Preparation method of sweet potato food

A sweet potato and food technology, applied in the food field, can solve problems such as unbalanced food nutrition, acid reflux in the stomach, and heartburn discomfort

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-07-16
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[0003] In order to solve the problem that the existing sweet potato food will cause acid reflux in the stomach after use, heart...
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The invention discloses a preparation method of a sweet potato food, and relates to the technical field of foods. The preparation method comprises the following steps: step 1, material selection; step2, stirring and molding of the raw material; step 3, baking; and step 4, split charging and packaging: uniformly dividing the prepared sweet potato chips into parts, wherein each part contains 150g of sweet potatoes, 10g of peanut powder, 10g of snow pea powder, 5g of walnut kernel powder, 5g of quinoa powder and 15g of rapeseed powder, and then performing packaging. The food can solve the discomfort symptoms of stomach acid regurgitation and heart burning after being eaten; and not only can ensure human body health without making people fat, but also can protect stomach, and solves the phenomenon of stomach atrophy of people who are on diet and do not eat for a long time in order to lose weight, wherein the stomach atrophy is bad for human body health.

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[0028] This specific embodiment adopts the following technical scheme: Its preparation method is as follows:
[0029] Step 1: Choose fresh high-quality sweet potatoes with uniform size and no disease and insect pests, remove the mud and sand, wash them, put them in a steamer and wait for the sweet potatoes to be steamed thoroughly and take them out, drain the water and peel them for later use;
[0030] Step 2: Choose high-quality peanuts with full granules, roast them until slightly yellow, and cool them into 120 acres of peanut flour for later use;
[0031] Step 3: Choose green peas that has no used pesticides and are full of high-quality snow peas, remove impurities, wash them, put them in a pot and steam them, dry them into 120 mesh snow peas flour for later use;
[0032] Step 4: Choose high-quality walnuts and peel them, roast the walnuts until slightly yellow, and after cooling, beat them into 120 mesh walnut powder for use;
[0033] Step 5: Choose high-quality quinoa, filter out impurities with a sieve, bake it until slightly yellow, and after cooling, beat it into 120 mesh quinoa powder for use;
[0034] Step 6: Choose high-quality, full-grained sesame seeds, remove impurities, and bake until slightly yellow for use;
[0035] Step 7: Choose fresh and high-quality small rapeseed without pesticides, wash it and boil it with boiling water, and dry it into 120 mesh rapeseed powder for later use;
[0036] Step 8: Put the steamed and peeled sweet potatoes into a special blender, and mix them into mashed sweet potatoes. Add the peanut flour, snow peas flour, walnut kernels, quinoa flour, and small rape powder to be used according to the requirements in the blender. Stir thoroughly in the inside, and after stirring, it is evenly extruded into a strip in a special extruder, and both sides are evenly covered with sesame seeds, dried in the air, and baked into a yellowish Sesame seeds, use raw sesame seeds when baking;
[0037] Step 9: The extruder is equipped with several dies of 1-2 cm, extruded in different thicknesses. When dehumidifying, it is naturally aired or baked to meet the taste of each group. When baking, put the extruded French fries Into the dryer to remove water, the dryer is set in four stages:
[0038] The first stage set temperature is 40 degrees, time is 2 hours;
[0039] The second stage set temperature is 55 degrees, time is 2 hours;
[0040] Three-stage setting temperature is 65 degrees, time is 2 hours;
[0041] The four-stage setting temperature is 70 degrees, and the time is 2 hours;
[0042] After four stages of temperature drying, turn off the dryer, wait for one hour before taking out the fries;
[0043] Step 10: Divide the prepared French fries evenly into ingredients. Each serving contains 150 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 grams of peanut flour, 10 grams of snow peas flour, 5 grams of walnut powder, 5 grams of quinoa flour, and 15 grams of rape powder. The combination contains cellulose, high-quality protein, fat and a variety of nutrients that everyone needs every day, and it has the effects of moisturizing and laxative and anti-cancer;
[0044] It is suitable for some people. It is in line with what nutrition experts say now that eating food should be diversified. It contains potatoes, vegetables, nuts, high-quality protein, fat and various nutrients required by people. 1 serving is used as The staple food of a meal for one person can also be used as a snack. This combination can solve the symptoms of stomach acid reflux and heartburn after eating sweet potatoes; because these ingredients are rich in high-quality protein, lecithin can be very good The protection of gastric mucosa.
[0045] Especially for people who dare not eat for weight loss, eating this food can not only ensure people's health without making people fat, but also protect the stomach. In order to lose weight, the stomach will shrink if you do not eat for a long time on a diet. It is harmful to your health. It is a pure natural green non-fried food, safe to eat, and can be used as a common food.
[0046] For those skilled in the art, it is obvious that the present invention is not limited to the details of the foregoing exemplary embodiments, and the present invention can be implemented in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or basic characteristics of the present invention. Therefore, from any point of view, the embodiments should be regarded as exemplary and non-limiting. The scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims rather than the foregoing description, and therefore it is intended to fall within the claims. All changes within the meaning and scope of equivalent elements of are included in the present invention.
[0047] In addition, it should be understood that although this specification is described in accordance with the implementation manners, not each implementation manner only includes an independent technical solution. This narration in the specification is only for clarity, and those skilled in the art should consider the specification as a whole The technical solutions in the embodiments can also be appropriately combined to form other implementations that can be understood by those skilled in the art.


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