Novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin

A plate-fin heat exchanger with low pressure drop technology, applied in the field of fin structure, can solve the problems of small heat transfer coefficient and large flow channel pressure drop, achieve strong turbulent flow, reduce flow resistance, and improve heat transfer capacity Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-08-20
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Problems solved by technology

Among them, the pressure drop of the straight fin form is small, but the heat transfer coefficient is also small because the fluid flow channel is straight; the heat transfer coefficient...
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The invention discloses a novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin. The novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin comprises staggered corrugated fins, wherein the staggered corrugated fins are disconnected and staggered at the end portion of each unit wavelength; the interior of each unit wave is averaged into multiple sections through notches. The novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin has the advantages of having the advantages of staggered fins, corrugated fins and slotted fins at the same time, the degree of turbulence of fluid is stronger in the heat exchange process, a heat exchange boundary layer can be effectively destroyed, and consequently the heat exchange capacity of a heat exchanger is improved greatly. Meanwhile, due to gaps between the fins and the corrugated shape of the fins, flowing resistance of the fluid can be decreased, and the pressure drop in the heat exchange process is not too high.

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Laminated elements

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EngineeringHeat exchanger +2


  • Novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin
  • Novel efficient low-pressure-drop plate-fin type heat exchanger fin


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Here is a specific example:
[0014] The fin form is a staggered corrugated fin, which is staggered with each unit wave as a unit, and the inside of each unit wave is divided into 6 segments by 5 cuts.
[0015] The wavelength of each unit wave is d 2 = 15mm.
[0016] The amplitude of the unit wave is A=2.0mm.
[0017] The fin pitch s=6mm.
[0018] Fin thickness d 1 It is 0.5mm; the height h of the fin is 9.5mm.
[0019] Compared with the conventional continuous corrugated fin with the same fin thickness, height, unit wavelength, amplitude, and pitch, this embodiment can increase the heat transfer coefficient by 15-25% under the condition of achieving the same pressure drop, and the fin weight Reduce by more than 15%. Compared with the conventional sawtooth fin with the same fin thickness, height, unit wavelength, amplitude, and pitch, this embodiment can reduce the pressure drop by 10-20% and the weight of the fin under the condition of achieving the same heat transfer coefficient. 10% or more.


Pitch4.5 ~ 6.0mm
Thickness0.2 ~ 0.5mm
Height6.0 ~ 12.0mm

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