Weight-reducing tea electuary and preparation method thereof

A technology of slimming tea and granules, which is applied in the direction of tea substitutes, etc., and can solve problems such as unsuitable for long-term use, unsuitable for human health, and damage to the digestive system

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-17
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The slimming teas currently on the market for weight loss will cause damage to the digestive system of the human b...
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The invention discloses a weight-reducing tea electuary. The weight-reducing tea electuary comprises the following components by weight ratio: 70 parts of gentian, 50 parts of desmodium, 30 parts of oriental wormwood, 30 parts of fructus gardeniae, 40 parts of curcuma tuber, 70 parts of cassia seed, 20 parts of rhizoma alismatis, and 50 parts of lotus leaves. The weight-reducing tea electuary has the efficacy for invigorating spleen and eliminating dampness, cleaning intestines and stomach, improving microcirculation of human body, promoting skin metabolism, and lowering weight, has no harm on a digestive system and an absorption system while promotes metabolism of human body, and is suitable for daily drinking for obesity groups without side effect.

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Tea substitues

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[0009] The Chinese medicine slimming tea of ​​the present invention, the Chinese medicine slimming tea of ​​the present invention, is prepared from the following parts by weight of raw materials: 70 parts of gentian grass, 50 parts of Lysimachia, 30 parts of cylindrica, 30 parts of turmeric, 40 parts of turmeric, 70 parts of cassia seed , 20 parts of Alisma, 50 parts of lotus leaf.
[0010] The method for preparing the slimming tea powder of the present invention includes the following steps:
[0011] (1) Weigh 70 parts of Gentian, 50 parts of Lysimachia, 30 parts of Cymbidium, 30 parts of Mastiff, 40 parts of Turmeric, 70 parts of Cassia, 20 parts of Alisma, 50 parts of lotus leaf, and set aside;
[0012] (2) Dry all the raw materials in (1), grind them into powder, and sterilize them to make granules.
[0013] The above ingredients are brewed according to the conventional tea making method, 1 to 3 doses a day for one month.


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