Hardware cutting equipment

A technology of cutting equipment and hardware, which is applied in the field of hardware processing, can solve the problems of difficult adjustment of cutting position and unstable cutting, and achieve the effect of easy cutting position, stable cutting and adjustable cutting position

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-07-05
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In the prior art, when cutting hardware, the cutting position is difficult to adjust and the cutting is unstable, thereby reducing the quality of the finished hardware and causing economic losses. Ther...
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The invention discloses a hardware cutting device, and belongs to the technical field of hardware mechanical processing. The hardware cutting equipment comprises a pedestal, a telescopic pole and a motor, wherein the left side of the pedestal is equipped with the telescopic pole; the left side of the telescopic pole is equipped with a control device; the top of the telescopic pole is equipped witha connecting base; the connecting base is transversely fixed with a transverse rod; the head of the transverse rod is equipped with a motor; the head of the motor is equipped with a cutter; a cuttingbase is placed below the cutter; and a fixed device is fixed above the cutting base. During hardware cutting, the telescopic pole moves up and down, and left and right, so that cutting precision andcutting quality of hardware are improved.

Application Domain

Shearing machinesShearing machine accessories

Technology Topic

Architectural engineeringMachining


  • Hardware cutting equipment
  • Hardware cutting equipment


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Example Embodiment

[0014] Example:
[0015] like figure 1 As shown, the present invention provides a hardware cutting device, including a base 1, a telescopic rod 2 and a motor 5, the left side of the base 1 is equipped with the telescopic rod 2, and the left side of the telescopic rod 2 A control device 9 is installed, and a connecting seat 3 is installed on the top of the telescoping rod 2, and the connecting seat 3 is horizontally fixed with a transverse bar 4, and a motor 5 is installed on the head of the transverse bar 4, and the head of the motor 5 is installed There is a cutting machine 6, a cutting seat 8 is placed directly below the cutting machine, and a fixing device 7 is fixed above the cutting seat 8.
[0016] The motor 5 is a servo motor.
[0017] The telescopic rod 2 can be stretched up and down.
[0018] The control device 9 controls the operation of the telescopic rod 2 and the motor 5 .
[0019] The motor 5 drives the cutting machine 6 to run.
[0020] The main feature of the present invention is that when the present invention works, the hardware is fixed by the fixing device, and then the distance between the cutting machine and the fixed hardware is adjusted by the lifting device. After the adjustment, the cutting machine is started to work, and then the cutting The machine cuts the hardware.


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