Fabricated invisible-beam floor plate

An invisible beam and prefabricated technology, which is applied to floors, building components, buildings, etc., can solve the problem of large total thickness of floors, and achieve the effects of reducing the overall thickness, facilitating maintenance and renovation, and facilitating personalized layout and installation

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-08-10
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Traditional floor electric pipes are buried in the structural layer, and the building layer is poured on the structural layer...
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The invention provides a fabricated invisible-beam floor plate, and belongs to the field of components of buildings. The invisible-beam floor plate is an integral module formed by beams whose web plates are provided with holes and a reinforced concrete floor plate, wherein the beams which are well prefabricated in a factory are firstly used as borders of the integral module of a beam plate; precast concrete is poured at the bottoms of the beams; afterwards, pipelines can be freely laid on precast concrete layers; the pipelines among different plate blocks pass through the holes of the web plates of the beams; lightweight concrete is poured after the laying is completed. According to the invisible-beam floor plate, through the integration of the beam plate, on the premise that the bearing capacity is not decreased, the integral thickness of the beam plate is decreased; the clear space of a building is improved; the space is arranged more flexibly; upper and lower flanges of the beams are all embedded in the concrete of the floor plate; on one hand, the local stableness of a component can be improved by the concrete reserved around the beams, and on the other hand, the fireproof andanticorrosive problems of a steel structural beam are relieved to a certain extent; the personalized layouts of the pipelines are facilitated by the ways that the web plates are provided with the holes and the floor plates are hierarchically poured, and the later maintenance and modification are convenient.

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  • Fabricated invisible-beam floor plate
  • Fabricated invisible-beam floor plate
  • Fabricated invisible-beam floor plate


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[0014] The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings. The embodiments described below with reference to the accompanying drawings are examples and are intended to explain the present invention and should not be construed as limiting the present invention.
[0015] The specific assembly method of the assembled invisible beam floor system proposed by the present invention is as follows: First, the main beam I (2), the main beam II (3), the main beam Ⅲ (4) and the main beam are prefabricated in the factory. Ⅳ(5) Two-by-two welding and splicing to form the frame of the invisible beam floor module, the middle secondary beam I(6) is arranged at the mid-span position of the invisible beam floor module and parallel to the short side; then the concrete is poured on the factory frame, and finally formed The factory prefabricated part of the fabricated invisible beam floor; the fabricated invisible beam floor is transported to the construction site. At the construction site, hoisting is used for on-site assembly, and pipelines (water, heating, electric pipes, etc.) are laid on the precast concrete layer of the invisible beam floor ), the pipeline passes through the hole in the beam web to facilitate the layout of the pipeline between the plates; after the pipeline is arranged, light weight concrete is poured on the concrete floor to the top of the beam; the post-pouring light weight concrete layer is made of aerated concrete and polystyrene granular concrete Or ceramsite concrete, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance of pipelines in the future.


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