Three-phase alternating current motor

An AC motor and three-phase AC technology, which is applied to the shape/style/structure of the winding conductor, can solve the problems that the three-phase AC motor has no obvious power saving effect, and achieve obvious energy-saving effect, convenient use, and simple technical transformation Effect

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[0003] In order to overcome the inconspicuous effect of saving ele...
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The invention adjusts the relationship among electricity, magnetism and force of the current three-phase motor, drives and drags the load with a large power torque, increases the number of turns of the stator coil to maintain the electromotive force of the stator magnetic field, and realizes the conversion of electromagnetic energy. Using large torque, large magnetic field, and small current to drag the load to save AC power is mainly to increase the two capacity spaces of the AC motor: mechanical and inductive.

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Windings conductor shape/form/construction

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Power flowThree-phase +11


  • Three-phase alternating current motor
  • Three-phase alternating current motor


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Example Embodiment

[0008] The plan for technical transformation of the three-phase AC motor currently in use is to change the three-phase AC motor junction box currently in use. There are two wiring methods, changing the three-phase AC motor junction box wiring method, changing the three-phase AC motor. for figure 2 Star wiring method. Second, there is only one type of three-phase AC motor junction box at present. figure 1 is delta-connected or figure 2 It is the lead wire of the motor with the Y-shaped wiring method. As long as the number of turns of the stator coil of the modified motor is doubled, and the cross section of the single-turn wire of the motor stator coil is reduced by half, the motor wiring method remains unchanged. The third is to directly change the motor currently in use without changing the wiring method of the junction box, only change the parallel branch of the stator coil of the motor, and change the parallel branch from 2, 4, 6, and 8 to 1, 2, 3, and 4 as the branch. . Use any one of the above three methods, and then directly reduce the load of the three-phase asynchronous motor by 65% ​​and the load of the three-phase synchronous motor by 60%. When the motor changes the wiring method or changes the number of coil turns and parallel branches. The voltage of the stator coil winding of the motor is 2.5 times of the original, the current is 1/2 of the original, the magnetic field electromotive force of the motor is 2/3 of the original, and the drag torque of the same power load is more than 2 times of the original. The AC motor must be required to indicate the wiring method in the junction box or on the motor plate.
[0009] The present invention has been described in detail above. The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and should not limit the scope of implementation of the present invention. inventions are covered.


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