Vanilla ice cream

A technology of ice cream and vanilla, applied in the field of ice cream, can solve the problems of long storage period, difficult long-term storage, unhealthy additives, etc., and achieve the effect of long storage period, easy storage and good taste

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-15
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[0002] Ice cream is a popular cold drink, its taste determines its popularity, which mainly depends on the various additives added, but at present, some of the various additive...
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The invention relates to a vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream comprises the following raw materials: 16 percent of white sugar, 7.07 percent of coconut oil, 2.5 percent of powdered glucose, 0.03 percent of guar gum, 8 percent of powdered whole milk, 1 percent of high-rank ice cream, 1 percent of eggs, 0.25 percent of CMC, 4.5 percent of high fructose syrup, 0.03 percent of sodium tripolyhosphate, 0.16 percent of sodium acetylide, and 0.05 percent of xanthan gum. The vanilla ice cream is good in mouthfeel, easy to store and long in preservation period.

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Frozen sweets

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Sodium triphosphateChemistry +8


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[0009] The specific implementation of the present invention is as follows:
[0010] The components of the present invention are as follows: white sugar 16%, coconut oil 7.07%, glucose powder 2.5%, guar gum 0.03%, whole milk powder 8%, high-grade ice oil 1%, egg 1%, CMC 0.25% , Fructose syrup 4.5%, sodium tripolyphosphate 0.03%, sodium alginate 0.16%, xanthan gum 0.05%.


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