Steel bar blanking matching method based on BIM technology

A matching method and steel bar technology, applied in the engineering field, can solve problems such as no statistical calculation, waste, and disconnected steel bar inventory data

Pending Publication Date: 2020-11-10
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[0003] The number and type of steel bars required for each sub-construction stage are fixed, but the current matching method for steel bar blanking is still in the manual stage. There is no systematic statistical calculation, relying on personal experience, and the matching method is out of touch with the steel bar inventory data. It is found that there is no stock when the matching is completed, and it needs to be purchased temporarily. At the same time, there is no prior design f...
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The invention discloses a BIM technology-based steel bar blanking matching method, which comprises the following steps of: obtaining a drawing: obtaining a design drawing of a design unit, the designdrawing comprising a structure design description and a structure construction drawing; wherein the structural design description and the structural construction drawing comprise steel bar parametersand steel bar environment information; establishing a BIM model: directly reading a design drawing through a structure rapid modeling plug-in; by setting the technological processes of drawing obtaining, BIM model establishing, steel bar information summarizing, data analyzing and outputting and warehouse-out, the problems that an existing steel bar discharging matching method does not have systematic statistical calculation, the matching mode is disjointed with steel bar inventory data, and meanwhile steel bar straightening, steel bar cutting, steel bar bending and the like are not designed in advance, and severe waste is avoided; the steel bar blanking matching method based on the BIM technology has the advantages that a steel bar matching mode can be systematically analyzed and calculated, inventory can be timely docked, and a steel bar processing plan can be generated.

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Geometric CADSpecial data processing applications

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Example Embodiment

[0021] The present invention will be further elaborated below in combination with specific embodiments.
[0022] In order to make the technical means, creative features, objectives and effects achieved by the present invention easy to understand, the present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with specific embodiments.
[0023] Implementation plan and workflow:
[0024] (1) Obtaining drawings: Obtaining the design drawings of the design unit. The design drawings include structural design instructions and structural construction drawings; structural design instructions and structural construction drawings include reinforcement parameters and reinforcement environment information, and reinforcement parameters include reinforcement grades, reinforcement diameters, and reinforcement lengths , Rebar quantity, rebar arrangement layer, rebar environment information, including building environment grade, seismic grade, component type, thickness of rebar protection layer, rebar anchorage length, rebar operation space, rebar use location;
[0025] (2) Establish BIM model: read the design drawings directly through the rapid structural modeling plug-in to form a BIM model, including building a component model or a steel bar model according to the construction plan (time period, scope, schedule, bid section), and building a BIM model The process is to model according to (time period, scope, schedule, bid section), and the required steel bars for the foundation, frame column, shear wall, beam, slab, structural column, infill masonry, staircase, etc. in each sub-construction phase The quantity and type are fixed, and information such as the type of rebar in stock, the quantity of rebar, the corresponding rebar storage point, and the storage time of the corresponding rebar are entered into the BIM model;
[0026] (3) Summarize the reinforcement information: Obtain the type and quantity of reinforcement required by the BIM model specified (time period, range, schedule, bid section) through the analysis software, including the following: select the specified (time period, scope, progress, bid Section) part, obtain the type and quantity of steel bars required by these designated components, perform analysis and calculation, perform steel statistical data according to the calculation results of the analysis software, and store the steel statistical data in the attribute column of the corresponding component, which is associated with the model;
[0027] (4) Analyze and output data: select the part of the building that needs to be constructed, the BIM model calculates or screens the optimal steel bar blanking matching plan based on the statistical data and inventory information required by the corresponding part, and the operator selects the corresponding algorithm or filter according to the needs Conditions: genetic algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm, hybrid genetic algorithm, one-dimensional linear programming method, etc. The system uses different algorithms or screening conditions to generate a variety of plans, and form where to go to the warehouse to obtain the quantity and type of steel bars, etc. Data, and specially form the information of the steel bars that need to be processed. When exporting and matching, according to the time sequence of the steel bars, the earliest steel bars are first selected. After completion, the corresponding exporting table and processing table are generated, and printed out at the same time, and the BIM model is generated Remaining inventory information, and arrange the purchase according to the rebar list required in the next step in the BIM model. The processing form is divided into rebar straightening, rebar cutting, rebar bending and other processing information. The pick-up form contains the method of batch delivery of rebar materials to the site. And information on the placement method or plan of different materials;
[0028] (5) Delivery: The construction personnel obtain the printed form, move the steel bars to the corresponding warehouse according to the form, process the steel bars according to the processing form, and arrange the steel bars of the corresponding construction parts into categories and transport them to the corresponding construction sites.


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