Soft waste full-automatic packaging system

A fully automatic and waste-free technology, applied in packaging, transportation packaging, transportation and packaging, etc., can solve the problems of loose and irregular packaging materials, high labor intensity, and small package weight, so as to reduce manual labor intensity and high degree of automation , the effect of improving work efficiency

Pending Publication Date: 2021-04-13
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[0002] Fully automatic packaging is a common process in mining, chemical and other industrial fields, but its packaging is generally uniform in nature, and weighing and packaging are easier to achieve
However, the packaged materials of incineration waste are loose and irregular, have poor fluidity, and the weight of the package is relatively small. They must be considered as broken materials. The bag needs to ensure the feeding, so the shape of the bag is as round as possibl...
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The invention relates to a soft waste full-automatic packaging system which comprises a weighing, metering and feeding system, a bag feeding system, a compacting system, a filling treatment system and an auxiliary system. The weighing, metering and feeding system is composed of a material bin, a feeding belt conveyor, a weighing system and a discharging hopper, the feeding belt conveyor and the weighing system are located below the material bin, and the discharging hopper is positioned on one side of the end of the feeding belt conveyor. The bag feeding system is composed of a bag feeding mechanism, a pushing mechanism, a bag opening mechanism and a guiding mechanism. The compacting system is composed of a material chute, a compacting mechanism and a frame. The filling treatment system is composed of a bag opening treatment system, a finished bag conveying mechanism and a lifting platform, the bag opening treatment system is located above the lifting platform, and the finished bag conveying mechanism is located on one side of the bag opening treatment system. The system is high in automation degree, the whole process of metering, feeding, bag feeding, compacting, filling and the like of various kinds of soft waste can be achieved, the labor intensity of manpower is reduced, and the working efficiency is improved.

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Wrapper twisting/gatheringSolid material

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Process engineeringAutonomation +5


  • Soft waste full-automatic packaging system
  • Soft waste full-automatic packaging system
  • Soft waste full-automatic packaging system


