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Preparation method of soil conditioner

The invention relates to a preparation method of a soil conditioner, belonging to the technical field of fertilizer preparation. The soil conditioner is mainly prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 50-70 parts of plant straw carbon, 20-35 parts of fowl/livestock dung, 10-15 parts of bone meal, 1-8 parts of potassium sulfate, 2-8 parts of wood vinegar liquid, 3-9 parts of plant growth regulator and 0.5-1 part of active agent. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing carbon powder, pretreating the fowl/livestock dung, preparing a mixture, assaying and detecting, granulating and packaging. The soil conditioner is prepared by mixing the crop straw/bamboo/wood/grass carbon, which is used as the main component, with certain amounts of trace elements, plant growth regulator and bamboo/wood/grass vinegar liquid; since the soil conditioner not only is rich in the three main nutrient elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) which are essential for crops, but also contains secondary and trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron, molybdenum, copper, cobalt and the like, the nutrient proportion of the soil conditioner is reasonable; and when being used as a conditioner, the soil conditioner can increase the organic content of soil and provide more comprehensive nutrients for crops, so that the crops have the advantages of good growth vigor, plump grains and much higher yield.

No-tillage seedling-throwing overall aerobic cultivation method for oil crop-medium rice fixed compartment ditch

The invention belongs to the field of rice cultivation, and particularly relates to a cultivation method suitable for no-tillage rice in a fixed compartment of an oil crop-medium rice field. The cultivation method comprises the following steps that: (1) rice seeds are coated by using dry-raised nurse, thick mud and dry fine soil serving as coating agents, wherein the components comprise 7.9 to 12.5 percent of dry-raised nurse, 25 to 26.3 percent of rice seeds, 12.5 to 13.2 percent of thick mud with 37 percent of water content and 50 to 52.6 percent of dry fine soil with 3 percent of water content in percentage by mass; the rice field is finished as required and the soil moisture is kept; and keeping the seedling age at 15 to 18 days; (2) the compartment width of the oil crop field is 1.2 meters, the width of the ditch is 0.3 meter, and the depth of the ditch is 0.25 meter; the rape seedlings are applied to the field; a ternary compound fertilizer of which pure nutrients comprise 15 percent of N, 15 percent of P2O5 and 15 percent of K2O is applied, and 30 kilograms of pure nitrogen is applied in each mu; 5.80 kilograms of zinc is applied in each mu; and 4.8 kilograms of boron fertilizer is applied in each mu, and the ditch is kept full of water; (3) rice seedlings with 50 to 100 grams of soil in each seedling in 15 to 18 days are directionally thrown according to a row space of 20 centimeters; and (4) the ditch is kept with water and the compartment surface has no water after throwing the seedlings till the heading stage, and dry and wet alternated cultivation is adopted from the grain filling stage to the maturation stage. Compared with the conventional method, the yield is averagely increased by 8.7 percent.

Method for planting potatoes

The invention relates to the field of crop planting, and particularly to a method for planting potatoes, which comprises the following steps: preparing land, fertilizing, and ditching; putting the potato seedlings into ditches, ridging, covering soil, covering parts on ridges, where the potato seedlings are planted, with colorless and transparent film, and covering two sides of the colorless and transparent film with black film; conducting field management, and harvesting potatoes. The method adopts the colorless and transparent film and the black film, which are in a matched manner, to plant the potatoes, the colorless and transparent film has good light transmittance and increases temperature quickly at the early stage, so the potatoes can root early; the black film has low visible light transmittance and can restrain weeds from growing, and the weeding rate can reach about 90 percent; during the middle and later periods of growth, the root systems enter below the black film, high temperature below the film, caused by strong sunlight, is prevented, and the premature senility of the root systems is avoided; the method can create a good environment for potato tuber growth in the period of tuberization, and has a ground temperature adjusting function that other film does not have; not only is the labor intensity of weeding reduced, but also the yield is increased by a large margin.
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Cultivation method of broccoli

