Vacuumizing device of double-screw extruder

A twin-screw extruder and vacuum device technology, which is applied in the field of twin-screw extruders, can solve problems such as poor vacuum extraction effect and affecting product quality, and achieve the effect of improving product quality and ensuring work efficiency

Pending Publication Date: 2018-02-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Traditional twin-screw extruders are all single-vacuum systems. For materials with less volatiles, single-vacuum systems can better extract low-molecular substances in materials by using their limited negative pressure. However, as low-molecular substances in modified materials The increase of material, the traditional single vacuum system can no longer satisfy, thus derived the double vacuum port system, but for the vacuum tank of...
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Method used

Vacuum pump vacuumizes, and low-molecular substance is sucked out, and due to the existence of heating sleeve, low-molecular substance can not be condensed on the first evacuation tube and vacuum tank, has guaranteed working efficiency; Low-molecular substance is ...
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The invention discloses a vacuumizing device of a double-screw extruder. The vacuumizing device comprises a vacuum extraction section located at the rear end of the double-screw extruder; a vacuum chamber is formed in the top of an extraction port of the vacuum extraction section; a first vacuumizing pipe is assembled at an extraction port of the vacuum chamber; and the outer wall of the first vacuumizing pipe is wrapped with a heating jacket. The vacuumizing device further comprises a vacuum pump and a vacuum tank; the outer wall of the vacuum tank is wrapped with a second heating jacket; a draining valve is arranged at the bottom of the vacuum tank; liquid is stored in the vacuum tank; and in the vacuum tank, a steel-wire screen is arranged above the liquid. The vacuumizing device has the advantages that the steel-wire screen in the vacuum tank can enable low-molecular weight substances to be agglomerated on the steel-wire screen instead of in the vacuum pump, and the low-molecular weight substances cannot be agglomerated on the first vacuumizing pipe or the vacuum tank due to the second heating jacket outside the vacuum tank and the heating jacket outside the first vacuumizing pipe, so that the working efficiency is ensured, and the product quality is improved.

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  • Vacuumizing device of double-screw extruder


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention. Obviously, the described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, rather than all the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0017] In the description of the present invention, it should be noted that the terms "center", "upper", "lower", "left", "right", "vertical", "horizontal", "inner", "outer", etc. The indicated orientation or positional relationship is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, and is only for the convenience of describing the present invention and simplifying the description, rather than indicating or implying that the pointed device or element must have a specific orientation or a specific orientation. The structure and operation cannot therefore be understood as a limitation of the present invention. In addition, the terms "first", "second", and "third" are only used for descriptive purposes, and cannot be understood as indicating or implying relative importance.
[0018] In the description of the present invention, it should be noted that the terms "installation", "connected" and "connected" should be understood in a broad sense, unless otherwise clearly specified and limited. For example, they can be fixed or detachable. Connected or integrally connected; it can be a mechanical connection or an electrical connection; it can be directly connected or indirectly connected through an intermediate medium, and it can be the internal communication between two components. For those of ordinary skill in the art, the specific meanings of the above-mentioned terms in the present invention can be understood in specific situations.
[0019] Combine figure 1 As shown, the vacuum pumping device of the twin-screw extruder includes a vacuum pumping section at the rear end of the twin-screw extruder. The top of the pumping outlet of the vacuum pumping section is provided with a vacuum chamber 100, and the pumping outlet of the vacuum chamber 100 A first evacuating tube 110 is arranged on the outer wall of the first evacuating tube 110, and the outer wall of the first evacuating tube 110 is wrapped with a first heating jacket 120, and further includes a vacuum pump 200 and a vacuum tank 300. The outer wall of the vacuum tank 300 is wrapped with a second heating jacket 310, so A drain valve 320 is provided at the bottom of the vacuum tank 300, a liquid 330 is stored inside the vacuum tank 300, a steel wire mesh 340 is provided above the liquid 330 inside the vacuum tank 300, and the first vacuum tube 110 extends to At the bottom of the liquid 330, the first vacuum tube 110 is in a sealed connection with the vacuum tank 300, the vacuum pump 200 evacuates the vacuum tank 300 through the second vacuum tube 210, and the second vacuum tube 210 Extending to the inside of the vacuum tank 300, the nozzle of the second vacuuming tube 210 is located above the steel wire mesh 340, and the second vacuuming tube 210 and the vacuum tank 300 are in a sealed connection. The steel wire mesh 340 is detachably installed inside the vacuum tank 300.
[0020] The vacuum pump evacuates, and the low-molecular substances are sucked out. Due to the existence of the heating sleeve, the low-molecular substances will not condense on the first vacuum tube and the vacuum tank, which ensures the working efficiency; the low-molecular substances are first absorbed by the liquid, and the rest is condensed On the screen, it is ensured that low-molecular substances will not condense on the vacuum tank, the vacuum pump and the second vacuum tube, and the work efficiency is guaranteed. Only the screen needs to be replaced or cleaned regularly.
[0021] Further, the outer wall of the first heating jacket 120 is wrapped with a heat insulation jacket 130.
[0022] Ensure heating quality.
[0023] Further, the shape of the vacuum tank 300 is a funnel shape.
[0024] Further, the steel wire mesh 340 has a thickness of 5 cm to 40 cm and an aperture of 0.5 mm to 10 mm.
[0025] It is preferable to use a steel wire screen of this specification, but it is not limited to this specification, as long as it can block low molecular substances on the screen, it should fall within the scope of this application.
[0026] Further, the liquid 330 is water.
[0027] It should be noted that in this article, relational terms such as first and second are only used to distinguish one entity or operation from another entity or operation, and do not necessarily require or imply one of these entities or operations. There is any such actual relationship or order between. Moreover, the terms "include", "include" or any other variants thereof are intended to cover non-exclusive inclusion, so that a process, method, article or device including a series of elements not only includes those elements, but also includes those that are not explicitly listed Other elements of, or also include elements inherent to this process, method, article or equipment. If there are no more restrictions, the element defined by the sentence "including a..." does not exclude the existence of other same elements in the process, method, article, or equipment including the element.
[0028] The above are only specific implementations of this application. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the principles of this application, several improvements and modifications can be made. These improvements and modifications are also Should be regarded as the scope of protection of this application.


Thickness5.0 ~ 40.0cm
Aperture0.5 ~ 10.0mm

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