Method for producing furuncle paste

A manufacturing method, furuncle technology, applied in the field of five-day cure furuncle ointment, can solve the pain of patients and other problems

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-04-15
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[0002] In the prior art, furuncle ointment is treated well, injections and medicines are used ...
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The invention discloses a method for producing a furuncle cream to cure a furuncle within five days in the technical field. With the method, a furuncle illness can be cured within five days. The method is realized through the following technical proposal: grinding realgar and sal ammoniac into 200 meshes of fine powders, and putting the powders in a room of which the temperature is 0 DEG C to be stored for 24 hours; drying sensos until the water content of the sensos is not more than 5 percent, and processing the sensos into 200 meshes of fine powders; and grinding borneols, putting all the powders together to be stirred for 10 minutes, and adding honey into the mixture and stirring the mixture evenly to obtain a cream finished product.

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Aerosol deliveryOintment delivery +4

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Water contentSal ammoniac +4


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[0005] The present invention will be further described in the following examples. The realgar, sallow sand, 500 grams each, and 200 mesh fine powder are ground and stored in a room at 0°C for 24 hours. When 250 grams of toad venom is dried, the moisture content shall not exceed 5%. Into 200-mesh fine powder, grind 250 grams of sliced ​​brain into fine powder, put them together and stir for 10 minutes, add 2000 grams of honey and stir evenly to obtain the finished ointment.


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