temperature.

Application Domain

Solar heat devicesMetal layered products +1

Technology Topic

Ir reflectionSolar thermal collector +5


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1
[0025] The trough-type solar energy medium-temperature absorption coating of the present invention includes four layers of films. From the substrate to the surface, there are an infrared reflection layer, a first absorption layer, a second absorption layer, and an anti-reflection layer. The infrared reflection layer is composed of Ni film and has a thickness of 20-120nm; the first absorption layer is a Ni+NiAl film with a thickness of 50-75nm, in which the content of NiAl is 25-35wt%; the second absorption layer is a Ni+NiAl film with a thickness of 75-150nm, The content of NiAl is 35-50wt%; the anti-reflection layer is a NiO film with a thickness of 25-50nm. The performance of the solar selective absorption coating prepared by the present invention is as follows: after the coating is annealed in vacuum at 400° C. for 1 hour, the coating absorption rate is 90%-92%.


Thickness25.0 ~ 35.0nm
Thickness50.0 ~ 100.0nm
Thickness75.0 ~ 150.0nm

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