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Substation fault information automatic publishing and processing system

InactiveCN106026388AEase of real-time and implementation operationsGood safety performance
The invention discloses a substation fault information automatic publishing and processing system. The system comprises a substation module, a dispatching data network, a command module, a fault information publishing management module and a user MIS network module, wherein the substation module is connected with the command module and the fault information publishing management module through the dispatching data network; the fault information publishing management module is connected with the user MIS network module; the system is characterized in that the substation module comprises a plurality of substations; each substation comprises an exchanger, a wave recorder, an inductor and a traveling wave distance measurement apparatus; and the wave recorder, the inductor and the traveling wave distance measurement apparatus are all connected with the dispatching data network through the exchanger. According to the system, fault information automatic publishing and information receiving and reading are facilitated; a fault position and a fault cause can be determined in time; the fault information can be effectively processed in time by cooperation with the processing system; the substation can be quickly recovered; and the safety running of the substation is ensured. The system has relatively good safety performance and meets actual usage requirements.

Security door with internally-mounted padlock

InactiveCN102691466AGood safety performanceIncreased sense of security
The invention relates to a security door with an internally-mounted padlock. Forked door bolts are respectively arranged on the upper side, the lower side as well as the left side and the right side of an inner cavity of a door leaf; a straight bar of each forked door bolt is sleeved with an offsetting spring, and is sleeved in a guide bearing seat in a penetration mode; two pins of each forked door bolt are sleeved in side wall bolt hole of the door leaf respectively in a penetration mode; a rotary plate bracket is arranged at the left-of-center position of the door leaf; one end of a connecting bar is articulated with a straight bar of each forked door bolt, and the other end of the connecting bar is articulated with a rotary plate; a rotary handle is fastened on the outer end of a central shaft of the rotary plate penetrating through a bracket panel; the end part of the rotary handle is provided with a lock hole for hanging of a padlock; the middle part of the right side of the bracket panel is fixedly provided with a baffle ring matched with the lock hole; the middle part of the rotary handle is provided with a movable pin, and a clamping hole matched with the movable pin is arranged on the bracket panel; and the upper-center position of the door leaf is provided with an arm access hole. The security door with the internally-mounted padlock not only can prevent a door from being opened by a stealer with a technical unlocking method, but also has a simple structure and is low in manufacture cost, and is beneficial to popularization and application.

Integrated universal distiller

The invention discloses an integrated universal distiller. The integrated universal distiller comprises a heating device, a cooling device, a shell and a support, wherein the heating device is provided with a plurality of independent heating units; a ceramic electric heater is installed on a furnace frame of a heating box body; a furnace cover and a distilling bottle are arranged on the ceramic electric heater; the distilling bottle is installed in the furnace cover; the shell is provided with a plurality of heating control buttons corresponding to the plurality of heating units, heating state indicating lamps, functional regulating buttons as well as a liquid crystal display; the heating units are connected with the cooling device; the distilling bottle is connected with a condensing bottle connected with a water tank; the cooling device is connected with a control system; a volume bottle is arranged below the condensing bottle of the cooling device. The device integrates heating, distillation, condensation and receiving design; the ceramic electric heater is adopted by the heating device so as to achieve the functions of independent power regulating of a single furnace, automatic circulation of cooling water, automatic control of distillation terminal, automatic sucking-back prevention control and the like; the integrated universal distiller is practical, convenient, saves energy, protects the environment, and solves multiple defects of a traditional device.

Nickel cobalt lithium manganate material and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN106450286AGood safety performanceImprove high temperature performance
The invention relates to a preparation method of a nickel cobalt lithium manganate material. Soluble nickel, cobalt and manganese salts are used as raw materials; a coprecipitation reaction technology is used. The method is characterized in that the molecular formula of nickel cobalt lithium manganate is LiNixCoyMnzO2; the preparation comprises the following concrete process steps that (1) a nickel cobalt and manganese precursor is prepared through coprecipitation reaction; water is added into a reaction kettle device, so that nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate and manganese sulfate are prepared into a mixed water solution; a sodium hydroxide water solution is added as a precipitant; ammonium hydroxide is added; the coprecipitation reaction is performed under the existence of heating and protection gas; filtering is performed to obtain filtrate and filter residue; the filter residue is cleaned to prepare a nickel cobalt and manganese hydroxide precursor; (2) reaction is performed to prepare a nickel cobalt lithium manganate product; the prepared nickel cobalt and manganese hydroxide precursor is baked and dried, and is then sieved to be fully stirred and mixed with lithium salts into a nickel cobalt and manganese hydroxide precursor and lithium salt mixture; the nickel cobalt and manganese hydroxide precursor and lithium salt mixture is loaded into an earthen bowl; high-temperature firing, crushing, sieving, mixing, sieving and iron removal are performed; packaging is performed to prepare the nickel cobalt lithium manganate material. A lithium ion battery manufactured by the prepared nickel cobalt lithium manganate product has the advantages of excellent safety performance, high-temperature performance and long cycle life.

