Method and device for automatically testing FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip

A technology for automated testing and communication protocols, applied in digital transmission systems, electrical components, transmission systems, etc., can solve the problems of low test accuracy and efficiency, inability to test chips in all directions, time-consuming and labor-intensive, etc. Workload, the effect of reducing the error rate

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-12-01
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[0004] Aiming at the above-mentioned technical problems in the prior art, the embodiment of the present disclosure proposes a method and device for automatic testing of FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chips, so ...
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The embodiment of the invention discloses a method and a device for automatically testing an FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip, and relates to the field of testing. The method comprises the following steps: setting a board card role, and generating configuration information; selecting a partition, and generating a task file in a specified folder; screening the task files according to the received keywords; loading the screened task files into a queue, and constructing a test scene; and issuing the test scene and the configuration information to an automatic service module, and automatically generating a test report and a log report.

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Data switching networks

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Computer hardwareTest report +7


  • Method and device for automatically testing FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip
  • Method and device for automatically testing FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip
  • Method and device for automatically testing FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip


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Example Embodiment

[0038] In the following detailed description, by way of example, numerous specific details are set forth in the present disclosure, in order to provide a thorough understanding of the relevant disclosure. However, those of ordinary skill in the art is concerned, the present disclosure may be apparent practiced without these details. It should be understood that the present disclosure using the "system", "means", "means" and / or "module" terminology is used to distinguish A different order of components at different levels, elements, parts or components method. However, if other expressions can be achieved, these terms can be replaced by other expressions.
[0039] It should be understood that when the device, unit or module is called "on ...", "connected" or "coupled to" another device, unit or module, it can be directly in another device, unit or module Up, connected or coupled or communicated with other devices, units or modules, or may exist in intermediate devices, units, or modules, unless the context explicitly prompts the exception. For example, the present disclosure, the term "and / or" includes one or more of the associated listed items or any and all combinations.
[0040] The present disclosure the term purpose of describing particular embodiments, and not limit the scope of the present disclosure. As used in this disclosure shown in the specification and claims, unless the context clearly suggest exception, "a", "an", "an" and / or "the" are not specific singular words, also include the plural. Generally, the term "comprising" and "including" only prompts features, overall, steps, operations, elements, and / or components that have been explicitly identified, and this class is not constituting a row of rows, other features, Overall, steps, operations, elements, and / or components can also be included.
[0041] With reference to the following description and the accompanying drawings, the present disclosure features and characteristics of these or other methods of operation, functions of related elements of structure, economies of manufacture and the binding moiety may be better appreciated from the description and drawings form part of the specification. However, it is clearly understood that, for purposes of illustration and description only accompanying drawings, are not intended to limit the scope of the present disclosure. It will be appreciated that the drawings are not drawn to scale.
[0042] The present disclosure is used for describing a configuration diagram of a plurality of various modified embodiments according to the embodiment of the present disclosure. It should be understood that the foregoing or the following structure is not intended to limit the present disclosure. Subject to the protection scope of the disclosure defined by the claims.
[0043] In the prior art, optical fiber communication protocol chip digital integrated circuit is a monolithic, suitable for all network topology, having a plurality of operating modes, the controller may be configured as a network according to an internal register (hereinafter referred to as the NC node, NetworkController), the network terminal ( hereinafter referred to as NT node, network terminal), a network monitor (hereinafter referred to as NM nodes, network monitor), the network terminal and monitoring integrally (NT + NM), and the matching terminal (hereinafter referred to as TM nodes, matching terminal) and Serdes model to achieve high reliability, strong real-time data transmission.
[0044]In general, the test for the optical fiber communication protocol chip like this particular type of chip, development of the respective test adapter device or test environment, the presence of single-use (non-GM), long development cycle, disadvantage of high cost; Moreover, test equipment generally adapted only for a single chip properties (e.g., stability) test as having a plurality of operating modes and / or role of the chip can not be fully tested, the accuracy is not high; the same time, the prior art test chips require a lot more complicated test operation carried out manually, not only time consuming, man-made instrument commissioning and operation inevitably there will be the risk of failure, so that low test accuracy and efficiency, but also affect the quality of the test results.
[0045] In order to solve the problems in the prior art, the present embodiment discloses an embodiment disclosed FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip automated testing systems, such as figure 1 Shown; Specifically, after the application receives user-initiated commands, start role configuration, and generate the configuration information to the corresponding application module; application module constructed test scenario, the test scenario has been constructed and configuration information to the service module ; service module generates and transmits the analysis result to the application module, an application module to generate and send logs to the application, the application information is displayed to the user.
