Positioning, guiding and hole-reaming screw tap

A technology of positioning guide and reaming wire, applied in medical science, surgery and other directions, can solve the problems of inconvenience of medical staff, single function, and failure to meet the requirements of surgery.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-07-28
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[0002] At present, the reaming taps used by the medical staff in the operating room of the hospital when performing operations on patients have a simple structu...
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The invention belongs to a medical tool, and specifically relates to a positioning, guiding and hole-reaming screw tap which is used when medical workers in an operating room operate on a patient. The positioning, guiding and hole-reaming screw tap is composed of a rotary handle and a hollow screw. The positioning, guiding and hole-reaming screw tap is characterized in that the rotary handle is fixed on the upper part of the hollow screw, a core bar is installed in the hollow screw, the bottom of the core bar is processed to form a tip, and the bottom of the hollow screw is processed to form a cutting edge and a screw thread. Because the core bar is installed in the hollow screw and the bottom of the core bar is processed to form the tip, when the screw tap is used, the tip is directed at the spine position of the patient firstly, then the rotary handle is rotated, and the hollow screw enters the spine of the patient. In conclusion, pain of the patient is greatly reduced, the working efficiency of medical workers is greatly improved, and medical accidents are avoided.

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  • Positioning, guiding and hole-reaming screw tap


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[0012] In order to be safe, hygienic, stable and reliable, all parts of the present invention are made of titanium alloy. The handle 1 and the hollow screw 2 are welded together. The function of the handle 1 is to make the hollow screw 2 by rotating the handle 1 The cutting edge 4 and the thread 5 at the bottom enter the patient's spine. The medical staff needs to apply downward pressure while turning the handle 1, so that the hollow screw 2 can easily enter the patient's spine. A tip is processed at the bottom of the core rod 3. 7. The role of the core rod 3 is to guide, the role of the top 7 is to position, the role of the cutting edge 4 is to play a self-tapping role, and the role of the thread 5 is to stabilize and fix the hollow screw 2 after entering the patient's spine The role of the sawtooth 6 is to cut the surface of the bone.
[0013] In summary, the present invention not only greatly reduces the suffering of patients, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff and avoids medical accidents.


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