The invention belongs to the technical field of plant cultivation, and relates to a plant cultivation method, in particular to a cultivation method of broccoli. According to the greenhouse broccoli high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation technology, the disease resistant, medium-maturing and late-maturing broccoli with the long picking time is selected, seeds are sown, germination acceleration and poikilothermic treatment are carried out on the seeds, main root tips are cut off, growth of lateral roots are facilitated, and the seeds are cultivated in an open-mouthed rectangular container; meanwhile, by means of a nutrient solution, the seedling stage quality is good, the leaf color is dark green, the sound seedling index reaches more than 99%, planting is carried out when the seedling age is about 30 days, the seedling slowing time is short, the growth is fast, the ultimate capacity is high, the quality is good, the temperature inside a greenhouse can be adjusted by opening or closing large and small greenhouse thin films from the initial budding stage to the harvesting process of the broccoli particularly in autumn and winter which are low-temperature seasons, higher economic benefits can be obtained after the broccoli appears on the market before or after a festival, meanwhile, the quality of the broccoli is improved, the yield per mu can reach more than a ten thousand yuan, and the standardized pollution-free greenhouse cultivation is achieved.

Method of producing protein feed by liquid-solid two-step fermentation method

The invention discloses a method of producing a protein feed by a liquid-solid two-step fermentation method. The method comprises the following steps: performing liquid culture on corynebacterium glutamicum, candida utilis, bacillus subtilis, lactobacillus plantarum and aspergillus oryzae so as to obtain corynebacterium glutamicum fermentation liquor, candida utilis fermentation liquor, bacillus subtilis fermentation liquor, lactobacillus plantarum fermentation liquor and aspergillus oryzae fermentation liquor; mixing the corynebacterium glutamicum fermentation liquor, the candida utilis fermentation liquor, the bacillus subtilis fermentation liquor, the lactobacillus plantarum fermentation liquor and the aspergillus oryzae fermentation liquor so as to obtain mixed bacterium liquor; loading raw materials of soybean meal, cluster bean meal, cottonseed meal and the like into an explosion vat for performing steam explosion; after steam explosion, mixing materials, the mixed bacterium liquor and molasses in proportion, and adding an enzyme preparation so as to obtain mixed materials; conveying the mixed materials into a special modularized solid-state biological raw material continuous fermentation device for enzymolysis and fermentation, and drying the fermented materials so as to obtain the protein feed. According to the method disclosed by the invention, the modularized automatic fermentation device is adopted, the materials after explosion, the fermented bacterium liquor and the enzyme preparation are mixed, then the mixed materials are loaded into the automatic fermentation device for enzymolysis and biological fermentation, so that requirements for automatic temperature control, automatic dampness control and automatic ventilation control are met, the bioconversion rate is high, the fermentation period is short, the consumption is low, the cost is low, and mechanized and large-scale production requirements can be met.

Pseudomonas fluorescens strain, microbial inoculum and use thereof as seedling culture medium for controlling tomato bacterial wilt

InactiveCN101864376AVigorousAbundant resources availableBiocideBacteriaMushroomDisease
The invention provides a strain namely a pseudomonas fluorescens strain (2)-16' for controlling tomato bacterial wilt by using pathogenic bacteria antagonistic microbes, wherein the preservation serial number of the strain is CGMCC NO.3330. The invention also provides a microbial inoculum prepared from the pseudomonas fluorescens train (2)-16'. The invention further provides use of the pseudomonas fluorescens strain (2)-16' for controlling the tomato bacterial wilt, particularly as a seedling culture medium for controlling the tomato bacterial wilt. The pseudomonas fluorescens strain (2)-16' is directionally separated and selectively cultured, is cultured for propagation first, and then is prepared into a product of the microbial inoculum; mushroom residues after culturing edible fungi are fermented and thoroughly decomposed and then are used for preparing the seedling culture medium together with other base materials in certain proportion; and a raw anti-microbial agent is organically combined with the seedling culture medium directly. The pseudomonas fluorescens strain (2)-16' has a large number of advantages of abundant available resources, low cost and capacity of avoiding secondary pollutions, and provides an effective way for solving a soil-borne disease namely the tomato bacterial wilt.

Fast manufacture method for liquid strain

The invention belongs to the technical field of biology deep fermentation technology and particularly relates to a fast manufacture method for liquid strain. The method comprises the steps that for a culture medium, rice powder serves as a carbon source, sugar serves as an auxiliary carbon source, corn powder serves as a nitrogen source, peptone and yeast extract (powder) serve as auxiliary nitrogen sources, monopotassium phosphate and magnesium sulfate serve as inorganic salts, and water serves as a carrier; a glass container serves as a culture container; inoculation is performed after a liquid medium is sterilized, and the liquid strain is obtained through a rotary type shaking table. The fast manufacture method for the liquid strain has the advantages that cheap plant starch is used as the main carbon source and the nitrogen sources, and nutrition-allocated proportion is reasonable and comprehensive; the prepared liquid medium is appropriate in viscosity; a culture period is short, and the liquid strain with good quality, strong vitality and different sizes can be cultured in 2-3 days; at the time of inoculation, the fast manufacture method for the liquid strain is simple, convenient and fast; when a solid culture material is inoculated, the material flows fast and is easy to scatter, many strain running points appear and germinate fast and the like.

