Soup with effects of invigorating spleen and tonifying Qi

A technology of strengthening spleen and qi, and Codonopsis pilosula, applied in the fields of application, food preparation, food science, etc., can solve problems such as poor physical strength, easy to get sick, and poor complexion.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-07-27
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Problems solved by technology

As the leader of the society, men are busy working outside, under high work pressure, and are prone to qi deficiency, resulting in lack of energy, poor physical strength, and reduced work efficiency; women are prone to hypotension, anemia, and complexion due to their own physiological characteristics and postpartum weakness. Poor, weak constit...
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The invention discloses soup with effects of invigorating spleen and tonifying Qi. The soup is prepared from 10g of pilose asiabell root, 10g of poria cocos, 10g of roasted bighead atractylodes rhizome, 10g of honey-fried licorice root, 500g of mutton, 2 Chinese dates, 3 slices of ginger, a proper amount of scallion and a proper amount of flavorings such as yellow rice wine, table salt and powdered pepper. A preparation method of the soup comprises cleaning pilose asiabell root, poria cocos, roasted bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey-fried licorice root and Chinese dates by water, putting the materials into a drug bag, boiling mutton, cleaning the mutton through water, putting the mutton into a marmite, adding enough water, scallion, ginger and yellow rice wine and drug bag into the marmite, cooking the mutton, scallion, ginger, yellow rice wine and drug bag for 5h until the mutton is tender, taking the mutton out of the marmite and adding table salt and powdered pepper into the mutton. The soup has functions of invigorating spleen and tonifying Qi and is a good nourishing product suitable for both young and old.

Application Domain

Food preparation

Technology Topic

RhizomeLicorice roots +1


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Example Embodiment

[0006] Example 1
[0007] A spleen-boosting and qi-boosting soup is characterized in that it is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 10 g of Codonopsis pilosula, 10 g of Poria cocos, 10 g of fried Atractylodes, 10 g of roasted licorice, 500 g of mutton, 2 jujubes, 3 slices of ginger, an appropriate amount of green onions, seasonings Rice wine, salt, and pepper powder are appropriate; when preparing, wash Codonopsis, Poria, Fried Atractylodes, Zhigancao, and Jujube with water and put them in a medicine bag. Blanch the mutton, wash it with water, put it in a casserole, and add enough of water and onion, ginger, rice wine and medicine bags, cook for 5 hours until the mutton is soft and rotten, and finally add salt and pepper before serving.


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