Novel multi-purpose dough pressing device

A multi-purpose and new technology, applied in the direction of dough extruder, dough forming and cutting equipment, etc., can solve the problems of material waste, inability to shape, inability to cut by itself, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-08-04
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Problems solved by technology

[0006] In order to overcome the defects of material waste, inability to shape, affect the taste and inability to cut off the existing household noodle making machine technology, the present invention provides a combination of flat extrusion and rotary knife cutting, supplemented by water spraying, to complete the opposite The processing of strips; the technical solution adopted by the present invention to solve its technical problems is: a novel multipurpose noodle pressing device comprising: 1 upper motor, 2 sliders, 3 racks, 4 barrels, 5 vertical pressing plates, 6 horizontal Press plate, 7 stereotype template, 8 horizontal push-pull rod group, 9 base, 10 spring, 11 lower motor, 12 rotary knife, 13 pusher, 14 reset button, 15 water tank, 16 hose, 17 water nozzle, 18 battery , 19 exhaust fans, 20 motor switches, 21 lower motor speed control switches, 22 casings, 23 fixed mounts; after charging the battery 18, start the upper motor 1 to move up and down the rack 3 on the slider 2, and Drive the vertical pressing plate 5 on the rack 3 to extr...
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The multi-purpose noodle pressing device includes: motor, rack, material barrel, vertical and horizontal pressing plate, shaping template, horizontal push-pull rod, rotary knife, pusher, water tank, water spray nozzle; it is characterized in that the food is in the material barrel Squeezed by the vertical and horizontal pressure plates, it overflows from the hole of the shaping template, and then it is cut by the rotary knife to make it shape, and the rotary knife can quickly separate from the cut food after spraying water, so that the food can be directly put into the pot for cooking; after stirring, With multiple combinations of extrusion, cutting, water spraying and cooking devices, food processing with various water surface ratios can be realized to meet the needs of various people's lives.

Application Domain

Dough shaping and cutting apparatusDough extruding machines

Technology Topic

Water jetEngineering +4


  • Novel multi-purpose dough pressing device
  • Novel multi-purpose dough pressing device


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Example Embodiment

[0016] Example 1
[0017] For the new multi-purpose noodle pressing device: Driven by the upper motor 1, the rack 3 acting on the slider 2 moves up and down, and the vertical pressing plate 5 on the rack 3 performs the extrusion work in the barrel 4 , The food in the bucket 4 overflows from the hole of the shaping template 7 after being squeezed. When the vertical pressure plate 5 moves to the base 9, the spring 10 begins to contract, the base 9 starts to move down, and the horizontal push on both sides of the base 9 The pull rod 8 starts to move horizontally and drives the horizontal pressing plate 6 to squeeze. When the horizontal pressing plate 6 moves to the shaping template 7, the food in the bucket 4 has been emptied at this time, and the bucket 4 will continue to move horizontally until it is touched Reset button 14; when the reset button 14 is touched, the upper motor 1 immediately turns to reverse to work, so that the horizontal pressing plate 6 and the vertical pressing plate 5 are moved to the position before work. When the rack 3 moves up to the top, it touches When the reset button 14 is reached, the upper motor 1 stops, and the extrusion work has been completed.

Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 2
[0019] For the new multi-purpose noodle pressing device; as described in Example 1, when the upper motor 1 is started, the lower motor speed control switch 20 is turned on at the same time, the lower motor 11 is started, and the rotary knife 12 and the pusher 13 start to rotate. When the press 13 collides with the hose 16 from the water tank 15, the water will be sprayed from the water nozzle 17 and sprayed to the rotary knife 12, so that the rotary knife can be kept moist, and can be quickly separated from the food being cut. The cut and shaped food is directly cooked in the pot.

Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 3
[0021] For the new multi-purpose noodle pressing device; in the prior art, the food processing is through continuous work such as stirring, kneading and squeezing to overflow and shape the food from the hole of the shaping template; combining the existing technology and the existing cooking device, As described in Example 2, the food overflowing from the holes of the shaping template is cut by a knife, and the knife is sprayed with water to keep it moist to achieve the purpose of continuous cutting, and the cut and shaped food is steamed in the pot.


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