Vibration-prevention grinding machine used for automobile die machining

A technology for automobile molds and grinding machines, applied in grinding machines, grinding beds, metal processing equipment, etc., can solve the problems of low machining accuracy, poor operating environment, large vibration, etc., and achieve high machining accuracy, long service life, and simple structure. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-15
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Problems solved by technology

The grinding head of the existing grinding machine is easily damaged during the cutting process, and the grinding head needs to be replaced frequently, and the existing grinding machine cannot realize the automatic suction an...
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Method used

The preferred described workbench 4 of the present invention is provided with protective cover 10, and the outer side of protective cover 10 is provided with sheet opener 11 and protective baffle plate 12, has played protective effect, and the automobile mold afte...
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The invention discloses a vibration-prevention grinding machine used for automobile die machining. The grinding machine comprises a grinding machine base connected with an electric control box, grinding motors and a work table are fixedly arranged on the grinding machine base, and vibration-prevention mechanisms are arranged at the bottom of the grinding machine base; grinding heads are connected to the grinding motors, the grinding heads are arranged above the work table, a speed adjusting motor is arranged in the grinding machine base, and the speed adjusting motor is connected with an electromagnetic suction cup through a transmission shaft; the electromagnetic suction cup is arranged on the work table and is in a disc shape. The grinding machine is rapid and convenient to operate and simple in structure, the service life of the grinding heads is long, partitioned automatic attraction and releasing can be achieved, the machining precision is high, and meanwhile the vibration-prevention function is achieved.

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Grinding carriagesGrinding machines +4

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  • Vibration-prevention grinding machine used for automobile die machining
  • Vibration-prevention grinding machine used for automobile die machining
  • Vibration-prevention grinding machine used for automobile die machining


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Example:
[0018] like figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 As shown, an anti-vibration grinding machine for automobile mold processing includes a grinding machine base 2 connected with an electric control box 1, and a grinding motor 3 and a workbench 4 and the bottom of the grinding machine base 2 are fixedly arranged on the grinding machine base 2. An anti-vibration mechanism 6 is provided; a grinding head 5 is connected to the grinding motor 3, and the grinding head 5 is arranged above the worktable 4; a speed regulating motor 7 is also arranged in the grinding machine base 2, and the speed regulating motor 7 An electromagnetic chuck 9 is connected through the transmission shaft 8; the electromagnetic chuck 9 is arranged on the worktable 4, and the electromagnetic chuck 9 is in the shape of a disc; such as Figure 4 As shown, the electromagnetic suction cup 9 includes a suction cup body 91, which is divided into a sector 93 by grooves 92; the coils distributed in the sector 93 and the suction cup body 91 of the sector 93 form a sector suction cup During implementation, the coil in the suction cup body 91 and the suction cup body jointly excite the magnetic force, because the suction cup body 91 is equally divided into a plurality of sectors 93, and each sector 93 is an independent module, which can generate a stronger suction force to attract Hold auto molds to ensure the machining and machining accuracy of auto molds.
[0019] like Figure 5 As shown, the anti-vibration mechanism 6 includes a hollow casing 61 and a first spring 62 , and a transverse slot 63 is provided in the hollow casing 61 ; the bottom end of the first spring 62 is connected to the bottom of the inner wall of the hollow casing 61 , the top end of the first spring 62 is connected with a first sliding block 64; a transverse buffer member is arranged in the transverse clamping groove 63, and the top surface of the transverse buffer member is connected with a grinding machine base connecting slider 65; the transverse buffer member Including two second sliding blocks 66, the two second sliding blocks 66 are connected by a second spring 67; the top surface of the two second sliding blocks 66 is connected with the grinding machine base connecting block 65, and the bottom surface is The surfaces in contact with the transverse slot 63 are downward inclined surfaces 68 . In practice, it is preferable that the cross-section of the hollow shell 61 is polygonal or circular. In the present invention, the transverse buffer is used for buffering. Due to the buffering of the displacement of the inclined plane of the 68, the displacement is small, and the corresponding loss of impact energy is small. It has the effect of anti-vibration and can meet the working efficiency of the grinding machine. When the vibration of the grinding machine becomes larger, the two second sliding blocks 66 of the lateral buffer are completely compressed into the hollow shell 61, so that the first spring 62 is compressed, which improves the performance of the grinding machine. The stability of the grinder during operation.
[0020] In the present invention, it is preferred that a protective cover 10 is provided outside the worktable 4, and an opener 11 and a protective baffle 12 are provided on the outer side of the protective cover 10, which play a protective role, and the automobile mold after grinding can be opened through the opening. The tablet 11 is opened and disassembled.
[0021] In the present invention, preferably, there are two grinding motors 3 , and grinding heads 5 are connected to both grinding motors 3 , which improves work efficiency.


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