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Example Embodiment

[0027]Such asfigure 1 ,figure 2 As shown, including weighing counts and feed systems, upper pocket systems, compaction systems, filling processing systems, and auxiliary systems, characterized in that the name heavy count and feed system are made of silo 1, feed belt machine. 2, the weighing system 3 and the discharge strip 4, the feed belt machine 2 and the weighing system 3 are located below the silo 1, and the bracket 4 is located on one side of the end portion of the feed belt machine 2;
[0028]The upper bag system is composed of an upper bag mechanism 5, a push mechanism 6, a support bag mechanism 7, and a guide mechanism 8;
[0029]The compaction system is composed of a material chute 9, a compaction mechanism 10, and a frame 11, and the material chute 9 is located at the bottom of the silo 1, and the compaction mechanism 10 is located at the bottom of the material chute 9, and the frame 11 is located at the bottom of the compaction mechanism 10;
[0030]The filling processing system is composed of a bagging processing system 12, a finished bag transport mechanism 13, and a lifting stage 14, and the bagging processing system 12 is located above the lifting stage 14, and the finished bag conveying mechanism 13 is located on one side of the bagging processing system 12.
[0031]Among them, ifimage 3 As shown, the upper pocket mechanism 5 includes a lifting cylinder 51, a bag cylinder 52, a fixing frame 53, a suction cup branch pipe 54, a cartridge 55, and a packing cylinder 52 mounted on the fixing frame 53, and the bag cylinder 52 is connected to the lifting gas cylinder 51, The lifting cylinder 51 is connected to the suction cup branch pipe 54, the end of the suction cup branch pipe 54 is connected to the cartridge 55, and the upper bag mechanism 5 can be suckled by the opening chuck 55;
[0032]Such asFigure 4 As shown, the push mechanism 6 includes a fixed platform bracket 61, a rotating servo motor 62, a rotary rocker arm 63, a rotary bearing 64, and the rotary servo motor 62 is mounted on the fixed platform bracket 61, and the rotary servo motor 62 is connected to the rotary rocker arm 63, The rotating bearing 64 is mounted at the end of the rotary rocker arm 63, and the push mechanism 6 is rotated by the rotary servo motor 62 to rotate the rotary rocker arm 63, and the suction bag can be transformed into the weighing meter and the feed system out of the fight 4. ;
[0033]Such asFigure 5 As indicated, the support bag mechanism 7 includes a lower swing arm 71, a lower swing arm cylinder 72, a cartridge cylinder 73, a support bag corner 74, a open pin finger 75, and the lower swing arm cylinder 72 is mounted at the end of the lower housing arm 71, the lower swing arm cylinder 72 The connection support bag corner 74, the opening cylinder 73 is mounted on the support bag corner 74 and connected to the open bag finger 75, the lowerm-opening arm 72 of the support bag mechanism 7 controls the lower swing arm 71 and the opening finger 75 rotation and regulates the angle, open The bag cylinder 73 controls the opening finger 75 to open the package and support the package;
[0034]Such asFigure 6 As shown, the guide mechanism 8 includes an entrained guide nozzle 81 and a clamping bag cylinder 82 that controls the clamping guide nozzle 81, the guide mechanism 8 utilizes the jacket guide nozzle 81 to discharge the package 4 bottom, and clamp;
[0035]The material slip groove 9 is manufactured by stainless steel, and the upper receiving hopper 4 is outlet, which makes it a whole, and it is convenient for the soft waste to fall into the bag in gravity;
[0036]Such asFigure 7 As shown, the compaction mechanism 10 includes a compact bag cylinder 101, a compact bag bracket 102, a compactive bag tapered device 103, and a compact bag cylinder 101 is mounted on a compressive bag bracket 102, an end connection of a compressive bag cylinder 101. 103. The compaction mechanism 10 is located directly above the package, which can be moved, and the compact bag cylinder 101 can control the soft waste in the bag tapered 103 to compare the packaging bag;
[0037]The frame 11 is located directly below the package, which can be moved, and the mechanical component can be used to hold a package bag with a soft waste;
[0038]Such asFigure 8As shown, the bagging processing system 12 includes a thermally bracket 121, a heat-assisting rotating shaft 122, a hot swing arm cylinder 123, a heating block 124, and a thermal rotation shaft 122, and a heat joint arm cylinder 123 is attached to heating blocks by a connecting arm. 124. The bagging processing system 12 can be sealed to the package by hot, stitching, etc.
[0039]The forming bag conveying mechanism 13 is a belt conveyor, and the first end is connected to the stage 14 to send the package after the package.
[0040]The booster 14 utilizes a mechanical component to move the package of the soft waste to the bagging processing system 12.
[0041]The auxiliary system is composed of electrical and control system 15, gas processing system 16, pressure emission system 17, and vacuum system 18; electrical and control system 15 realize full automatic and individual actions of each system and its mechanism; the gas processing system 16 is inward The air is necessary to purify; the pressure emission system 17 provides power for each mechanism; the vacuum system 18 is used to use the suction cup of the bag mechanism 5, which utilizes a negative pressure to make it absorb the waste pack.
[0042]The overall process of automatic packaging system of this system is: packaging bags enter the upper bag system, complete sucks, bags, and support bags, etc. Preparation → Weighing counts and feed systems to pack bags → pressure Real system puts the soft waste in the bag → the filling processing system will be sealed, and the system is removed.
[0043]The specific operation is as follows: The soft waste to be packaged first is inserted into the material of the weighing count and the material of the feed system. Feed the package into the upper bag system, start the upper bag system, the upper bag mechanism 5 uses the suction cup to absorb the bag, the push mechanism 6 shifts it below the weighing count and the feed system, the bottom of the dispensing 4, support The bag mechanism 7 opens the bag and supports the bag. At the same time, the guide mechanism 8 puts the bottom of the package to the bottom of the package, and clamps to ensure that the subsequent paper is not soft waste. At this point, the upper bag system completes the action, placing the package in place, and prepares the waste. Thereafter, the system issues instructions, weighing counts, and feed systems begin to operate. The feed belt machine 2 starts to send the soft waste of the silo 1 to the discharge 4, and weigh the system 3 work, by control The start and stop of the belt machine 2, ensures that the soft waste is delivered in batches, finally valented in the hopper 4 and the material chute 9 in the compaction system, the soft waste falls into the bag in the upper bag system. Inside. When this batch of soft waste enters the bag, the system issues an instruction, the compaction system starts the action, and the frame 11 below the pouch is moved to the frame 11, and the bag of soft waste is placed, and the bag is located directly above the bag. The compaction mechanism 10 is moved down to complete the compaction of soft waste in the bag. When the compaction system is completed, the compaction mechanism 10 and the frame 11 return, the weighing count, and the feed system are repeated, and the next batch of lower materials, compaction systems and weighing counts and feed systems are alternated. Perform until the predetermined quality waste is loaded into the bag and compacted. Thereafter, the system issues instructions, the filling processing system begins to move, moved by the lifting platform to the bagging bag of the soft waste to the bag processing system 12, and the bagging processing system 12 completes the sealing of the package, Finally, the packaging bag will be sent to the packaging system in the package.
[0044]The system is highly automated and can achieve a full process of various soft waste, feed, upper bag, compaction and filling and other full processes, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency; at the same time, it has the corresponding control procedure, which can be able to soft waste The weight, size and packaging rate of the package are controlled, thereby achieving different conditions.
[0045]The basic principles, main features, and the advantages of the present invention are shown and described above. Those skilled in the industry will be appreciated that the present invention is not limited by the above embodiments, and the above-described embodiments and description are only the principles of the invention, and there will be various kinds of present invention without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Changes and improvements, these changes and improvements have fallen within the scope of the invention claims. The scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims and equivalents thereof.


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