Flash encryption method and device for vehicle-mounted terminal

An encryption method and a vehicle-mounted terminal technology are applied in the field of the vehicle-mounted terminal Flash encryption method and the device thereof, and can solve the problem that the cost cannot be borne by ordinary users.

Active Publication Date: 2013-04-03
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The invention provides a flash encryption method and device for a vehicle-mounted terminal. The method comprises the following steps: step A: generating a cipher text on an MCU (micro-programmed control unit) and comparing the cipher text with a cipher text transmitted from an upper machine, wherein if the two cipher texts are the same, the programming is successful; step B: analyzing an ISP (internet service provider) instruction of the MCU side and acquiring a serial number of the MCU by the upper machine through a serial port; step C: transmitting the acquired serial number of the MCU to an MD5 algorithm and encrypting to obtain a 16-bit MD5 cipher text; and step D: storing the corresponding verification information by using a last data block of the MCU. A binary file well programmed by the MCU can be used for universal programming, and one binary file can be used for programming all the MCUs of the same type, but technology loss becomes possible in such a way, so that programming is conducted bit by bit, the programmed binary code can only be used for an MCU chip but cannot be applied to other MCU chips.

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Platform integrity maintainance

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Internet service providerSerial port +6


  • Flash encryption method and device for vehicle-mounted terminal
  • Flash encryption method and device for vehicle-mounted terminal


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0031] The preferred embodiments of the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings:
[0032] Such as figure 1 with figure 2 As shown, sending and transferring information between the PC and LPC includes the following steps:
[0033] Step A: Generate the ciphertext in the MCU and compare it with the ciphertext passed from the upper position. If the same, the burning is successful;
[0034] Step B: Analyze the ISP command on the MCU side through the serial port on the host computer, and obtain the serial number of the MCU;
[0035] Step C: Pass the acquired MCU serial number into the MD5 algorithm, and obtain 16-bit MD5 ciphertext after encryption;
[0036] Step D: Use the last data block of the MCU to save the corresponding verification information.
[0037] However, the solution of the present invention is not limited to generating the ciphertext of the MCU serial number, and the ciphertext generated by the serial number, other various character strings and their combinations can be attributed to the present invention.
[0038] The above content is a further detailed description of the present invention in conjunction with specific preferred embodiments, and it cannot be considered that the specific implementation of the present invention is limited to these descriptions. For those of ordinary skill in the technical field to which the present invention belongs, a number of simple deductions or substitutions can be made without departing from the concept of the present invention, which should be regarded as falling within the protection scope of the present invention.


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