Calcination method for raising daily output of rare earth carbonate

A technology of rare earth carbonate and daily output, applied in the field of material science, can solve the problems of high labor consumption, low production efficiency, high energy consumption, etc., and achieve the effect of improving safety

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-01-27
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[0005] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a roasting method for increasing the daily output of rare earth carbonate in order to solve the problems of excess...
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The invention relates to a calcination method for raising daily output of rare earth carbonate and belongs to the field of material science. According to the calcination method, combination equipment of rotary kiln dynamic calcination equipment, a cyclone separator and cloth bag dust collection equipment is utilized, rare earth carbonate calcination can be shifted from original intermittent production to continuous production, production efficiency is improved, the production cycle is shortened, manpower consumption is decreased, dynamic calcination is achieved, and meanwhile energy consumption is lowed.

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Rare earth metal compounds

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Rotary kilnEngineering +6


  • Calcination method for raising daily output of rare earth carbonate
  • Calcination method for raising daily output of rare earth carbonate
  • Calcination method for raising daily output of rare earth carbonate


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Example Embodiment

[0025] Example 1
[0026] A roasting method for increasing the daily output of rare earth carbonate, the specific steps are as follows:
[0027] Step 1. The neodymium praseodymium carbonate enters the conveying pipe and uses the dry hot air provided by the hot air stove to dry the material, and with the power of the induced draft fan, the neodymium praseodymium carbonate with the total mass greater than 70% is separated and discharged through the cyclone separator ;
[0028] Step 2: The materials carried away by the wind in the separation process are collected by a cloth bag, and then discharged through the cloth bag dust collection and discharge opening;
[0029] Step 3: Put the unloaded materials obtained in steps 1 and 2 into the kiln head receiving hopper, and then feed the material into the rotary kiln at a stable and uniform speed through auger control frequency;
[0030] Step 4. The material is turned over in the kiln through the large and small copy plates on the cylinder wall, and the retaining ring controls the speed of the material in the rotary kiln. Both can keep the material in the rotary kiln evenly and slowly for roasting; then at the end of the kiln Cut the material into the container;
[0031] Step 5. Under the condition that the induced draft fan provides power, the material in the container is conveyed through the conveying pipe while cooling down, and then separated and discharged by the cyclone separator. The material carried away by the wind in the separation process passes through the dust collector and then passes The discharge port of the dust suction equipment is discharged; the final praseodymium oxide neodymium is obtained.
[0032] The inclination of the rotary kiln head and kiln tail is 1°;
[0033] A device for realizing the roasting method for increasing the daily output of rare earth carbonate, including rotary kiln 1, cyclone separator 2, dust collection equipment 3, induced draft fan 4, screw auger 5, kiln head receiving hopper 6, hot blast stove 7, conveying pipeline 8 ;
[0034] One end of the conveying pipe 8 is connected to the cyclone separator 2, and the other end is connected to the hot blast stove 7 through a pipeline; the conveying pipe 8 is provided with an auger 5, which is connected to a receiving hopper, and the rare earth carbonate to be processed is connected to the receiving hopper. Enter the conveying pipeline 8 through the screw auger 5; the induced draft fan 4, the dust collection equipment 3 and the cyclone separator 2 are connected in turn through pipelines; the kiln head receiving hopper 6 is connected to the screw auger 5; one end of the screw auger 5 is located outside the rotary kiln 1 kiln head Feed the materials into the kiln, the rotary kiln 1 kiln tail discharges the materials into the container; the container, the cyclone separator 2, the dust collection equipment 3 and the induced draft fan 4 are connected in sequence through pipelines;
[0035] Table 1 is the comparison of data before and after roasting in this example
[0037] Table 2 is the airflow drying data table of this embodiment
[0039] Table 3 shows the design parameters of rotary kiln and rotary kiln and the functions and performance of corresponding parts
[0041] Table 4 Design parameters and operating parameters of air drying and dust collection equipment
[0043] It can be seen from Table 1 that the rare earth oxide roasted by the present invention fully meets the industrial requirements, and because of the dynamic continuous roasting, the roasting time is greatly shortened, and the daily output is equivalent to twice the daily output of the old kiln; from Table 2, it can be seen that the airflow The drying treatment can dry the total amount of rare earth carbonate to more than 70%, which is much better than the centrifugal drying method.


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