Pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device matched with electro-therapeutic apparatus

The technology of a stimulation device and an electrotherapy device is applied in the field of a pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device used in conjunction with an electrotherapy device, which can solve problems such as inability to meet market demand, single treatment mode, and single means, and achieve internal heat dissipation, comfortable feeling, and simple use Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-06-25
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] However, the existing electrotherapeutic instruments have a single treatment method, most of which use transcranial stimulation technology to stimulate the human brain, which has...
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Method used

It controls the charge of energy storage capacitor 804 in the main motor box 8 by the control system 301 in the all-in-one computer 3 to release rapidly, and is fixed on the stimulation coil 5 of the cushion 4 on the stimulation chair 2 and passes into the pulse current, and then stimulates A pulsed magnetic field is generated around the coil 5, and the magnetic lines of force penetrate and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles with less resistance without trauma. This technology can be used for postpartum rehabilitation, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive treatment research, etc. It can stimulate the pelvic floor muscles without damage and painless, enhance the contraction force of the pelvic floor muscles, restore the normal tension of the urethral sphincter, and promote the recovery of the motor function, supporting function and sensory function of the pelvic floor tissues and structures. It is especially effective for urethral sphincter insufficiency and bladder dysfunction.
Mounting seat 1 interior strong electric part adopts aluminum alloy chassis to install, and weak electric part is installed in the mounting seat shell, and mounting seat 1 internal layout adopts hydropower separation type, and strong electric part is in upper two layers, and cooling system is in lower two layers, Safer, the installation method that the ...
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The invention relates to the technical field of medical equipment, and especially relates to a pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device matched with an electro-therapeutic apparatus. Charge of an energy storage capacitor in a main motor box is controlled to be quickly released through a control system in an integrated computer, pulse current is introduced into a stimulation coil fixed on a cushion on a stimulation chair, pulsed magnetic field around the stimulation coil is generated, and magnetic lines of force noninvasively penetrate through and stimulate pelvic floor muscles with small resistance, and do not directly contact with a human body, so that cross infection caused by contact with skin can be avoided. The frequency adjusting range is large, programmed stimulation can be achieved, the stimulation frequency, the stimulation intensity, the stimulation number and the intermittent time can be changed in a programmable mode, and bidirectional adjustment of peripheral nerves is achieved through various stimulation modes. A friendly human-computer interaction interface is provided, medical record management and electronic prescriptions are built in, the device can be used in cooperation with electroencephalogram, and the device is simple in structure, safe to use, diverse in treatment mode, good in treatment effect, low in failure rate, long in service life and capable of meeting market requirements.

Application Domain

ElectrotherapyMagnetotherapy using coils/electromagnets

Technology Topic

Programmed stimulationMagnetic line +19


  • Pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device matched with electro-therapeutic apparatus
  • Pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device matched with electro-therapeutic apparatus
  • Pelvic floor magnetic therapy stimulation device matched with electro-therapeutic apparatus


