Cutting method of dough

A cutting method and slitting technology, applied in the field of food processing, can solve the problems of poor surface effect, cross-section, broken noodles, uneven thickness of noodles, etc., and achieve the effect of high efficiency and good cutting effect.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-12-26
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] There are many ways to cut noodles at present. Hand-cut noodles can easily lead to uneven thickness of the cut noodles. Although some m...
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Method used

[0008] This specific embodiment can cut the dough strips into equal-size...
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The invention discloses a cutting method of dough. A device used in the method comprises a conveyer belt (1), a lengthwise cutting hob unit (2), and a transversely cutting die component (3), wherein the lengthwise cutting hob unit (2) and the transversely cutting die component (3) are arranged on the conveyer belt (1) in order. The working process is characterized in that: the conveyer belt (1) drives moving dough to move at the same speed, the dough passes through the lengthwise cutting hob unit (2), the hob cuts the dough into narrow strips with same width, the narrow strips continues moving with the conveyer belt, when the narrow strips are close to a switch, a signal is sent out, the conveyer belt stops, the transversely cutting die component (3) works to cut the narrow strips into triangle wrappers with same size. According to the invention, the cutting effect is good, and the efficiency is high.

Application Domain

Dough shaping

Technology Topic

EngineeringMechanical engineering


  • Cutting method of dough


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0007] Reference figure 1 , This specific embodiment adopts the following technical solutions: it includes a conveyor belt 1, a longitudinal cutting hob device 2 and a cross-cutting knife die assembly 3, and a longitudinal cutting hob device 2 and a cross-cutting knife module are sequentially arranged above the conveyor belt 1. Item 3; its work engineering is: conveyor belt 1 drives the noodle belt to move at the same speed, after the slitting hob device 2, the hob divides the noodle belt into narrow noodle belts with the same width, and the narrow noodle belt continues to run with the conveyor belt. The proximity switch gives a signal, the conveyor belt stops, and the cross-cutting die assembly 3 acts to cut the narrow noodle belt into triangular noodle blanks of equal size.
[0008] This specific embodiment can cut the dough strip into triangular dough blanks of equal size, with good cutting effect and high efficiency.


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