Spray printed composite plate

A composite board and inkjet technology, which is applied in the direction of synthetic resin layered products, decorative arts, special decorative structures, etc., can solve the problems of high cost, inability to meet people's needs for diversity and novelty, and insufficient practicality and innovation. Human intentions and other issues to achieve the effect of meeting the needs of use, low production cost, and beautiful appearance

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-07-20
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[0003] At present, high-end decoration has become a symbol of modern life. The decoration is becoming more and more luxurious in order to pursue high-end artistic effects. As a result, the co...
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The invention provides a spray printed composite plate. In the plate, a base material is tempered glass, and a personalized pattern layer is sprayed on the back of the tempered glass, a printing layer is arranged on the personalized pattern layer, and a polyurethane foam adhesive coating is coated on the printing layer. The tempered glass has the use performance that the appearance design of a common appearance material cannot be changed according to desire of users, ensures that the users can select various patterns according to own interests and tastes, so that the composite plate has a much more beautiful appearance and can meet the personalized use requirement.

Application Domain

Synthetic resin layered productsSpecial ornamental structures +1

Technology Topic

Bond coatingEngineering +4


  • Spray printed composite plate
  • Spray printed composite plate


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0016] like figure 1 As shown, the inkjet-printed composite plate, the base material is tempered glass, the back of the tempered glass 1 is spray-painted with a personalized pattern layer 2, the personalized pattern layer 2 has a printing layer 3, and the printing layer 3 is coated with polyurethane foam bonding Coating 4, the front surface of the tempered glass is covered and bonded with a protective film layer 5.
[0017] Using traditional tempered glass as the base material, according to personal preference, a personalized pattern layer is spray-painted on the back of the tempered glass 1, the personalized pattern layer has a printing layer, and a polyurethane foam bonding coating is applied on the printing layer.
[0018] The above-mentioned inkjet-printed composite sheet has the performance of avoiding the use of common appearance materials and not being able to change the appearance design according to the user's wishes. The appearance of the tempered glass can be changed at will by using the printing layer, and the user can design through the personalized personalized pattern layer. A variety of pictures to meet the needs of some individual use.
[0019] Although the above-mentioned embodiments have described the present invention in more detail, these descriptions are only illustrative of the present invention, rather than limiting the present invention. Any inventions that do not exceed the essential spirit of the present invention fall into the protection scope of the present invention. Inside.


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