Wireless music score tablet computer assembly

A tablet computer and sheet music technology, which is applied to auxiliary equipment, instruments, signal transmission systems and other directions of music, can solve the problems of inconvenient installation and inability to realize page turning function, etc., and achieve the effect of easy portability, reliable and convenient wireless communication, and high installation.

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-11-05
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[0004] The disadvantage of the above-mentioned prior art is that the foot switch used to realize the page turni...
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Foot pedal controls panel computer by wireless signal and turns page, is convenient ...
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The invention relates to a wireless music score tablet computer assembly, which comprises a tablet computer and a foot rest, wherein the tablet computer comprises a first wireless communication module; the foot rest is used for realizing page turning of the music score; the foot rest comprises a foot rest switch used for outputting a music score page turning signal and a second wireless communication module connected with the foot rest switch and used for transmitting the music score page turning signal to the first wireless communication module; and both the first wireless communication module and the second wireless communication module are Bluetooth communication modules. Page turning of the music score can be realized by the foot rest switch and the tablet computer in a wireless mode, and therefore inconvenience of mounting and carrying by adopting the wired mode can be avoided, and problems that page turning fails as the cable interface gets loose can be avoided. In the case of specific implementation, the tablet computer is arranged on a support, the foot rest is fixed in the bottom part of the support, and standing and use by the user are facilitated. Page turning of the music score can be realized by the foot rest switch and the tablet computer in a wireless mode, and thus, the wireless music score tablet computer assembly has the advantages of convenient carrying, convenient mounting and high reliability.

Application Domain

Transmission systemsMusic aids

Technology Topic

Foot SwitchTablet computer +2


  • Wireless music score tablet computer assembly


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0014] see figure 1 , The wireless music score tablet computer component of this embodiment includes: a tablet computer 1, a foot pedal 2 for turning the music score; the foot pedal 2 includes a foot switch for outputting a music score turning signal, and the The Bluetooth communication module connected to the foot switch.
[0015] The tablet computer 1 includes: a housing, a processor, a Bluetooth communication module connected to the processor, a touch screen, a memory for storing music scores, page-up and page-down buttons on the side of the housing, a headset jack, a speaker hole, and antenna. A lithium polymer battery is arranged in the casing.
[0016] When in use, the tablet computer 1 is set on a bracket 3, and the footrest 2 is fixed at the bottom of the bracket 3 to facilitate the user to use while standing.
[0017] Hardware parameters of the tablet:
[0018] Screen type: 7.0 inches, IPS HD wide viewing angle hard screen;
[0019] Touch type: capacitive multi-touch (5 points);
[0020] Screen resolution & ratio: 1024*600, screen ratio 16:10;
[0021] Processor: MTK8389, quad-core processor;
[0022] Main frequency: 1.2GHz;
[0023] Memory: 1GLPDDR2;
[0024] Built-in storage 4GB;
[0025] Operating system: Android4.2;
[0026] Bluetooth: BT4.0;
[0027] Wireless network card Wifi802.11b/g/n.
[0028] Read music scores via WIFI Internet download or T/F interface card, and use software technology to classify the scores into: all scores/all musicians/all albums/downloaded scores, playlists to manage, search for the scores stored on this machine and all online Music score allows users to find and use the required score in the fastest time and in the most convenient way. Using software technology to write application programs, record the music at the same time when the user plays the music according to the score, and automatically compare the gap between the recording and the score. The automatic page turning function is realized according to the player's playing speed. After the user finishes playing the tune, it automatically outputs performance errors, summarizes the scores and comments, and facilitates the users to learn and improve their playing skills. It is an intelligent teacher with error correction guidance around the user.
[0029] Page turning technology is a difficult problem for music score players to overcome. The present invention also provides three page turning methods as a key solution for users to choose arbitrarily according to the environment, habits and convenience.
[0030] The foot pedal controls the tablet computer to turn pages through wireless signals, which is convenient to carry and install. Players can turn pages up/down through the foot pedal.
[0031] The invention uses tablet computer technology as a platform, and is light in weight and convenient to carry according to the current usage habits and methods of performers; the battery can work continuously for more than 7 hours; it can use WIFI to surf the Internet or read the T/F card to obtain music score data at any time; Provides a wireless page turning method; realizes features such as perfect user experience. What is particularly important is that the technology of the tablet computer greatly reduces the cost of the present invention, which is suitable for mass consumption. This product will become an indispensable tool for learners of musical instrument performance.
[0032] Obviously, the above-mentioned embodiments are merely examples to clearly illustrate the present invention, and are not intended to limit the implementation of the present invention. For those of ordinary skill in the art, other changes or changes in different forms can be made on the basis of the above description. There is no need and cannot give an exhaustive list of all implementation methods. These obvious changes or variations derived from the spirit of the present invention are still within the protection scope of the present invention.


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