A bacteriostatic agent, chlorocarbon-based functional technology, applied in the field of biocides, can solve the problems of poor stability, uneven sterilization, low activity, etc., and achieve the effect of good softness and washability

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[0002] The antibacterial agents currently used in the textile industry generally use chemical antibacterial or physical antibacterial. Usually, chemical antibacterial has a fast sterilization effect and obvious bactericidal effect, but the stability is poor, and improper use is prone to side effects; physical antibacterial is non-irritating. Sex, and the sterilization time is long, can maintain...
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The invention relates to a bacteriostat prepared from chlorohydrocarbonyl functional group silane, fatty alcohol amine and a material containing silver ions, wherein the mass percentage of the raw material components is (30-42): (57-65): (0.5-2). Preferably, the mass percentage of the raw material components is 40:59:1. The chlorohydrocarbonyl functional group silane is gamma-choropropyltrimethoxysilane. The fatty alcohol amine is cetylaimethl-tert-amine. The material containing silver ions is silver chloride (AgCl). The bacteriostat provided by the invention is excellent in antibacterial effect, durability and washing fastness and has favorable softness for fabrics.

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Fibre treatment

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ChemistryAntibacterial effect +5


  • Bacteriostat


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[0007] A kind of antibacterial agent of the present invention is described in further detail below in conjunction with accompanying drawing.
[0008] like figure 1 As shown, a bacteriostatic agent of the present invention is composed of chloropropyltrimethoxysilane, cetyl tertiary amine and silver chloride AgCl in a mass percentage of 40:59:1. This product can be obtained by putting the raw materials into the reaction kettle in sequence according to the above ratio, and fully reacting in an environment of 85°C to 90°C. In actual use, it can be formulated into products of various concentrations according to specific requirements.
[0009] The bacteriostatic agent of the invention has excellent antibacterial effect, durability and washability, and has good softness to fabrics.
[0010] The preferred embodiments of the present invention have been specifically described above, but the present invention is not limited to the described embodiments, and those skilled in the art can also make various equivalents without violating the spirit of the present invention. Modifications or replacements, these equivalent modifications or replacements are all included within the scope defined by the claims of the present application.


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