Novel vegetable water extractor

ActiveCN104116126AGood safety performanceReduce labor requirements
The invention provides a novel vegetable water extractor which comprises a machine body, a pull-up device, a water extractor body and a power device. The machine body mainly comprises a lower-layer support, an upper-layer support, a reinforcing rid fixing plate, an angle side support, a fixing plate and a material storage hopper. The pull-up device mainly comprises a pull-up shaft, a bottom cover, a bottom cover support, a connecting rod and an air cylinder. The water extractor body mainly comprises a rotating shaft sleeve, an inner container, a shell, a water discharge pipe, a belt wheel and a circular support. The power device mainly comprises a motor, a feed bolt, a motor fixing plate, a belt and a pin shaft. The upper-layer support is provided with a feed device, and the feed device mainly comprises a feed hopper and a support. The angle side support is provided with an air blowing device. The air blowing device mainly comprises an air inlet, an air outlet, a barometer, a gas storage tank and a magnetic exchange valve. A removal device is arranged in the inner container box body. The removal device mainly comprises a scraper, a guide sleeve, a guide pillar, a jacket and a connecting plate. The novel vegetable water extractor is simple in structure, easy to operate and good in safety, reduces manpower demand, lowers labor intensity of workers and is high in production efficiency.

Pressure blasting laboratory layout design

The invention discloses a pressure blasting laboratory layout design, which is characterized in that a laboratory comprises a preparation region, a plurality of hydraulic blasting chambers, a control chamber, an article storage region and an office region, wherein the preparation region and the hydraulic blasting chambers are arranged under the ground, the control chamber, the article storage region and the office region are arranged above the ground, the hydraulic blasting chambers are provided with independent or public pressurization equipment rooms, the hydraulic blasting chambers and the pressurization equipment rooms are respectively arranged at the outer side of the preparation region under the ground of the laboratory in a delta shape, the article storage region is arranged at one side of the office region arranged on the ground of the laboratory and faces the preparation region, the control chamber is arranged in the article storage region and faces the two sides of one side of the preparation region, and separation seams are adopted for disengaging the hydraulic blasting chambers and the pressurization equipment rooms from the underground structure of the preparation region. Compared with the prior art, the pressure blasting laboratory layout design has the advantages that the safety performance is good, the occupied area is small, the physical distribution is reasonable, the production operation is more convenient, the requirement of simultaneous different pressure withstanding detection of experiment elements in different specifications can be met, the equipment investment is low, the energy is saved, the emission is reduced, and the economic benefits are good.

Preparation method of nutritional fertilizer for preventing occurrence of plant leaf diseases

InactiveCN107500865AAvoid the production of toxic metabolitesGood safety performance
The invention discloses a preparation method of a nutritional fertilizer for preventing occurrence of plant leaf diseases. The preparation method comprises the following steps: mixing and crushing pig bristles, chicken feathers and human hair; screening by a sieve of 200 meshes and taking screened materials to obtain mixed crushed hair; using lipase for enzymolysis of lipid in the hair; then, acid-hydrolyzing the degreased hair in an aqueous solution of dilute hydrochloric acid with a pH value of 4.5-5.5 to obtain a first acid-hydrolyzed amino acid solution; acid-hydrolyzing the degreased hair in an aqueous solution of dilute hydrochloric acid with a pH value of 3.0-4.0 to obtain a second acid-hydrolyzed amino acid solution; using a compound enzyme of bromelain and neutral proteinase for continuing the enzymolysis to obtain an enzymolysis amino acid solution; mixing the first acid-hydrolyzed amino acid solution, the second acid-hydrolyzed amino acid solution and the enzymolysis amino acid solution, and decolorizing with modified activated carbon; and uniformly mixing magnesium sulfate, iron sulfate, zinc silicate, calcium superphosphate, copper carbonate, molybdenum nitrate, urea, monoammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate and decolorized amino acid hydrolyzate, and drying to prepare the nutritional fertilizer. After application of the fertilizer, plants basically do not have a phenomenon of leaf diseases.

Hay cutter

InactiveCN102919002AMobile and flexibleGood safety performance
The invention discloses a hay cutter. The hay cutter comprises a housing, a machine seat, a motor, two hay feeding wheels and a hay cutting device, wherein the housing and the motor are respectively fixed to the machine seat; hay feeding hoppers and hay discharging hoppers are fixed on the two sides of the housing respectively; the two hay feeding wheels are arranged in parallel in an up-down manner and respectively fixed in the housing through shafts, and correspond to the hay feeding hoppers; the hay cutting device comprises a fixed knife, multiple movable knives and a knife rest; the fixed knife is fixedly arranged in the housing and positioned at the rear parts of the hay feeding wheels; the multiple movable knives are respectively fixed at the end part of the knife rest; the knife rest is arranged in the housing through a rotary shaft; and the rotary shaft is connected with the output shaft of the motor through a belt. The key point is that two wheels are arranged on one side of the lower end of the machine seat in parallel, the two ends of the wheel shafts of the two wheels are respectively assembled on the machine seat, and two handles are fixedly arranged at the upper part of the rear end of the machine seat in parallel. The hay cutter has the advantages of flexibility in motion, convenience and practicality, high production efficiency, hay saving, good hay cutting quality, simple structure and the like.