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0031] The invention will be further described below with reference to the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments:
[0032] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 with Figure 5 As shown, a pot magnetic therapy stimulation device with a chemotherapy instrument is used.
[0033] The mounting seat 1, the stimulation chair 2, the stimulation coil 5 and the power source 100 are provided, and the stimulation chair 2 is secured to the seat cushion 4, the stimulation coil 5 is fixed to the cushion 4 and connected to the connection tube 6. On one side of the mounting seat 1, the mounting machine is fixedly fixed, and the mounting seat 1 is provided with an integrated computer 3 connected to the power source 100, and the integrated computer 3 is installed in the control system 301. ;
[0034] The mounting seat 1 fixes a main motor box 8 connected to the power source 100, the main motor box 8 including a chassis mount 801 and a chassis installed cover 802 and side plate 806 fixed to the chassis mount 801. The host circuit module 803, the energy storage capacitor 804, and the thyristor 805 are provided in the chassis mount 801, and the host circuit module 803 is provided with an EMC circuit 8031 ​​for anti-interference, for converting AC power to direct current. After the rectifier circuit 8032 and the boost circuit 8033, the power source 100 is processed by the EMC circuit 8031, and the DC voltage is obtained by rectifying the rectifier circuit 8032, providing an input power supply to the boost circuit 8033, and input the power supply and then passed the boost circuit 8033. Transfer to the energy storage capacitor 804, the energy storage capacitor 804 inputs the input power source to the stimulation coil 5 to the magnetic energy; the boost circuit 8033 is connected and powered to the single chip 7, the single-chip 7 transformer 810 Connecting to the thyristor 805; the integrated computer 3 is connected to the main motor box 8 through the single-chip unit 7 to achieve data interaction;
[0035] Also included, a heat dissipation tank 10 fixed to the mounting seat 1 and connected to the power source 100, and the heat sink tank 10 is connected to the stimulation coil 5 via a connecting tube 6, and the heat shield 10 is linearly coupled to the Single chip 7.
[0036] Wherein, the control system 301 includes
[0037] For new, modifications, delete, query patient information, and can view the patient's detailed treatment record and generate a medical record management module 3010 of the document;
[0038]For product structure, device information, use instructions, supplier information, permission settings, precautions, data backup, pump switches, and hospital name settings set parameter setting module 3011;
[0039] Used for recommendation settings for the condition containing software parameters, enabling it to quickly implement the built-in general electronic prescription for patient treatment;
[0040] Used to monitor the temperature monitoring of the stimulation coil 5, the liquid heat dissipation flow rate and the fuselage temperature of the main motor box 8 monitor the displayed real-time data, and the data exception is alarm prompt and stop the device work. State display module 3013;
[0041] Treatment control module 3014 for implementing setting and device start and stop control of device parameters.
[0042] Among them, a heat dissipation fan 807 is provided on the chassis mount 801, and a heat dissipation hole 808 for heat dissipation is provided.
[0043] Among them, the reservoir capacitor 804 is provided with an absorption module 809 for preventing a load insulated breakdown due to an overvoltage.
[0044] Wherein, the heat sink tank 10 includes a water tank mounting plate 1001 and a heat sink mounting plate 1002, and a water storage capacitor 1003, a diaphragm pump 1004, a self-suction pump 1005, a medical switching power source 1006, and a heat sink 1007, a water tank mounting plate 1001. The power source 100 is supplied from the medical switching power supply 1006 to the separator pump 1004, the self-suction pump 1005, and the heat sink 1007, and the water storage container 1003 is connected to the Hall flow meter 1008, the diaphragm pump 1004 and the self-suction pump 1005 are respectively connected. The reservoir container 1003 is connected to the water storage container 1003 through the connecting tube 6.
[0045] Among them, the water storage container 1003 is also provided with a liquid level sensor 1011 for monitoring its water level.
[0046] Wherein, the bottom side wall of the mounting seat 1 is further provided with an exhaust joint 1009, and the exhaust joint 1009 is coupled to the water storage container 1003, the power source 100 is connected to the medical switching power source 1006. .
[0047] Among them, the mounting seat 1 is also provided with a drawer 11.
[0048] Among them, the bottom of the mount 1 is also provided with a mute universal wheel 9.
[0049] Wherein, the stimulation coil 5 consists of a conductive copper tube, a temperature sensor, a liquid heat dissipation tube, and is fixed to the seat cushion 4 of the stimulation chair 2,
[0050] The internal power portion of the mounting seat 1 is mounted by an aluminum alloy chassis. The weak electric portion is mounted in the mounting housing. The mounting seat 1 internal layout adopts hydropower separation, the strong electricity portion is on the upper two floors, the heat dissipation system is two layers, safer, more secure, The chassis of the power portion takes out the mounting method of the mounting seat 1, facilitating the heat dissipation hole 808 for heat dissipation, which can enhance the air convection, easy to use, simple, convenient and not directly The human body can avoid contact with the skin to cause cross-infection; the maximum output magnetic induction strength reaches 1.5T to 8T, the dynamic range is large, the magnetic field strength change rate is high (40 ~ 80 kt / s); can realize the floor stimulation of the programmed basin; frequency adjustment range, Adjustable changes in stimulation frequency, stimulation strength, stimulation and intermittent time, and achieve two-way adjustment peripheral nerves through various stimulus modes; friendly human-machine interaction interface, built-in medical record management, electronic prescription. Experts set a variety of programs and custom programs, the treatment procedure is clear; reserved external trigger interface, can be used in combination with EEG (EEG), FNIRS (near influenter function imaging), custom intelligent safety seat, built-in Circulating water cold coils, while the treatment is more comfortable.
[0051] It controls the charge system 301 in the integrated computer 3 to control the charge of the main motor box 8, which is fixed to the stimulation coil 5 in the stimulation chair 2, and in turn in the stimulation coil 5. The pulse magnetic field is generated, and the magnetic line penetrates the bottom muscle in a smaller resistance, which can be used in postpartum rehabilitation, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive treatment. It can be non-destructive to stimulate the potential muscles, enhance the shrinkage of the pelvic floor muscles, restore the normal tension of urethral sphincters, promote the movement function of the potted surface tissue and structure, support function, and feel function. Especially for urethral sphincter, the efficacy of bladder can be more significant.
[0052] In summary, the present invention is not only simple, safe, the treatment mode is diverse, the treatment is good, low failure rate, long service life, and meets market demand.
[0053] For those skilled in the art, other corresponding changes and deformations can be made according to the above technical solutions, and all such changes and deformations should be within the scope of the claims.


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