Hood gad distributing board

A gas distribution plate and gas distribution technology, applied in chemical/physical processes, chemical instruments and methods, etc., can solve the problems of large air cap bubbles, defects in design methods, and abrasion of the side wall area of ​​the fluidized bed of the gas distribution plate.

Inactive Publication Date: 2005-02-23
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Problems solved by technology

The above hoods all adopt the form of jet holes directly spraying into the fluidized bed. Due to their unreasonable structure and design method defects, the following problems generally exist in the existing hoods during operation: (1) Solid particles flow back into the pre-distributed air chamber question
The jet hole in the traditional hood design has obvious jet velocity in the horizontal direction, and the solid particles entrained by the jet have a large horizontal momentum, which ...
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A gas distributing plate of wind cowl is composed of the multiple fixed wind cowls, which has the internal gas inlet tube with symmetrical jet holes, external tube installed to said internal gas inlet tube and with smooth transition segment at its outlet, and the resistance-variable open nut installed at the gas inlet of internal tube.

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Chemical/physical processes

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  • Hood gad distributing board


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The specific structure and best embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings.
[0010] As shown in the figure, the present invention mainly includes a gas inlet 1, a variable resistance opening nut 2, a hood intake inner tube 3, a hood fixing nut 4, a plurality of gas jet holes 6, a hood gas discharge outer tube 7, and a smooth transition of the gas outlet Section 8 and other components. The hood air intake inner tube 3 is fixed on the gas distribution mother board 5 by a fixing nut 4, and the variable resistance opening nut 2 is a variable inner diameter nut and is installed at the inlet end of the hood air intake inner tube 3. The outlet end of the hood intake inner pipe 3 is equipped with a hood outer pipe 7, and the outlet 8 of the outer pipe is designed with a smooth transition shape. This can not only reduce the momentum loss of the outlet gas, but also make the outlet gas only have a horizontal component. The abrasion of the particles entrained by the jet gas on the gas distribution plate and the outer tube of the hood.
[0011] In order to achieve the best technical effect, the angle between the smooth transitional gas outlet of the outer tube of the hood and the horizontal direction should be in the range of 65~80°, the diameter of the hood inlet should be in the range of 23.0~82.5mm, and the outer diameter of the hood’s outlet should be 84~ Within 126mm.
[0012] Compared with the prior art, the present invention has advantages and benefits: the gas hood adopts a hood gas discharge outer tube and a smooth transitional gas outlet, which effectively eliminates the vertical component of the gas jet and reduces the momentum loss of the jet gas outlet. At the same time, the horizontal jet depth of the jet gas is reduced, thereby reducing the effective abrasion of the adjacent hood and the gas distribution plate by the jet. The variable resistance opening nut at the inlet can conveniently adjust the resistance of the hood, so that the gas is evenly distributed on the entire distribution plate, prevents dead zones on the distribution plate, avoids high-temperature particle adhesion and coking, and enables the distribution plate to operate stably for a long time; Moreover, the operating area of ​​the hood distribution plate is widened. The resistance characteristic (drag coefficient) of the hood is only related to the ratio of the hood inlet area to the jet hole area and the ratio of the hood inlet area to the hood annulus area, and has nothing to do with other factors. The hood is simple in design and easy to enlarge.
[0013] Moreover, the hood-type gas distribution plate can be operated under a wide range of fluidized bed superficial gas velocity and wide gas distribution plate pressure drop range, and even at a lower apparent operating gas velocity, the gas distribution plate of the entire hood can be guaranteed to have uniform gas distributed.


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