Anti-deformation plywood

A plywood, anti-deformation technology, applied in the field of plywood, can solve problems such as plywood deformation, achieve the effect of preventing deformation and gumming, and reducing loss

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-05-07
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[0003] In order to overcome the deficiency that the plywood used in the existing buildings is prone to deformation, the invention prov...
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The invention discloses a piece of anti-deformation plywood. Four corners of a plywood body are connected through arc-shaped curved faces, two narrow and long iron sheets are arranged on the front face and the back face of the plywood body respectively, the two ends of each iron sheet are fixedly connected with two inclined opposite corners of the plywood body through connecting parts, and a connecting part penetrating through the iron sheets and the plywood body is arranged in the center of the plywood body. Loss of water of the plywood body and the collision between the plywood body and other objects are reduced due to the arc-shaped corners of the plywood body, the four iron sheets are arranged on the inclined opposite corners of the two faces of the plywood body, and the iron sheets have the functions of preventing deformation and glue falling of the plywood body.

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Wood veneer joiningWood layered products

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  • Anti-deformation plywood


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[0010] in figure 1 Among them, the anti-deformation plywood is made of multiple veneers glued by adhesive. The four corners of the plate 1 are connected by arc-shaped curved surfaces. On the front and back of the plate 1, two narrow iron sheets 2 are provided on each side. The two ends of each iron sheet 2 are respectively fixedly connected to the two diagonally opposite corners of the plate 1 by iron nails 3, and an iron nail 3 penetrating through the iron sheet 2 and the plate 1 is provided in the center of the plate 1.


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