[0046] Automated test system adapted to the FC-AE-1553 systems in various roles, simple and convenient batch file generation tasks and efficient filtration systems, can easily build a variety of test environments, start-stop mechanism for rapid response can be made quickly to business data statistical analysis and testing protocol frame and the total number of error messages, and generate detailed logs; while comprehensive test of stability by using the virtual reality scene, the overall performance verification chips in the long run when, from the general stability individual tests can only test chip performance.
[0047] The method of the disclosed embodiments of the present embodiment also discloses a FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip automated testing, such as figure 2 As shown, specific includes:
[0048] S101, the role of the board is provided to generate the configuration information;
[0049] S102, select the partition, generate job files in the specified folder;
[0050] S103, the screening task file according to the received keyword;
[0051] S104, the job file is loaded into the screened through a queue, constructed test scenario;
[0052] S105, the configuration of the test scenario and sent to the module under automated service information to automatically generate test reports and logs.
[0053] In some embodiments, the particular role of the NC board or NT.
[0054] In some embodiments, the method further comprises: manually add and / or delete the job file in the queue.
[0055] In some embodiments, the method further comprises: generating a batch file in said task specified folder.
[0056] In some embodiments, the method further comprising: the test results and the logs stored in the specified folder, and management.
[0057] In some embodiments, the method further comprising: a real-time display of the progress and status of the test.
[0058] The method described above can be applied to automated software testing, a schematic diagram of the software interface design as image 3 As shown, the specific operating procedures include: Configuration board roles, generate batch job file, file screening tasks, start and stop scripts, log management and status display six processes.
[0059] a) Configuration board roles
[0060] For there are different roles, the software provides for FC-AE-1553 system configuration functions in the role, click the "role", the pop-up dialog box to configure roles, the role of the board is configured to NC or NT, click "confirm and start" to complete the configuration role generating role configuration information.
[0061] b) generate a task file
[0062] Software configuration interface display modules into multiple partitions, each partition by check or fill out the different options, then click "Generate" button to generate a different task files in the specified folder.
[0063] Some of the partition can be set to generate a batch file tasks to a positive integer x-xx fill, click "Generate" button to generate a batch job file in the specified folder.
[0064] Specifically, the volume generated task file format is as follows:
[0066] c) Screening Task File
[0067] When building test scenarios, click interface "filter" button to bring up the Filter dialog box, the user typing in a keyword search based on keywords specified folder in the file name, and task files are placed in a queue to be loaded, too you can manually add, delete job files. Built test scenarios can be exported so that after continued use. It also can load the completed building test scenarios for testing. For all the tasks specified folder files to load, then loads the queue at the check "Select All."
[0068] d) start and stop script
[0069] Software interface click on the "issued" button, will be sent to the automation software to run under the service module has been built test scenarios; service module after receiving the message, the message automatically loads and displays the progress of the run in the status bar. Click the "Stop" button, run automation software services modules halt.
[0070] e) Log Management
[0071] Hair test scenarios under software configuration and startup information, pending completion of the automatically generated log reports and the results of the analysis and stored in the designated folder, click the software interface "Log" button to open the specified folder, you can read the automated testing information. Where the format of the report, such as automated testing Figure 4 and Figure 5 , In which operating results message list only error messages.
[0072] f) status display
[0073] Software interface displays the status bar shows: information software information, the role of information boards, start and stop information, running schedule and so on.
[0074] Example embodiments of the present disclosure also discloses a FC-AE-1553 automated test protocol chip device 600, such as Image 6 As shown, specific includes:
[0075] Roles board configuration module 601, for setting a character board, generating configuration information;
[0076] Job file generating module 602, used to select the partition, generating task file in the specified folder;
[0077] Screening module 603 for screening the task file according to the received keyword;
[0078] Load Module 604 for the job file is loaded into the screened through a queue, constructed test scenario;
[0079] The test result generator module 605 configured to send to the service module at the automated test scenario and the configuration information, test results and automatically generate log reports.
[0080] In some embodiments, the loading module is further configured to: add and / or delete files in the queue of the task manually.
[0081] In some embodiments, the apparatus further comprising: a log management module, the test results and the logs stored in the clip file is used to specify and manage.
[0082] In some embodiments, the apparatus further comprises: state display means for displaying progress and status in real time testing.
[0083] A method and apparatus for FC-AE-1553 automated test protocol chip disclosed embodiments of the present disclosure, the high integration software can be adapted to multiple devices can be constructed in different test environments can be performed for respective different characteristics tests, to reduce the manual operation of the software, the instrument and increases the reliability of test results, leading to reduce the error rate due to human; also in this case can be a variety of devices, adapted to multiple modes of operation, improves the efficiency of testing and reduce the overall project development time.
[0084] Example embodiments of the present disclosure, also discloses a schematic view of an electronic apparatus, such as Figure 7 Indicated. Wherein, the electronic device 700 comprising:
[0085] Memory 730 and one or more processors 710;
