Radiator dust cover

A technology of radiator and dust cover, applied in the direction of machine/engine, engine components, engine cooling, etc., can solve the problem of affecting the life of the engine and the performance of the harvester, reducing the air intake area of ​​the radiator dust cover, and the overheating of the engine. and other problems, to achieve the effect of improving the working performance of the whole machine, reducing the time for manual cleaning of impurities, and reducing the number of blockages.

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[0004] The above-mentioned structure has the following problems in use, easy to block, when the wind enters the radiator through the radiator dust cover, it is facing the circular range of the engine fan, and impurities such as corn leaves and corn whiskers are absorbed by the suction of the wind It is firmly a...
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The invention discloses a radiator dust cover. The radiator dust cover comprises a circularly rotatable soft mesh belt arranged on one side of a radiator, and further comprises a driving shaft and a driven shaft; the soft mesh belt circularly rotates around the driving shaft and the driven shaft in a reciprocating manner; further, the radiator dust cover comprises a brush arranged in a position close to the driving shaft and the driven shaft; and the hair of the brush is in contact with the soft mesh belt.

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Machines/enginesEngine cooling apparatus

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EngineeringHeat spreader +1


  • Radiator dust cover
  • Radiator dust cover
  • Radiator dust cover


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Example Embodiment

[0021] Example, as attached figure 2 and attached image 3 As shown, the radiator dust cover includes a soft mesh belt 2 that can be rotated cyclically on one side of the radiator 1'.
[0022] It also includes a drive shaft 1 and a passive shaft 4, and the soft mesh belt 2 reciprocates and circulates around the drive shaft 1 and the passive shaft 4.
[0023] It also includes a brush 5 , which is arranged near the drive shaft 1 and the driven shaft 4 .
[0024] The bristles of the brush 5 are in contact with the soft mesh belt 2 .
[0025] The radiator 1' is fixedly provided with a sealing rubber ring 3, and the sealing rubber ring 3 is arranged between the soft mesh belt 2 and the radiator 1'.
[0026] The sealing rubber ring 3 is arranged at the left and right ends of the soft mesh belt 2, and the brush 5 is arranged at the upper and lower ends of the soft mesh belt 2. The sealing rubber ring 3 is connected with the brush 5 and the soft mesh belt. 2 to form a cavity around it.
[0027] The electric motor is connected with the drive shaft 1 in a drive. When the engine is working, the drive shaft 1 drives the soft mesh belt 2 to reciprocate between the drive shaft 1 and the driven shaft 4, and the wind generated by the engine fan adsorbs impurities on the soft mesh 2. , the non-stop rotating soft mesh belt 2 rotates with impurities, and when the impurities meet the brush 5, they are blocked and fall off naturally.
[0028] In the above embodiment, the sealing rubber ring 3 can also be arranged around the periphery of the soft mesh belt 2 , and the sealing rubber ring 3 and the soft mesh belt 2 can form a closed cavity.
[0029] Compared with the background technology in this embodiment, the fixed dust cover is changed to a rotating radiator dust cover, and the soft mesh is driven by the motor to continuously remove the corn chips adsorbed on the radiator dust cover in time. Impurities such as leaves and corn stalks are hung up, which can timely and lastingly avoid the blockage of the radiator dust cover, avoid the phenomenon of "boiling" of the engine cooling water, thereby prolonging the life of the engine, reducing the engine failure rate by 10%, and reducing engine maintenance costs. 10%, every 12 hours of working time, the number of blockages of the radiator dust cover is reduced by 100%, the manual work intensity is reduced, and the manual cleaning time of the operator is saved by 40 minutes every 12 hours of working time, so that the operator can work every 12 hours. Harvest more than 3 to 5 acres of land.


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