Packaging bottle cap

A technology of packaging bottle caps and mutual cooperation, which is applied in the directions of packaging, transportation and packaging, and capping with auxiliary devices, etc., which can solve the problems of time-consuming and water-consuming, poor cleaning ability of cleaning agents, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-02-06
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[0002] At present, the known cleaning agent will produce a lot of foam every time it is cleaned, and it will take time and water when rinsing. If an antifoaming agent is added to the ingredients, then there will be less foam during cleaning. People will think that the cleaning a...
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The invention relates to a cleaning agent packaging bottle cap which comprises an upper cap and a lower cap, which are mutually matched. The upper cap is provided with a safety loop and is provided with a downward pushing plate respectively. The lower cap is provided with a cutting part which can move along the lower cap up and down and is provided with cutting teeth, the lower cap is provided with a liquid storage part located on the lower side of the cutting part, the liquid storage part comprises two annular liquid storage cavities, which are communicated with each other, the upper liquid storage cavity is arranged in the lower cap, and the lower liquid storage cavity closes a lower opening of the lower cover. The invention further provides a cap structure separating cleaning agent from defoaming agent. When the cap structure is used, clothes can be washed by using cleaning agent first. An appropriate amount of defoaming agent can be added to rinse in rinsing, and accordingly clothes can be cleaned while water can be saved.

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Closure with auxillary devices

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  • Packaging bottle cap
  • Packaging bottle cap
  • Packaging bottle cap


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[0014] The present invention comprises upper cover 1 and lower cover 2 that cooperate with each other, and upper cover 1 is provided with safety ring; There is a liquid storage part on the lower side of the cutting part 3, and the liquid storage part includes two interconnected annular liquid storage chambers, the upper liquid storage chamber 5 is arranged in the lower cover 2, and the lower liquid storage chamber 6 closes the lower opening of the lower cover 2 .
[0015] The operation steps of the present invention are as follows: when in use, first unscrew the entire bottle cap, pour the cleaning agent into the clothes to wash the clothes; The push plate drives the cutting part 3 to move down. When the cutting teeth 4 of the cutting part 3 touch the upper liquid storage chamber 5, the upper liquid storage chamber 5 is cut open. At this time, the defoamer in the liquid storage part can be poured out for use. In the present invention, after the defoamer in the liquid storage part is used up, the same liquid storage part can be replaced for use.


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