[0086] Wherein, the memory 730 is connected to the communication with the one or more processors 710, the memory 730 may be stored in the one or more instructions executable by the processor 732, the instructions 732 by the one or a plurality of execution processor 710, to cause the one or more processors 710 performs the application of the present method in the embodiment.
[0087] Specifically, processor 710 and memory 730 may be connected through a bus or other means, Figure 7 Connected via a bus 740 to an Example. The processor 710 may be a central processing unit (Central Processing Unit, CPU). The processor 710 may be other general purpose processor, a digital signal processor (Digital Signal Processor, DSP), ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC), a field programmable gate array (Field-Programmable Gate Array, FPGA) or other programmable logic device, discrete gate or transistor logic, discrete hardware components, such as chips, or combinations of the above types of chips.
[0088] Memory 730 as a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for storing non-transient may be a software program, and a non-transitory computer-executable program modules, as in the present application embodiment a progressive cascade networks embodiment. The processor 710 runs a software program stored in non-transitory memory 730, and an instruction module 732, so that the various functions and data processing applications executing processor.
[0089] The memory 730 may include a program storage area and a data storage area, wherein the program storage area may store an operating system, application of at least one desired function; data area for storing data processor 710 may store the created. In addition, memory 730 may include high-speed random access memory and may also include non-transitory memory, such as at least one disk storage device, flash memory device, solid-state, or other non-transitory storage devices. In some embodiments, an optional memory 730 with respect to the memory remotely located processor 710, which may be remote memory (such as by communication interface 720) coupled to the processor 710 comprises a network. Examples of the above network include, but are not limited to, Internet, enterprise internal networks, local area networks, mobile communication networks, and combinations thereof.
[0090] A further embodiment of the present application provides a computer-readable storage medium, the computer readable storage medium having stored therein computer-executable instructions, the computer executable instructions performing the method of application of the present embodiment is performed in the embodiment.
[0091] The aforementioned computer readable storage medium includes physical volatility and non-volatile, removable and non-removable, removable, and unmovable, and unmovable, non-movable, non-removable, non-removable, removable, and non-movable, non-remableable, non-removable. medium. Computer readable storage media specific include, but is not limited to, a U disk, a mobile hard disk, a read-only memory (ROM, RAD-ONLY MEMORY), random access memory (RAM, RANDOM Access Memory), can be erased-be-programmable read-only Memory (EPROM), Electro-Obility Programmable Read-Read memory (EEPROM), flash memory or other solid state memory technology, CD-ROM, Digital Multi-Function Dish (DVD), HD-DVD, Blue-ray or other light storage Equipment, tape, disk storage, or other magnetic storage devices, or any other medium that can be used to store the required information and can be accessed by a computer.
[0092] Although the subject matter described herein is provided in general contexts performed in combining operating systems and applications on computer systems, those skilled in the art can recognize that other types of program modules can be implemented. accomplish. In general, program modules include routines, programs, components, data structures, and other types of intergenever that implement specific tasks or implement specific abstract data types. Those skilled in the art will appreciate that this topic described herein can be practiced using other computer system configurations, including hand-held devices, multiprocessor systems, microprocessors or programmable consumer electronics, small computers, large computers, etc. It can also be used in a distributed computing environment in which the task is performed by a remote processing device connected by a communication network. In a distributed computing environment, the program module can be located in both local and remote memory storage devices.
[0093] One of ordinary skill in the art will appreciate that the unit and method steps of the various examples described herein can be accomplished by electronic hardware, or computer software and electronic hardware. These functions are executed in hardware or software, depending on the specific application and design constraints of the technical solution. Professional technicians can use different methods to implement the described functions for each particular application, but this implementation should not be considered exceeded the scope of the present application.
[0094] The function can be stored in a computer readable storage medium if implemented in the form of a software functional unit and is used as a separate product. Based on this understanding, the technical solution of the present application essentially or contributes to the original technology or part of the technical solution can be embodied in software products, the computer software product is stored in a storage medium, including Several instructions are used to enable a computer device (which can be a personal computer, server, or network device, etc.) to perform all or some steps of the methods described in the various embodiments of the present application.
[0095] In summary, the present disclosure proposes a method, apparatus, electronic device, and computer readable storage medium of FC-AE-1553 communication protocol chip automation test. By setting the board role, the various roles of the FC-AE-1553 communication protocol system can be applied, and automatically generate test reports and log reports while easy to build various test environments, so that all functional tests of automated chip, high test efficiency To mitigate the workload of testers.
[0096] It should be understood that the above specific embodiments of the present disclosure are intended to exemplarily explain or explain the principles of the disclosure, and does not constitute limits to the present disclosure. Therefore, any modifications, equivalents, improvements, etc., which are not deviated from the spirit and scope of the present disclosure, should be included within the scope of the present disclosure. Furthermore, the appended claims are intended to cover all variations and modifications in equivalents falling into the range and boundaries of the appended claims, or such ranges and boundaries.


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