Magnetic field sterilization device

InactiveCN110881517Areduce voltageGood safety performance
The invention relates to a magnetic field sterilization device, the device is composed of a pulsed electric field generation system, a pulsed magnetic field action system and a controller, the pulsedelectric field generation system stabilizes a 220V alternating current through a voltage regulator, boosts the voltage through a booster and limits the current through a current limiter to obtain an alternating current, and the alternating current is rectified into a direct current power supply through a rectifier to charge a capacitor; the pulsed magnetic field action system discharges to a coilthrough a capacitor, and a pulsed magnetic field generated by the coil performs enzyme deactivation and sterilization treatment on the brown rice material in the glass tube; and a delay connection function module of the controller is used for adjusting charging and discharging periods, so that charging and discharging are prevented from being carried out at the same time, and line safety is protected. The magnetic field sterilization device is low in voltage, good in safety performance, capable of continuously completing the enzyme deactivation and sterilization process of the brown rice materials and easy to operate; not only is the stability effect of the brown rice improved, but also the advantages of rapid and uniform treatment, small influence on nutritional ingredients, low broken rice rate and the like are achieved.
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LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source with low voltage and energy saving

The invention relates to an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source with low voltage and energy saving, which comprises a power supply converter and a light emitting body, wherein the power supply converter and the light emitting body are in a split structure; the direct current output of the power supply converter has safe voltage, and the power supply converter is at least correspondingly connected with the positive and negative electrodes of the light emitting body through wires; the light emitting body is formed by connecting a copper-clad plate and multiple paths of LEDs with high brightness in parallel; the LEDs are welded on the copper-clad plate; and the number of each path of the LEDs in series is 1-12. The LED light source provided by the invention has the advantages that a part of the light emitting body has low safe voltage and good safety performance; an accumulator or a wind power or solar energy power supply can be used as a power supply, and the application range is wide; because the light emitting body does not contain the high voltage of a mains supply, the requirements for an application environment are greatly lowered, and the light emitting body can be used indoors and outdoors, thereby greatly expanding the application occasions of the light emitting body; the power supply converter and the light emitting body are independently arranged, and one power supply converter can be configured with multiple light emitting bodies, thereby lowering the cost of the power supply converter; the general assembly structure of the light emitting body is simplified; and the light emitting body is fully utilized in the service life range, thereby lowering the service cost.

Digital chaotic secure communication system

The invention discloses a digital chaotic secure communication system. The digital chaotic secure communication system comprises a digital signal generator, a master chaotic system, a signal switcher, a signal encryption device, a first channel, a second channel, a slave chaotic system, a signal decryption device, a first integrator, a second integrator, a discrimination system and a signal display device; the signal switcher modulates digital signals generated by the digital signal generator and master chaotic signals generated by the master chaotic system, the signal encryption device and the signal decryption device encrypt and decrypt modulation signals, the first channel transmits chaotic synchronization signals, the second channel transmits chaotic encrypted signals, and the first and second integrators and the discrimination system demodulate digital modulation signals, and the signal display device displays demodulation signals; and the digital chaotic secure communication system disclosed by the invention solves the problem that the encrypted signals are intercepted and decoded easily during single-channel transmission in general digital chaotic communication practical engineering by utilizing the advantage of high anti-interference ability of digital communication technology, and has better security performance and anti-interference ability.

Automatic quantitative nucleating agent adding system of automatic casting machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of casting machines, and aims to solve the problems that casting products cannot be replaced at will, production arrangement is tedious, adjustment of the opening degree of a pneumatic flashboard is time-consuming and labor-consuming, deviation is easy to occur, a preset inoculation effect cannot be achieved when a stream inoculant is manually added, and the production cost is low due to the fact that an existing casting machine in the market cannot accurately control the adding amount of the inoculant. The automatic quantitative nucleating agent adding system of the automatic casting machine comprises a material storage mechanism and a control system, the material storage mechanism is installed at the top of a rack, a feeding mechanism is installed at the top of the rack, and a weighing mechanism is installed below the material storage mechanism; through the arrangement of the storage mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the weighing mechanism and the inoculation mechanism, automatic quantitative adding of the inoculant in the automatic casting machine is achieved, the functions of adjusting and controlling the adding amount and the adding time and automatically detecting and adding the material level are achieved, the safety performance is excellent, and the casting quality and the production arrangement efficiency are improved.
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