Chinese medicinal composition for treating irregular menstruation

A technology for irregular menstruation and composition, applied in the directions of drug combination, pharmaceutical formula, plant raw materials, etc., can solve the problems of large side effects and different curative effects, and achieve the effects of exact drug effect, quick effect and remarkable effect.

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Western medicine mainly uses estrogen and progesterone to adjust menstrual cycle, and oral administration of clomiphene to induce ovulation, but the curative effect is different and the s...
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The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal composition for treating irregular menstruation. The Chinese medicinal composition consists of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 6 parts of snakeroot, 7 parts of prepared rehmannia root, 5 parts of shorthorned epimedium, 6 parts of white atractylodes rhizome, 4 parts of perilla stem, 3 parts of sappan wood, 5 parts of rehmannia root, 3 parts of madder, 4 parts of sweet wormwood herb, 6 parts of dogwood, 5 parts of angelica, 8 parts of donkey-hide gelatin, 3 parts of motherwort, 3 parts of pinellia, 2 parts of typha pollen, 5 parts of grifola frondosa, 7 parts of licorice, 6 parts of rhamnus davurica, 4 parts of saururus chinensis, 3 parts of agrimonia pilosa, 4 parts of tupidanthus calyptratus hook and 6 parts of ficussimplicissima. The Chinese medicinal composition has the effects of supporting body resistance, invigorating qi to nourish the blood, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, tonifying the kidneys and spleen and activating blood to promote menstruation, and has the advantages of significant effect, definite medicinal effects and quick response.

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Remove bloodMenstruations +16


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Example Embodiment

[0011] Example 1: A Chinese medicinal composition for treating irregular menstruation. The weight parts (g) of its constituent materials are: Snakeroot 6, Rehmannia glutinosa 7, Xianlingpi 5, Baizhu 6, Perilla stem 4, Hematoxylin 3, Habitat 5, Madder 3, Artemisia annua 4, Dogwood 6, Angelica 5, Ejiao 8, Motherwort 3, Pinellia 3, Puhuang 2, Grifola frondosa 5, Licorice 7, Daughter Tea 6, Lotus Root 4, Yellow Dragon Tail 3 , Dragon Claw Leaf 4, Five Finger Milk 6.
[0012] Dosage and usage: taking the traditional Chinese medicine composition of the present invention, one dose per day, one month as a course of treatment, generally 2-3 courses of treatment can be cured.
[0013] Typical cases:
[0014] Case 1: Ke Mou, female, 32 years old. Menstruation is delayed for more than ten days each time, with long menstrual period, dark color and blood clots, with back pain, soft legs, less fullness of abdomen, breast pain, swollen face, white moss, weak pulse string, diagnosis of irregular menstruation; taking this The invented traditional Chinese medicine composition has one dose per day. After two courses of treatment, the menstrual cycle returns to normal, the amount is large, and there are blood clots. After two courses of treatment, the menstrual period and the menstrual quantity are normal, and the menstruation is normal, and there is no recurrence in follow-up after half a year.
[0015] Case 2: Jiang Mou, female, 22 years old, suffering from irregular menstruation for one year, low menstrual volume, dark purple color, entrained blood clots, waist and abdomen distension, pain and discomfort, limb weakness during menstruation, taking the Chinese medicine composition of the present invention every day After 1 dose, after two courses of treatment, the menstrual volume was normal and there was blood clot. Continue to take 2 courses, the menstruation was normal, healed, and the follow-up did not relapse.
[0016] Case 3: Zhang, female, 37 years old, suffering from irregular menstruation for more than three years, sometimes once every two months, low menstrual flow, dark purple color, entrained blood clots, waist and abdomen discomfort, discomfort, limb weakness, taking The traditional Chinese medicine composition of the present invention has one dose per day and after three consecutive courses of treatment, menstruation returns to normal and healed.


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