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Control System for the Conversion of Carbonaceous Feedstock into Gas

The present invention provides a control system for the conversion of carbonaceous feedstock into a gas. In particular, the control system is designed to be configurable for use in controlling one or more processes implemented in, and/or by, a gasification system for the conversion of such feedstock into a gas, which may be used for one or more downstream applications. Gasification processes controllable by different embodiments of the disclosed control system may include in various combinations, a converter, a residue conditioner, a recuperator and/or heat exchanger system, one or more gas conditioners, a gas homogenization system and one or more downstream applications. The control system operatively controls various local, regional and/or global processes related to the overall gasification process, and thereby adjusts various control parameters thereof adapted to affect these processes for a selected result. Various sensing elements and response elements are therefore distributed throughout the controlled system and used to acquire various process, reactant and/or product characteristics, compare these characteristics to suitable ranges of such characteristics conducive to achieving the desired result, and respond by implementing changes to in one or more of the ongoing processes via one or more controllable process devices.
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