Production process of medical glass bottle

A production process and glass bottle technology, which can be used in the pressing of glass, molding of glass, and re-molding of glass, etc., which can solve the problems of long process, high cost and low yield.

Pending Publication Date: 2021-08-10
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The glass bottles for pharmaceutical packaging in developed countries are all made of medium borosilicate glass (with a boron content of about 11%, and an expansion coefficient of about 5.0), also known as: neutral glass bottles. The physical and chemical properties of this mediu...
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The invention discloses a production process of a medical glass bottle. The method comprises the steps of S1, selecting raw materials, and heating to obtain molten glass paste; S2, shearing the glass paste into blocks by using glass scissors; S3, pressing the blocky glass paste into very thin cake glass by using a specially designed special cake pressing mold; S4, extruding the cake glass by using a primary glass bottle mold and generating a plurality of pieces of cylindrical glass paste; S5, making the cylindrical glass paste into a circular tube shape by using an external mold to form a primary glass bottle; S6, performing closing-in processing on the head part and the tail part of the circular-tube-shaped glass paste by adopting a closing-in jig; and S7, annealing the processed glass bottle by using an annealing furnace, and after the glass bottle is cooled, completing the production and manufacturing of the glass bottle for vaccines. According to the invention, the vaccine glass bottle has the characteristics of lower cost, higher yield, simplicity, convenience, feasibility and obvious effect.

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  • Production process of medical glass bottle
  • Production process of medical glass bottle
  • Production process of medical glass bottle


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Example Embodiment

[0022] In order to make the objects, technical solutions, and advantages of the present invention, the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings. It should be understood that these descriptions are merely exemplary and are not to limit the scope of the invention. Further, in the following description, a description of known structures and techniques is omitted to avoid unnecessary obscuring the concepts of the present invention.
[0023] like Figure 1-6 As shown, the production process of a medical glass bottle proposed by the present invention includes the following steps;
[0024] S1, select the raw material heating and make it molten glass paste;
[0025] S2, use a glass scissors to cut the glass cream into a block;
[0026] S3, use specially designed special press cake molds to press the block glass cream into a very thin round cake glass;
[0027] S4, using primary glass bottle molds to extrusion and produce multiple cylindrical glass pastes;
[0028] S5, the cylindrical glass paste is made into a circular tube using an exclusive mold to form a primary glass bottle;
[0029] S6, with a closing jug fixture to collect the head and tail of the circular tube glass paste;
[0030] S7, using an annealing furnace to annealed the processed glass bottle, after cooling, complete the production of glass bottles for vaccine.
[0031] In an alternative embodiment, the raw material heating temperature is higher than 1200 degrees.
[0032] In the present invention, when the vaccine glass bottle is produced, the feedstock is first heated, so that the raw material temperature is greater than 1200 degrees and forms a glass paste of the molten state, and then the glass cutting of the molten state is cut into a block, then use The block glass paste is pressed into a very thin round cake glass through a professional design. Then the primary glass bottle mold extruded the round cake glass into a small cylindrical glass paste to form a primary glass bottle, then The head and tail of the primary glass bottle were processed using an outer expansion to obtain a glass bottle of vaccine. Finally, the glass bottle is annealed by annealing furnace to obtain a vaccine to obtain a vaccine to be cooled.


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