Novel bearing cleaning device

A new type of bearing cleaning technology, applied in cleaning methods and utensils, cleaning methods using tools, cleaning methods using liquids, etc., can solve the problems of difficult to remove impurities, insufficient bearing cleaning, poor cleaning effect, etc. The effect of convenience, reduced collision, and convenient operation

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-11-23
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The commonly used bearing cleaning device is to pour a large number of bearings into the cleaning equipment together, and use the water flow to clean them, but this me...
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The invention discloses a novel bearing cleaning device which comprises a cleaning tank, a rack, a conveying belt, a cleaning mechanism, a bearing fixing mechanism and a discharging box. The cleaningbox is mounted on the rack, and a cleaning tank inlet and a cleaning tank outlet are formed in the front side and the rear side of the cleaning tank correspondingly. The conveying belt penetrates through the cleaning tank, and the two ends of the conveying belt extends out of the cleaning tank inlet and the cleaning tank outlet correspondingly. The bearing fixing mechanism is arranged on the conveying belt. The discharging box is arranged at the front end of the cleaning tank outlet. The novel bearing cleaning device is simple in structure and convenient to operate; before entering the cleaning tank to be cleaned, all bearings are fixed to the conveying belt through U-shaped fixing clamp sets correspondingly and firstly, thus the bearings are placed dispersedly and uniformly, the situations that due to stacking, cleaning of the certain bearings are not thorough and oil stains are hard to remove completely are avoided, and the cleaning effect is greatly improved; and meanwhile, the bearings are discharged more conveniently, collision is reduced, and the bearing protecting effect is achieved.

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Cleaning using toolsCleaning using liquids

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  • Novel bearing cleaning device
  • Novel bearing cleaning device
  • Novel bearing cleaning device


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Refer to figure 1 , 2 And 3, a new type of bearing cleaning device of the present invention includes a cleaning box 1, a frame 2, a conveyor belt 3, a cleaning mechanism 4, a bearing fixing mechanism 5, and a discharge box 6. The cleaning box 1 is installed on the frame 2. The front and rear sides of the cleaning box 1 are respectively provided with a cleaning box inlet 11 and a cleaning box outlet 12, the conveyor belt 3 is arranged through the cleaning box 1, and both ends of the conveyor belt 3 respectively extend to the cleaning box inlet 11 and the cleaning box outlet 12 In addition, the conveyor belt 3 is provided with a bearing fixing mechanism 5, the front end of the cleaning box outlet 12 is provided with a discharge box 6, and the cleaning mechanism 4 includes a water tank 41, a number of spray heads 42, a brush device 43 and a control The water tank 41 is installed above the inside of the cleaning tank 1, the spray head 42 is installed at the bottom of the water tank 41, a brush device 43 is provided below the spray head 42, and the controller 44 Set on the outside of the cleaning box 1, the brush device 43 includes a brush mounting frame 431 and a number of brush rollers 432. The brush roller 432 includes a roller body 4321, an adsorption layer 4322 and bristles 4323. The adsorption layer 4322 Set on the outside of the roller body 4321, the bristles 4323 are mounted on the roller body 4321, the roller body 4321 is a hollow structure, the bearing fixing mechanism 5 includes a longitudinal fixing strip 51, a U-shaped fixing clip group 52 and an adjusting bolt 53 A plurality of U-shaped fixing clip groups 52 are provided between the longitudinal fixing bars 51, and the plurality of U-shaped fixing clip groups 52 and the longitudinal fixing bars 51 are connected by adjusting bolts 53. The U-shaped fixing clip group 52 includes Two oppositely arranged U-shaped fixing clips 520, the longitudinal fixing strip 51 is fixed on the belt surface of the conveyor belt 3, the bottom of the cleaning tank 1 is provided with a waste liquid tank 13, and the waste liquid tank 13 is installed on Below the conveyor belt 3, a layer of sieve 130 is horizontally arranged in the center of the waste liquid tank 13, a liquid outlet pipe 131 is arranged at the bottom of the waste liquid tank 13, and the other end of the liquid outlet pipe 131 circulates with the waste liquid The mechanism 7 is connected. The waste liquid circulation mechanism 7 is arranged outside the cleaning box 1. The discharge box 6 includes a discharge box body 61, a moving plate 62, and a box door 63. The discharge box body 61 faces A box door 63 is provided on one side of the conveyor belt 3, a moving plate 62 is provided on the box door 63, and a circulating pipe 70 is provided on the waste liquid circulating mechanism 7, and the circulating pipe 70 is connected to the water tank 41.
[0019] Working process of the present invention:
[0020] In the working process of a new type of bearing cleaning device of the present invention, the controller 44 is first activated, so that the washing liquid in the water tank 41 is sprayed from the spray heads 42, and the brush roller 432 starts to rotate; the bearing to be cleaned They are fixed on the bearing fixing mechanism 5 in turn, and each bearing is clamped on both sides by two U-shaped fixing clips 520 arranged oppositely; after fixing, the bearing is sent to the cleaning tank 1 by the conveyor belt 3, and is washed by the washing liquid. The brush roller 432 scrubs to gradually remove the oil and impurities on the surface; after cleaning, the bearing is sent to the outside of the cleaning tank 1 by the conveyor belt 3, and sent into the discharge box 61 from the door 63 for storage; the cleaning liquid waste after cleaning The liquid enters the waste liquid tank 13 below, is filtered by the sieve 130, flows out from the liquid outlet pipe 131, and enters the waste liquid circulation mechanism 7 along the circulation pipe 70 for recycling.
[0021] The above-mentioned embodiment is an illustration of the present invention, and is not a limitation of the present invention. Any solution after a simple modification of the present invention belongs to the protection scope of the present invention.


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