Traditional Chinese medicine for treating chronic pharyngitis

A technology of chronic pharyngitis and traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, applied in the direction of medical formulas, drug combinations, and medical preparations containing active ingredients, etc., can solve the problems of chronic pharyngitis with large side effects, achieve no drug dependence, low recurrence rate, and high cure rate Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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[0003] In order to solve the problem of large side effects of existing drugs for treating chronic pharyngitis, the...
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The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine for treating chronic pharyngitis. The traditional Chinese medicine is characterized by being prepared from the following traditional Chinese medicinal materials: radix ophiopogonis, licorice root, dried rehmannia root, honeysuckle flowers and radix platycodi; specifically, each dose of the traditional Chinese medicine is prepared from the following traditional Chinese medicinal materials by weight: 12g of radix ophiopogonis, 15g of licorice root, 12g of dried rehmannia root, 12g of honeysuckle flowers, and 12g of radix platycodi. A preparing and taking method comprises the following steps: weighting the above medicinal materials by weight, and brewing by adopting boiled water with the temperature of 80 DEG C; drinking the decoction one dose a day, 8-10 cups of water can be brewed by using one dose of the traditional Chinese medicine, and the decoction can be drunk as tea. Radix ophiopogonis has the efficacies of nourishing yin and moisturizing lung, helping producing saliva and slaking thirst, as well as clearing away the heart-fire and relieving restlessness; licorice root is sweet in taste and neutral in nature, enters the heart, lung, spleen and stomach channels, and has the efficacies of tonifying spleen and benefiting qi, moistening lung to arrest cough, reliving spasm and alleviating pain, moderating the nature of the medicine, and clearing away heat and toxic materials; dried rehmannia root has the efficacies of removing heat to cool blood, as well as nourishing yin and engendering liquid; honeysuckle flowers are cold in nature and sweet in taste, enter the lung and stomach channels, and have the efficacies of clearing away heat and toxic materials, as well as clearing away heat to dispel wind; radix platycodi has the efficacies of opening the inhibited lung-energy, eliminating phlegm, relieving sore-throat, and expelling pus, is bitter and acrid in taste, and neutral in nature, and enters the lung channel.

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Respiratory disorderPlant ingredients

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HoneysuckleToxic material +10


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[0010] Example 1
[0011] Weigh 12 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 15 grams of licorice, 12 grams of raw land, 12 grams of double flower, and 12 grams of Platycodon grandiflorum, soak in boiling water for tea.


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