New traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation for treating migraine as well as use method and application thereof

A technology for compound preparations and migraine headaches, which can be used in medical formulas, medical preparations containing active ingredients, drug combinations, etc., and can solve problems such as shortages

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-04-11
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[0003] The present invention aims at the problem that the existing Chinese patent medicines for treating migraine lack the liver-wind holding stasis syndrome, summa...
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The invention relates to a new traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation for treating migraine as well as a use method and application thereof, belonging to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicine. Migraine is a kind of recurrent primary headache, and 2.4 hundred million migraineurs exist all over the world. In China, the migraine morbidity rate is 985.2/100000 and the incidence of disease is 79.7/100000. At present, western medicine for treating migraine gives priority to treatment of acute attack, thus passably alleviating the symptoms but having poor effect on controlling recurrence. Traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in treating migraine, but traditional Chinese patent medicines for treating migraine at present are mainly Zhengtian Wan, Taiji Tongtian Oral Solution, ZhenNaoNing Capsule, Tianma Gouteng Granule, Chuanxiongchatiao Granule and Yangxueqingnao Granule, and a medicine aiming at the type of blood stasis due to cold accumulation is lacked. The new traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation is prepared by summarizing clinical experiences for many years and prescribing by selecting effective medicines, has good clinical curative effect on migraine (type of liver wind accompanied by blood stasis), and can cover the shortage of the existing traditional Chinese patent medicines for treating migraine.

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Nervous disorderPlant ingredients

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Compounded preparationsClinical efficacy +11


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Example Embodiment

[0008] A new compound preparation of traditional Chinese medicine for treating migraine. The compound preparation is composed of: 12g of Rhizoma Chuanxiong, 10g of Achyranthes Radix, 20g of Rhizoma Chuanxiong, 6g of Chrysanthemum, 20g of Uncaria, 10g of Tribulus terrestris, 20g of coix seed, 6g of Baikouren and Fa Pinellia 6g.
[0009] The new compound preparation is composed of: Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Achyranthes bidentata, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Chrysanthemum, Uncaria, Tribulus terrestris, Coix seed, Baikouren, and Pinellia, and the dosage or ratio of each drug is 12:10:20: 6:20:10:20:6:6.
[0010] The usage method of the new traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation for treating migraine is that the decoction-free granules of the compound preparation are washed with boiled water, and one dose is taken every day in the morning and evening. The new compound preparation is suitable for liver wind holding stasis syndrome, symptoms include headache or left or right, recurrent, severe pain, lasting for several hours to several days, or nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dark red or purple tongue, or tongue There are ecchymosis, petechiae, thin white fur, stringy pulse.
[0011] The new compound preparation has been tested on animals before clinical use. 60 mice were fed crude drugs. After 1 week, the ecology was normal, and the anatomical observation showed that there were no abnormalities in all organs; no abnormalities were found in the morphology of the immune system; no drug poisoning was seen. The resulting degenerative changes in nerve tissue, solid organs and parenchymal cells, as well as the inflammatory response caused by drug poisoning.
[0012] In the clinical trial, a total of 150 people were registered for treatment, 50 men, 50 women, and 50 people in the control group. Patients take 1 dose per day, divided into morning and evening. Observed after taking the medicine for 30 days, in terms of the curative effect of migraine disease, the number of headache attacks, the number of headache methods yesterday, the average time of each headache attack, the degree of headache, the total score of headache symptoms, etc. There was a significant difference in medical treatment, and the curative effect of the treatment group was significantly better than that of the control group. During the clinical research period, no adverse reactions occurred in the treatment group, and no obvious adverse reactions were found.


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