Preparation method and application of leaf vegetable nano leaf fertilizer

The invention discloses a preparation method of a leaf vegetable nano leaf fertilizer. According to the method, raw materials are smashed and decomposed into nano-scale materials through high-temperature stirring, electron beam irradiation and ultrasonic treatment based on lignin containing a net structure and active radicals in papermaking black liquid, and the adsorptive property of the lignin is increased, so that a phosphate fertilizer, a nitrogen fertilizer, a potash fertilizer, imino disuccinate chelated microelements, two conditioners such as rapin and biochemical fulvic acid and nanometer titania are adhered and bonded together to prepare the leaf vegetable nano leaf fertilizer. The preparation technology is simple, low in cost and high in controllability, the prepared leaf vegetable nano leaf fertilizer is scientific in proportioning of the raw materials and high in total nutrient content, the product is mixed with water, the mixture is sprayed and applied onto leaves of leaf vegetables, so that on one hand, nutrients of the leaf fertilizer can be fixed on the leaves, drifting, leaching loss and evaporation of the fertilizer are reduced, on the other hand, nutrient absorption and movement inside the leaves of the leaf vegetable fertilizer can be promoted, and the absorption and utilization rate is high.

Health care product for maintaining beauty and lengthening life

The invention discloses a health care product for maintaining beauty and lengthening life. The health care product is a medicine prepared by the following medical raw materials according to parts by weight: 20 to 30 parts of gynostemma pentaphylla, 15 to 20 parts of angelica, 15 to 20 parts of old arable soil, 15 to 20 parts of hemlock parsley, 15 to 20 parts of medlar, 15 to 20 parts of ophiopogon root, 40 to 50 parts of radix astragali, 15 to 20 parts of atractlylis lancea formalyrata, 15 to 20 parts of semen nelumbinis, 30 to 40 parts of wild jujube, 10 to 15 parts of desertliving cistanche, 5 to 6 parts of aweto, 5 to 6 parts of liquorice and 10 to 15 parts of colla corii asini. The health care product is prepared by research based on health care and health preservation theory of the traditional Chinese medical science, the medical materials cooperate with one another to act, and the health care product has the advantages of balancing Yin and Yang, invigorating Qi and nourishing blood, replenishing essence and nourishing the kidney, nourishing yin and moisturizing the lung, strengthening the spleen and the stomach, removing speckle and maintaining beauty, and delaying senility, and can adjust the internal secretion, strengthen the immunity of a human body, replenish and nourish the human body, the viscera, the blood, the liver and the kidney, rejuvenate the deteriorative function of the human body, promote the recovery of health and nourish the source of essence, thereby enabling the human body to be vigorous, healthy and longevous.

Special food for pet cats and preparation method of special food

InactiveCN107259164ARich marine animal and plant nutritionIncreased nutrition of marine animals and plantsAnimal feeding stuffAccessory food factorsSalvia miltiorrhizaDisease
The invention relates to a special food for pet cats. The special food consists of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 3-5 parts of rice flour, 20-25 parts of whole grain wheat flour, 15-20 parts of salmon meat paste, 5-10 parts of chicken meat paste, 2-5 parts of animals' livers, 5-10 parts of soybean flour, 0.5-0.8 part of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, 15-20 parts of angelica keiskei, 6-10 parts of haws, 3-8 parts of sunset abelmoschus flowers, 0.02-0.1 part of composite vitamins, 0.1-0.5 part of probiotics microorganisms, 1-2 parts of a malt extract, 5-8 parts of milk, 2-5 parts of puffed powder, 2-5 parts of taurine, 3-10 parts of corn flour, 1-3 parts of butter, 5-10 parts of nanoscale shrimp shell powder, 5-8 parts of eggs, 0.5-2 parts of edible oil, 5-10 parts of dried marine algae powder, 0.02-0.05 part of citric acid, 0.1-0.2 part of L-lysine, 0.05-0.1 part of pantothenic acid and 0.01-0.05 part of folic acid. According to the special food disclosed by the invention, the nutrition is balanced, and besides, the selection of feeds in the daily raising process is considered, so that the immunity of the cats is enhanced; the radix salviae miltiorrhizae, the angelica keiskei, the haws and the sunset abelmoschus flowers are added for comprehensive compatibility, then the probiotics microorganisms, the taurine and the like are matched for use, so that the special food has the efficacy of coordinating the intestines and the stomach and strengthening disease resistance.

