Traditional Chinese medicine tea substitute brewing potion for treating summer chronic diarrhea

A technology of chronic diarrhea and traditional Chinese medicine, which is applied in the field of tea-substituting traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic diarrhea in summer, and can solve the problems of slow effect, incomplete treatment, inconvenient taking, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-02-15
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Existing medicines may have certain effects in the treatment of chronic diarrhea, but ...
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The invention relates to traditional Chinese medicine tea substitute brewing potion for treating summer chronic diarrhea. The traditional Chinese medicine tea substitute brewing potion is characterized by being prepared from the following main raw material medicines in parts by weight: 2-5 parts of ephedra, 2-4 parts of cassia twig, 2-6 parts of flos lonicerae, 2-6 parts of white peony root, 2-6 parts of radix adenophorae, 1-3 parts of licorice, 1-3 parts of jujube and 2-6 parts of dark plum. The tea substitute brewing potion provided by the invention is prepared by separately slicing the medicines into slices or fine segments and then mixing; one dosage is 30-60 g and can be drunk after brewing with boiled water for 20-40 minutes, boiled water can be continuously supplemented 5-8 times, and medicine residues are discarded; 1-2 dosages are drunk every day; and 1-3 dosages can play an effect or completely cure the summer chronic diarrhea. The tea substitute brewing potion has the functions of reinforcing the stomach and increasing body fluid, invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, astringing the lung and restraining the intestine and the like, and is used for treating summer chronic diarrhea.

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Digestive systemPlant ingredients

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Ziziphus jujubaChronic diarrhea +10


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example: Choose 5g each of dried ephedra, cassia twig, two flowers, white peony, adenophora, licorice, jujube, and ebony, and cut them into thin slices or mix them into small pieces to obtain 45g of a tea infusion. Pay, used to treat chronic diarrhea in summer.
[0021] basic information:
[0022] From February 2010 to June 2010, the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dengfeng City, Henan Province (the inventor's specialty) admitted 62 outpatients, including 28 male patients and 34 female patients; occupations involved farmers, teachers, workers, and civil servants .
[0023] TCM diagnostic criteria: chronic diarrhea. Patient's statement: increased stool frequency, loose stools, sticky cold, pus and blood, lasting more than two months.
[0024] Treatment method: Use 45g of the tea-substitution brewing agent described in the example as a pair, place it in a tea cup or utensil, brew with boiling water, the liquid level is not over the drink, 20-30 minutes later, filter the residue to replace the tea for drinking, continue to boil water After drinking 5-8 second-generation tea, discard the medicine residue. 1-2 payments a day; 1-3 payments can be effective or completely cured.
[0025] Efficacy evaluation criteria:
[0026] Significantly effective: the symptoms are significantly reduced. 21 patients treated for 1-2 days, drank 1-2 cups of tea in accordance with the treatment method, observed for 2 months without recurrence, and judged to be markedly effective.
[0027] Complete cure: all symptoms disappear and signs recover. Thirty-eight patients were treated for 2-3 days; 2-3 cups of tea were drunk according to the treatment method, and no recurrence was observed for 3 months, and it was judged as a complete cure.
[0028] In 4 months, 62 patients were treated with the tea-based brewing decoction described in the examples, 21 cases were markedly effective, with a marked rate of 33.8%; 38 cases were completely cured, with a cure rate of 61.2%; the remaining effects were not obvious.


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