Flexible tubular lamp

A hose and lamp body technology, applied in the field of hose lamps, can solve the problems of increased lamp volume, excessive reverse voltage, breakdown, etc., and achieve the effects of good safety performance, simple structure, and low cost

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Its shortcoming is that each LED in the lamp body circuit can only emit one kind of monochromatic light. If the light string wants to emit multiple colors of light, it must be connected in series with multiple LEOs with different light-emitting colors, so that the volume of the lamp will inevitably increase. Larger, increases ...
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The invention discloses a flexible tubular lamp, which comprises a controller, a transparent plastic lamp body core, a transparent plastic sheath, main wires and light strings, wherein the transparent plastic sheath is arranged on the outside of the lamp body core, the main wires run through the lamp body core, the light strings are mounted in the lamp body core, and are connected in parallel to the main wires of the lamp body core, a plurality of double-pin double-primary color LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are connected in series to form each light string, and two chips in each double-pin double-primary color LED are connected in parallel, and are opposite in conducting polarities; the conducting polarities of the chips with the same light colors in the double-pin double-primary color LEDs are opposite; a controller is utilized to control the frequencies and proportions of positive and negative pulses of current frequency to control the light-emitting frequency of each chip of each double-pin double-primary color LED, and because the frequencies and proportions of positive and negative pulses of current frequency are different, people can see bright and colorful light emitted by the flexible tubular lamp. The flexible tubular lamp can generate a color-changing effect, the structure is simple, the cost is low, the safety performance is good, and a plurality of light strings can be arranged in the limited space of the flexible tubular lamp.

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  • Flexible tubular lamp
  • Flexible tubular lamp
  • Flexible tubular lamp


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
[0016] Reference figure 2 , The main wires 11 and 12 running through the core 15 of the transparent plastic lamp body are connected with a two-pin dual-color LED lamp string 14, and the core 15 of the lamp body is covered with a layer of transparent plastic sheath 16. The wires 11 and 12 are connected to the controller 17.
[0017] Reference image 3 , 4, there are multiple sets of light strings 14 connected to the two main wires 11, 12. The light string and the light string are connected in parallel to the main wires 11, 12 of the core of the lamp body. Each light string can be Multiple two-pin dual-primary color LEDs 13 are connected in series, or a single two-pin dual-primary color LED13 is connected: the two chips 13A and 13B in the two-pin dual-primary color LED13 are connected in parallel, and the conduction polarity of the two chips is opposite , The voltage in the circuit can be evenly distributed to each two-pin dual-primary color LED, without generating high voltage locally, causing the two-pin dual-primary color LED to be broken down: the two-pin dual-primary color LED 13 can control the current through the controller 17 The frequency and ratio of the positive and negative pulses control the number of light-emitting times of the chips 13A and 13B. Due to the poor vision of the human eye, people feel that the tube lamp has a color-changing effect. The ratio of the positive and negative pulse frequency of the current is constantly changing. I feel the luminous color of the tube lamp is bright and colorful. When L is positive and N is negative, chip 13A turns on and emits light. When L is negative and N is positive, chip 13B turns on and emits light. The light-emitting colors of the two chips 13A and 13B are two different colors. Therefore, the light-emitting effect of the single two-pin dual-primary color LED 13 can be achieved by the combination of multiple ordinary LEDs to emit colorful light through the controller 17.
[0018] Reference Figure 5 , The light string 14 and the light string 141 are alternately connected to the main wires 11 and 12 in parallel. When the positive and negative polarities of the main wires alternate, the two-pin dual-color LEDs in the light string 14 and the light string 141 alternately light up, thus having Chasing dynamic effects: The main wire can be more than two, so as to achieve multiple circuits.
[0019] Reference Image 6 , The two-pin dual-primary color LED chips 13A and 13B in the light string and the two-pin dual-primary color LED chips 13AA and 13BB in the light string are the same luminous color chips. When L is positive and N is negative, chips 13A and 13BB Turn on and emit light. When L is negative and N is positive, chips 3B and 13AA turn on and emit light. It is also possible that some two-pin dual-primary color LEDs in a string of lights have opposite conduction polarities to some two-pin dual-primary color LED light-emitting chips in another string of lights, so that the lamp body can emit a variety of colors at the same time.
[0020] The above-mentioned embodiments are only used to facilitate the description of the present invention. Without departing from the creative spirit of the present invention, various simple disguises and modifications made by persons familiar with this technology should still be included in the technical solution scope of the present invention. .


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