Mould-proof anti-staining coating

An anti-mildew and coating technology, applied in anti-fouling/underwater coatings, coatings, paints containing biocides, etc., can solve problems such as cracking, peeling, damage to objects, etc., achieve high-efficiency anti-mildew technology, prevent wall moldy effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-03-15
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The occurrence of mold not only affects the appearance of the surface of the object, but the mold that grows in the deep layer can also break through th...
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The invention relates to a mould-proof anti-staining coating. The mould-proof anti-staining coating is prepared from, by mass, 30-60 parts of styrene-acrylate resin liquid, 20-50 parts of terephthalic acid, 20-30 parts of calcium carbonate, 10-20 parts of silica powder, 15-20 parts of isocyanate, 20-40 parts of ethyl cellulose, 30-60 parts of mildew preventive and 50-70 parts of ethyl alcohol. The more efficient mould-proof technology is adopted, ethyl alcohol ingredients in damp air are effectively absorbed, a wall is prevented from going mouldy, depressing smells caused by mouldy smells are removed, the coating is breathable and dampproof, the best wall effect is provided, and the coating is especially suitable for wall renovation and indoor decoration.

Application Domain

Antifouling/underwater paintsPaints with biocides

Technology Topic

Calcium carbonateEthyl cellulose +10


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Example Embodiment

[0014] The anti-mildew and anti-fouling paint provided by the present invention includes styrene-acrylate resin liquid, terephthalic acid, calcium carbonate, silicon powder, isocyanate, ethyl cellulose, anti-mildew agent, ethanol, and the quality of each component The number of parts is: styrene-acrylate resin solution 30-60, terephthalic acid 20-50, calcium carbonate 20-30, silicon powder 10-20, isocyanate 15-20, ethyl cellulose 20-40, mildew proof Agent 30-60, ethanol 50-70.
[0015] Preferably, the mass parts of the components of the anti-mold coating are: styrene-acrylate resin liquid 50, terephthalic acid 40, calcium carbonate 20, silicon powder 20, isocyanate 15, ethyl cellulose 35, anti Mold agent 35, ethanol 60.
[0016] Preferably, the particle size of the calcium carbonate is 1220-1500 mesh, more preferably 1335 mesh.
[0017] Preferably, the ethanol is deionized ethanol.
[0018] Preferably, the steps for preparing the anti-mildew and non-toxic coating are as follows:
[0019] (1) Put the styrene-acrylate resin liquid and terephthalic acid of the mass components provided in the content of the present invention into ethanol, stir evenly, and let stand for 1 hour;
[0020] (2) On the basis of step (1), add calcium carbonate, silicon powder, isocyanate, ethyl cellulose, and antifungal agent of the mass components provided in the content of the present invention, and stir evenly;
[0021] (3) Seal up at room temperature.


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