Human body endocrine system health risk early warning system

InactiveCN105232054ALow costRealize the goal of "disease-free disease prevention"SensorsBlood characterising devicesDiseaseHuman body
The invention provides a human body endocrine system health risk early warning system, which comprises a human body health scanning system, an endocrine system health risk early warning data processor and an endocrine system health risk early warning result display, wherein the human body health scanning system is used for scanning and evaluating the function values of each tissue and organ of a human body endocrine system; the endocrine system health risk early warning data processor uses a human body endocrine system health risk early warning model for performing human body endocrine system health risk early warning; the output end of the human body health scanning system is connected with the input end of the endocrine system health risk early warning data processor; and the output end of the endocrine system health risk early warning data processor is connected with the endocrine system health risk early warning result display. The organ function of the endocrine system is comprehensively scanned in a short time; the organ function of the endocrine system is evaluated; and the human body tissue energy change and the organ functional change are discovered in time. The potential risk factors and the disease development direction are predicted through combining endocrine system clinical index data, and the health risk of the endocrine system realizes early-stage early warning.

Method for producing stock seeds of enoki mushrooms

The invention discloses a method for producing stock seeds of enoki mushrooms. The method includes preparing culture media comprising 50-60% of sawdust, 34-45% of rice bran, 4-10% of cottonseed hulls and 0.5-2% of light calcium carbonate and enabling the moisture content of the culture media to be 62-64%; bottling, coring and covering the culture media in an environment with the room temperature lower than 30 DEG C, sterilizing the culture media at the temperature of 110+/-2 DEG C under the pressure of 0.1-0.12Mpa for 60 minutes, keeping the culture media at the temperature of 121+/-2 DEG C under the pressure of 0.12-0.13Mpa for 60-90 minutes, and feeding sterilized strain bottles into a cooling chamber to realize forced cooling for the strain bottles until the temperature of each strain bottle ranges from 16 DEG C to 20 DEG C; selecting second-level strains, inoculating the stock seeds of the second-level strains via a solid strain machine; culturing the stock seeds under conditions that the temperature ranges from 17 DEG C 20 DEG C, the humidity ranges from 65% to 70% and the concentration of carbon dioxide ranges from 1000ppm to 2000ppm after the stock seeds are inoculated; and selecting the stock seeds thrice in a culture process and culturing the stock seeds for 16-19 days before the stock seeds can be used. The inoculation amount of the stock seeds is proper so that a material surface can be covered. The method has the advantages that mycelia of the stock seeds are healthy, strong, white and vigorous, and are high in activity, and the strains are not easy to degenerate and are short in growth cycle; the enoki mushrooms can germinate quickly after inoculation and are low in contamination rate and high in yield; and the manufacturing cost is low, and technological conditions are easy to control.

Method for seedling raising and cultivation of polygonatum kingianum on basis of seed breeding

The invention discloses a method for seedling raising and cultivation of polygonatum kingianum on the basis of seed breeding. The method comprises the following steps that 1, berries of picked polygonatum kingianum are subjected to after-ripening for 20-25 days first, and pulp parts are removed to obtain seeds of polygonatum kingianum; 2, fertilization, ploughing, pest killing and sterilization are carried out on seedling raising land; 3, sowing is carried out; 4, soil is kept moist in a seedling period, and the shading rate is controlled to be 70-80%; 5, transplanting is carried out, whereinseedlings are transplanted in a planting area with the plant spacing of 25-35 cm and the row spacing of 30-45 cm, and the seedlings are watered once 3-5 days after transplanting; 6, management in a growing period is carried out, wherein the management includes water management, weeding, topdressing, control over the shading rate and top sealing to remove moss; 7, harvesting is carried out. The method achieves refined and standardized seedling raising of polygonatum kingianum, not only is the seedling raising time shortened, the survival rate of seedlings is increased, the quality of the seedlings is improved, but also the seedling rate is high, the incidence rate of diseases and pests is low, the growth speed is high, rhizomes of polygonatum kingianum after harvesting are thick and strong,the quality is good, and the yield is high.
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