Method and device for measuring viscosity of high-viscosity fluid

A fluid viscosity and high viscosity technology, applied in measuring devices, flow characteristics, instruments, etc., can solve the problems of difficult to measure effective viscosity and high effective viscosity, and achieve scientific and accurate test results, easy operation, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-01-04
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[0002] The effective viscosity of rubber ink widely used in the printing industry and crude oil extracted from the petroleum industry is very h...
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The invention discloses a method and device for measuring viscosity of a high-viscosity fluid. The device mainly comprises a high-viscosity fluid complete turbulence generation device, a rotating speed and torsion frequency conversion regulator, a temperature sensor, a data acquisition system and the like; a high shear rotor is directly driven by a motor; a high shear force is generated in high-speed rotation, so as to cause the high-viscosity fluid in a shear chamber to be fluidized, thus a complete turbulence is formed; and the viscosity of the high-viscosity fluid refers to a resistance resisting the fluid from deforming when the fluid is under the action of an external force, and seeing from the energy view, the viscosity of the high-viscosity fluid is energy dissipation essentially, namely the temperature rises due to heat generated by a friction action when the fluid is under the action of a high shear acting force, and the energy is dissipated in a heat manner. In the invention, by applying a temperature measuring method, an energy dissipation value of the viscosity of the high-viscosity fluid is measured and calculated after the high-viscosity fluid forms the complete turbulence in the high shear generation device; and an effective viscosity value of the high-viscosity fluid is further calculated by combining with other fluid dynamics parameters.

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  • Method and device for measuring viscosity of high-viscosity fluid
  • Method and device for measuring viscosity of high-viscosity fluid
  • Method and device for measuring viscosity of high-viscosity fluid


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[0045] The present invention will be described in further detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples, but the embodiments of the present invention are not limited thereto.
[0046] like figure 1 As shown, a method and device for measuring the viscosity of high-viscosity fluid, including 1-motor, 2-drive shaft, 3-mechanical seal, 4-fluidized shear chamber, 5-support, 6-motor frequency converter, 7-motor - High shear rotor, 8 - temperature sensor, 9 - data acquisition card, 10 - computer, 11 - thermal insulation material.
[0047] For high-viscosity fluids, experiments have shown that high-viscosity fluids can reach a turbulent state when the rotor speed is 2300-2700 rpm. The experiment was carried out under normal temperature and pressure. For example, the offset printing ink with a mass of 100 g was first loaded into a cylindrical shearing chamber. In order to better observe the flow pattern of the pulp in the shearing chamber, the circular seal of the shearing chamber was The cover is made of plexiglass, the diameter of the shearing chamber is 120mm, and the height is 90mm. The high-shear rotor is the most important element in the device. The rotor is made of stainless steel with an outer diameter of 65mm. The main body is three evenly distributed stirring rods and spiral blades, 10mm wide and 75mm long. The lower end of the stirring rod is welded with a fixed ring. Before the experiment, set the working parameters of the sensor, start the data acquisition software, and make it enter the state to be measured. Because the high-shear rotor is directly connected to the motor, the motor is controlled by the inverter, start the motor, and gradually increase its speed from low to high. Observe the flow state of the high-viscosity fluid under the high-shear rotor. When the rotor speed is 2500/min , the shear stress at this time is calculated as 2600Pa by the shaft power, and the energy dissipation density The calculation is 330 (kw/m3), so the effective viscosity of the offset printing ink is calculated to be 20.5 Pa s, and the temperature change in the shearing room is automatically recorded by the data acquisition system, such as figure 2 shown. △T/△t is given by figure 2 The data is calculated from , that is, linear regression is performed on the acquisition curve, and ΔT/Δt is the slope of the regression line.


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