Medicine for treating functional uterine bleeding and preparation method thereof

A uterine bleeding, functional technology, applied in the direction of drug combinations, pharmaceutical formulas, medical preparations containing active ingredients, etc., can solve the problem of ineffective treatment of functional uterine bleeding

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-04-16
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At present, because Western medicine cannot effectively treat functional uterine bleeding, and long-term use of Western medicine ha...
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The invention discloses a medicine for treating functional uterine bleeding and a preparation method thereof. The medicine is mainly prepared from concha ostreae, fluorite violet quartz, herba ecliptae, turtle shell, folium mori, cockscombs, herba agrimoniae and other medicines according to a certain weight proportion. The medicine has the functions of cooling blood, stopping bleeding, dispersing blood stasis, relieving pain, calming the adverse-rising energy and warming the uterus, is high in efficiency when being used for treating functional uterine bleeding, and good in curative effect, and avoids relapse.

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Heavy metal active ingredientsInanimate material medical ingredients +6

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Blood stasisUterine bleeding +5


  • Medicine for treating functional uterine bleeding and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0035] The preparation method of the medicine of the present invention is as follows
[0036] 1. Preparation
[0037] 1. Oysters: washed, sun-dried, and crushed;
[0038] 2. Amethyst: Wash the soil and smash it into small pieces;
[0039] 3. Eclipta japonica: pick out impurities, remove residual roots, wash and suffocate thoroughly, cut into sections and dry in the sun;
[0040] 4. Turtle shell: soak in water, remove the skin and flesh, wash and dry in the sun;
[0041] 5. Mulberry leaves: pick out impurities, rub them, shake off the stems, and sieve the debris;
[0042] 6. Celosia: Pick up impurities, remove stems and seeds, and cut into small pieces;
[0043] 7. Agrimony: remove impurities and roots, wash, moisten thoroughly, cut off, and dry in the sun;
[0044] 8. Sea octopus: washed clean, dried, and smashed into small pieces;
[0045] 9. The head of the tomb: excavated in autumn, remove the stems and soil, and dry in the sun;
[0046] 10. Lychee shell: pick up impurities and dry in the sun;
[0047] 11. Small thistle: pick up impurities, remove the roots, rinse with water and moisten thoroughly, cut the surface, and dry in the sun;
[0048] 12. Pulsatilla: Pick up impurities, wash, moisten thoroughly, slice, and dry in the sun;
[0049] 13. Mulberry: Wash with water, pick out impurities, remove the long handle, and dry in the sun;
[0050] 14. Keel: brush the soil and smash it;
[0051] 15. Panax notoginseng: pick up impurities, smashed, ground or moistened, sliced ​​and dried;
[0052] 16. Red ginseng: take the original medicinal materials, moisten thoroughly, cut into thin slices, and dry;
[0053] 17. Sheep's hoof: Take it from August to September, pick out impurities, and dry it in the sun;
[0054] 18. Blood sees sorrow: harvested from June to August, chopped, and sun-dried;
[0055] 19. Shepherd's purse: harvested from March to May, washed and sun-dried;
[0056] 20. Suan Zao Ren: The original medicine is put into a bamboo basket and sunk into a clear water tank, so that the kernel floats on the water surface, and the shell sinks to the bottom of the water. The Zao Ren is taken out and dried in the sun;
[0057] 21. Wild chrysanthemum: remove impurities, remove residual roots, wash and cut into sections, and dry in the sun;
[0058] 22. Lotus root joints: Take the net lotus root joints and fry them in a pot until the outside is black and the inside is old yellow, sprinkle with water, take out and dry;
[0059] 23. Fulong liver: remove impurities and break into pieces;
[0060] 24. Winter melon seeds: pick out impurities and mash them when using;
[0061] 25. Ginger: pick out impurities, wash the soil, and slice when used;
[0062] 26. Lycium barbarum: Toss out impurities, remove the remaining stems and pedicles;
[0063] 27. Flea break: excavate in autumn, remove fibrous roots, wash and dry;
[0064] 28. Golden cherry seeds: pick out impurities, cut into two petals, soak in water for a while, take out, remove residual burrs after moisturizing, dig out the hairs and cores, and dry;
[0065] 29. Chunpi: remove coarse skin and impurities, wash, moisten thoroughly, shred or block, dry, and sieve to remove debris;
[0066] 30. Jujube: pick up impurities and dry in the sun;
[0067] 31. Deerbit grass: pick out impurities, sieve to remove sediment, wash, slightly moisten, chop finely, and dry in the sun;
[0068] 32. Duhuo: Pick up impurities, separate them into large and small pieces, wash them, moisten them thoroughly, slice them, and dry them;
[0069] 33. Schisandra: sieve off ash, remove impurities, steam thoroughly in a steamer, take out and dry in the sun;
[0070] 34. Nepeta: Pick up impurities, soak in water for a while, remove and cut into sections, and dry in the sun;
[0071] 35. Antler gum: take the original medicinal material, remove impurities, and mash or grind it when using;
[0072] 36. Dodder seeds: go through a basket to remove impurities, wash and dry in the sun;
[0073] 37. Codonopsis pilosula: After washing the sediment, moisten and remove the reeds, slice or cut into sections, and dry in the sun.
[0074] 2. Preparation
[0075] 1, the weight of oyster, amethyst, black lotus, turtle shell, mulberry leaf, cockscomb, Agrimony, sea octopus, tomb head back, lychee shell, small thistle, Pulsatilla, mulberry, keel, Panax notoginseng , red ginseng, sheep's hoof, blood see sorrow, shepherd's purse, sour jujube kernel, wild chrysanthemum, lotus root, Fulong liver, winter melon seeds, ginger, wolfberry fruit, flea break, golden cherry seeds, toon skin, jujube, deer bit grass, Duhuo, Schisandra chinensis, Nepeta, antler gum, Dodder seed, Codonopsis pilosula are boiled twice with water, add 8 times the amount of water for the first time, boil for 10 minutes with strong fire, and then boil for 40 minutes with slow fire, filter to get the first decocting liquid, pour the first decoction liquid into the container.
[0076] 2. Add 4 times the amount of water to the medicinal residue after the first filtration, boil it to a boil, then simmer for 35 minutes, and filter to obtain the second decocting liquid.
[0077] 3. Divide the two decoction liquids into 6 doses.
[0078] The medicine of the invention has the functions of cooling blood, stopping bleeding, dissipating blood stasis, relieving pain, lowering adverse qi and warming uterus, and has quick effect in treating functional uterine bleeding, short course of treatment and no recurrence.
[0079] The beneficial effects of the medicament of the present invention are further described below through test examples, and these tests include animal toxicity test reports and clinical observation data of the medicament of the present invention.


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