Horizontal type screw settling centrifuge product-enlarging method

A decanter centrifuge and horizontal screw technology, which is applied to centrifuges, centrifuges with rotating drums, and separation of sediments by centrifugal force. It can solve the problems of large barium content in the filtrate, and achieve investment savings and significant economic benefits. Efficiency, the effect of facility reduction

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-12-17
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[0003] In order to improve the production capacity of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and solve the problem of high barium con...
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The invention provides a production capacity expanding method for a horizontal decanter centrifuge. After the completion of chemical combination, the liquid is separated by the horizontal decanter centrifuge; the rotation speed of the horizontal decanter centrifuge is 1,800rpm and the current is 30A; after separation, the obtained filtrate is clarified for twice by a clarifying tank and after two clarifications, the obtained barium mud therefrom is returned to an inlet of the horizontal decanter centrifuge for a second separation; the whole process is a closed circulation. By adopting the method, the filtrate is clarified continuously without increasing energy consumption, therefore, the increase of wet content does no influence the production and the barium content of the obtained product is superior to that obtained by the original technology; furthermore, the production capacity is doubled and the facility is reduced, thus saving the investment and the freight as well as having remarkable economic benefit.

Application Domain

Rotary centrifugesCentrifugal force sediment separation

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Chemical combinationEngineering +5


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Example Embodiment

[0006] A method for expanding the production of a horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge. The horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge is used to separate the combined liquid. The rotation speed of the horizontal spiral decanter centrifuge is 1800 rpm and the current is 30A. The separated filtrate passes through a clarification tank for two consecutive times. After the second clarification, the barium mud clarified twice is returned to the inlet of the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge for re-separation to realize closed-circuit circulation. The barium content of the obtained product is 0.01%, which is better than 0.15% of the original process, the production capacity is doubled, and the power consumption does not increase. %, does not affect productivity and quality.


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