Auxiliary rope-chasing structure for four-rope grab bucket

A technology of steel wire rope and winding mechanism is applied in the field of auxiliary chasing rope structure for four-rope grabs, which can solve the problems of falling objects and inability to completely close the grab, so as to avoid dislocation, save improvement costs, and ensure construction safety.

Active Publication Date: 2021-07-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] Aiming at the deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention provides an auxiliary rope tracking structure for a four-rope grab, which solves the problem of grabbing due to misalignment of the opening and closing wire ropes when the four-rope grab is used in the prior art. The situation that the grab cannot be ...
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The invention discloses an auxiliary rope-chasing structure for a four-rope grab bucket, and relates to the technical field of four-rope grab buckets. The auxiliary rope-chasing structure for the four-rope grab bucket comprises a hoisting mechanism and a top plate, wherein a grab bucket body is arranged at the bottom of the top plate; and an opening-closing steel wire rope is arranged on the top plate in a penetrating manner. According to the auxiliary rope-chasing structure for the four-rope grab bucket, a tension detection mechanism is additionally arranged, and a winding mechanism is improved, so that an independent rope-chasing system is provided; when the grab bucket is completely pulled up, a winding reel is driven to rotate relatively through the rotation of a drive mechanism and a transmission gear, so that the opening-closing steel wire rope is fastened, and then the rope-chasing effect is achieved, the dislocation of the opening-closing steel wire rope is avoided well, and the working efficiency is increased while the construction safety is guaranteed; meanwhile, the structure needed by improvement is simple, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low; and meanwhile, improvement is carried out on the basis of the existing four-rope grab bucket, so that the case of discarding of the existing grab bucket cannot occur, and the improvement cost is saved to a great extent.

Application Domain

Load-engaging elements

Technology Topic

Winding machineWire rope +2


  • Auxiliary rope-chasing structure for four-rope grab bucket
  • Auxiliary rope-chasing structure for four-rope grab bucket
  • Auxiliary rope-chasing structure for four-rope grab bucket


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Example Embodiment

[0019] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be apparent from the embodiment of the present invention, and it is clearly described, and it is understood that the described embodiments are merely embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, there are all other embodiments obtained without making creative labor without making creative labor premises.
[0020] See Figure 1-4 The present invention provides a technical solution: a auxiliary chase structure of a four-cord grab, including the lifting mechanism 1 and the top plate 2, the bottom of the top plate 2 is provided with a grab body 3, and the top plate 2 is connected to each other with a wire rope. 4. Wrap the wire rope 4 is wound around the wound mechanism 5, characterized in that the tension detection mechanism 6 is provided between the lifting mechanism 1 and the top plate 2;
[0021] The winding mechanism 5 includes an inner plate 51 and an outer panel 52, and the inner plate 51 is provided with a drive mechanism 53, the drive mechanism 53 is electrically connected to the tension detecting mechanism 6, and the output terminal of the drive mechanism 53 passes the coupling. The surface of the active shaft 56 is fixed to the active shaft 56 and the inner plate 51 and the outer plate 52 are fixed between the drive gear 54, the inner plate 51, and the outer panel 52 and located on both sides of the transmission gear 54. Set with winding barrels 55;
[0022] The winding barrel 55 includes an inner cylinder 551, and both the top and bottom of the inner cylinder 551 are provided with an outer retaining plate 553, and the surface fixing sleeve of the inner cylinder 551 is provided with an internal blocking plate 552, and the surface of the inner block plate 552 is fixedly provided with an outer ring. 554, the surface of the inner cylinder 551 and is located between the end block 552 and the outer retaining plate 553 for placing the opening and closing wire rope 4;
[0023] The outer gear 554 includes a ring 5541, a surface of the ring 5541, an external teeth 5543, and the external teeth 5543 mesh and the drive gear 54 are engaged, and the ring body 5541 is fixedly disposed, and the connection plate 5544 is provided, and the number of connecting plates 5544 can be one. Or multiple, but the number of fixed bolts 5542 on each ring 5541 is at least sixtened, and the connecting plate 5544 is annularly distributed in an annular spot in the center of the ring 5541, and the connecting plate 5544 is connected to the arrangement of fixed bolts 5542. The connecting plate 5544 is fixed relative to the inner stopper 552 via a fixed bolt 5542.
[0024] When working, the moving mechanism 1 controls the movement of the grip, by controlling the stretching of the wire rope 4 to change the spacing of the winding mechanism 5 with respect to the top plate 2, thereby promoting the opening and closing of the grip body 3 to achieve the opening of the grip;
[0025] The tensile detecting mechanism 6 detects the current pull value, when the tensile value is greater than the quality of the grip overall, then the grip is pulled up, and the pulling force detecting mechanism 6 controls the drive mechanism 53 to rotate the transmission gear 54, while the outer gear 554 Under the action, the barrel 55 is rotated, and the chasing operation is achieved to ensure the relative position of the wire rope 4.
[0026] In summary, the four-rope grabbed the auxiliary recovery structure, which provides a separate changing system by increasing the tension detection mechanism and the winding mechanism, and each time the grip is completely pulled, through the drive mechanism and The rotation of the transmission gear drives the relative rotation of the barrel, so that the opening and closing steel wire is fastened to achieve the effect of chasing the curling, it is very good to avoid the dislocation of the wire rope, and the construction safety is guaranteed, and the work efficiency while the construction is improved. The improved desired structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, and it is based on the existing four-rope grip improvement, so there is no existing grip discarding, and greatly saves improvements.
[0027] It should be noted that in this article, a relationship term such as the first and second, etc. is only used to separate an entity or operation with another entity or an operational area, without having to require or imply these entities or operations. There is any such practical relationship or order. Moreover, the term "comprising", "comprising" or any other variable is intended to encompass non-exclusive contained, so that the process, method, article, or device including a series of elements, not only those elements, but also not expressly listed. Other elements, or elements that are also inherent to this process, method, item, or device.
[0028] While the embodiments of the invention have been shown and described, these examples may be made to make a variety of changes, modifications, and replacement without departing from the principles and spirit of the present invention, without departing from the spirit and spirit of the present invention. And variations, the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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