Reusable wiring groove pressing device

A technology of pressing device and wiring groove, which is applied in the direction of clamping/spring connection, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic power generation, etc., can solve the problems of cost increase, cumbersome welding steps, small contact area, etc., and achieve the effect of increasing the contact area

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-08-15
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In the prior art, the bus strip and the terminal are usually connected by welding or crimping. The welding steps in the welding method are cumbersome and the turning space in the junction box is small and difficult to o...
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The invention provides a reusable wiring groove pressing device, which comprises a terminal, busbar strips and an elastic pressure part. The terminal comprises a wiring groove, the busbar strips are attached to the groove surface of the wiring groove, the elastic pressure part is arranged in the wiring groove and comprises a first pressure sheet, a second pressure sheet and an arc elastic sheet, the arc elastic sheet is connected between the tail end of the first pressure sheet and the tail end of the second pressure sheet, and the first pressure sheet is parallel to the second pressure sheet. The distance between the first pressure sheet and the second pressure sheet is adjusted through the arc elastic sheet to enable the first pressure sheet and the second pressure to tightly press the busbar strips onto the wall of the wiring groove, so that contact area is widened. Further, the elastic pressure part can be taken out of the wiring groove by the aid of a pull ring, so that reusability is realized.

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PhotovoltaicsClamped/spring connections +2

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BusbarEngineering +2


  • Reusable wiring groove pressing device
  • Reusable wiring groove pressing device


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[0010] The reusable wiring groove pressing device provided according to the present invention includes a wiring terminal 1, a bus band 2, an elastic pressing member, wherein the wiring terminal includes a wiring groove 3, and the bus tape is attached to the wiring groove The elastic pressing piece is arranged in the wiring groove, and the elastic pressing piece includes a first pressing piece 41, a second pressing piece 42, an arc-shaped elastic piece 43, and a V-shaped bending piece 44. The connecting rope 45 and the pull ring 46, wherein the curved elastic piece is connected between the tail end of the first compression piece and the tail end of the second compression piece, and the first compression piece Parallel to the second compression piece.
[0011] Specifically, the V-shaped bent piece is connected between the first pressing piece and the second pressing piece, and the V-shaped opening faces the bottom of the wiring groove, and the arc-shaped elastic piece is provided with a through hole. The connecting rope passes through the through hole, one end of the connecting rope is connected to the top end of the V-shaped bent piece, and the other end is connected to the pull ring.
[0012] In a preferred embodiment, the bus strap is first laid in the wiring groove, and then the elastic pressing member is pressed into the wiring groove, so that the bus strap is in full contact with the wiring groove. When the cables need to be re-arranged, the elastic pressing part can be taken out by pulling the pull ring outwards so that it can be reused, which saves the cost of the product.
[0013] The specific embodiments of the present invention have been described above. It should be understood that the present invention is not limited to the above specific embodiments, and those skilled in the art can make various deformations or modifications within the scope of the claims, which does not affect the essence of the present invention.


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